M-AJAX Login/Register (2.3.0)

Magento social login extension prevents refreshing of your pages when customers login or register to their account. This AJAX login extension creates a smart bar on the top that allows your customers to login through social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Google without any conflict with the default registration method. You can also enable Ajax Search feature which validates the characters entered by the customers and shows search results in drop down before you can hit the search button.
  • Key Features

    • Add Top Bar For Login, Register, Cart, Checkout
    • Ajax Based Email & Social Login / Registration
    • Google, Twitter & Facebook Login Integration
    • Display Search Box In Ajax Based Top Bar
    • Limit Fields To Display On Top Bar

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Powerful Features of Magento Social Login Extension

  • Ajax Based Top Bar

    Magento Ajax login extension creates a customizable AJAX based top bar on your online store

  • Select Fields To Display

    You can add or remove the number of fields you wish to display on the top bar

  • Ajax Based Login & Registration

    AJAX based loading allows your customers to register or login without refreshing the page.

  • Social Login Integration

    Customers can login through social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Google

  • Search Box

    It shows search results to customers in dropdown by just entering a few characters

  • Customize Theme

    The theme of the top bar can be customized by adding theme colors and text colors

Display An Ajax Based Top Bar

The Ajax based smart bar allows customers to instantly register/ login to their accounts or navigate to their desired pages with one click

  • Top Bar With Search Box

    The top bar is equipped with Ajax based search box that helps customers search for content without hitting search button. The results automatically shown in drop down when a few character are entered in the field making the process easier and faster.

  • Select Fields To Display

    You can select the fields you want to display on the top bar from the back end which consist of My Account, Account Information, Address Book, My order, My Productive Reviews, My Tags, Newsletter Subscription, My Wish list, My Compare and My Downloadable Products. It helps customers to land on their desired page in one click.

Magento Social Login Integration

Social Login feature helps customers to avoid the default registration method and login through their social media accounts

  • Magento Facebook Login

    Customers can login through their Facebook account. You can enter the Application ID and Application key to activate Facebook Login.

  • Magento Twitter Login

    Customers can login through their Twitter account. You can enter the Developer key and Application key to activate Twitter login

  • Magento Google Login

    Customers can login through their Google account. You can enter the Consumer key and Consumer secret to activate Google Login

Theme Customization Options in Magento Login Extension

Through customization options from the back end, you can configure the themes and colors of the top bar

  • Select colors for the following

    • Theme
    • Text
    • Panel Heading
    • Panel Border
    • And opacity for theme

Configuration Options

Configuration Options allows you edit titles and descriptions for Login, Welcome and enable/disable Ajax base functions

  • General Settings

    • Login & Registration Panel Title
    • Welcome Title & Description
    • Social login configuration settings for Facebook, Twitter & Google
  • Ajax Search Settings

    • Enable / Disable Ajax Search
    • Minimal number of characters to show suggestions
    • Invitation text in search input field
    • Maximum number of products to show
    • Select Searchable attributes

Merchant Benefits

  • Social Login Magento extension takes the basic profile information such as name, DOB, email address and contact details automatically from the social media accounts when the customers log in.
  • Customers often get discouraged after learning about the vast details of information required to create a new account. M-Ajax login/Register extension facilitates the customers to quickly access your online store and purchase your products without any hindrance. This increases conversion rate and store sales.
  • AJAX based top bar allows you to customize themes and add links for more functionality. You can enable search bar and configure the number of characters required for drop down search.

Customer Benefits

  • It removes the need for customers to create a new account and register in order to purchase from an online store. With just one click customers can log in with their Facebook, Google, Twitter accounts.
  • Ajax Based loading helps customers to login, register and search for products without refreshing the page. This creates ease of use and reduces the overall time taken in the purchase process.
  • Top bar allows customers to directly navigate to their desired pages in just one click such as My Account, Account Information, Address Book, My order, My Productive Reviews, My Tags, Newsletter Subscription, My Wish list, My Compare and My Downloadable Products pages.

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Reviews & Ratings
  • Nice Extension

    quote The feature of letting us select the color or the Background is Awsome. Nice Addition. How about adding a featured Product under the Welcome text ... Could be a nice addition to the extension quote

    Read more
    by: marc on 4/7/12
  • I love Ajax

    quote Magento and Ajax make a great mix. I want users to be able to login and register on the page they are on so i don't get them distracted from what ever product they are looking at. Once they register half my job is done. quote

    Read more
    by: Kroich on 3/16/12

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