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2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x
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Store Switcher for Magento 2


The Magento 2 Store Switcher extension redirects users to one of your storefronts relevant to their region. Additionally, with store view switching, users can find products in their native language, priced in local currency. Reach out to the world at large with a single store.

  • Detect user's Geolocation by IP addresses
  • Automatically redirect users to the relevant store
  • Configure store view switching for a region or country
  • Display products in the local language and currency
  • Store switcher dropdown for manual redirection
  • Disable store switcher for specific IP addresses
  • Approved by Magento Marketplace
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  • Magento 2 Store Switcher Popup
  • Set Currency For Each Store
  • Manually Switch Store
  • Manage Store Switching Rules
  • Create New Store Switching Rule
  • Set Currency For Each Store
  • Import GeoIP Database
  • GeoIP Store Switcher
Magento 2 Store Switcher Popup
Magento 2 Store Switcher Popup
Set Currency For Each Store
Set Currency For Each Store
Manually Switch Store
Manually Switch Store
Manage Store Switching Rules
Manage Store Switching Rules
Create New Store Switching Rule
Create New Store Switching Rule
Set Currency For Each Store
Set Currency For Each Store
Import GeoIP Database
Import GeoIP Database
GeoIP Store Switcher
GeoIP Store Switcher


Magento Full Page Cache helps optimize Magento speed by caching store pages. It reduces the load time, the server load, which helps ranking high at Google, and ultimately increasing the sales.

Boost Store Revenue

Spread your wings to audiences with varying product lines and store views to boost your store sales and revenues.

Build Brand Loyalty

Landing on a relevant store or store views provides a personalized shopping experience that inculcates brand recognition and loyalty.

Expand Across the Seas

The extension helps in expanding your business across the seas without creating dedicated store for each region.


Ask Users’ Preference Before Store Switching

The extension allows you to ask users about their preferred store in a soft popup before automatically switching them to a default store.

The store selector popup also acquires user confirmation in continuing with the redirection. You can personalize the popup as well.

Take Users to a Particular Store

Magento 2 GeoIP Store Switcher smoothly redirects visitors to a store meant for the language and currency they use. Thus, it provides a wonderful user experience by allowing to browse products in a familiar language and shop in local currency.

Convert Product Prices in Local Currency

With GeoIP redirect, the extension finds visitors’ location by their IP addresses to convert the product prices in a currency they commonly use. As a result, the product prices are displayed in local currency after the backstage calculations with the real-time currency exchange rate.

Disable Store Selector for Particular Users

With IP Exceptions, you can stop store view switching for certain users. Enter their IP addresses and let them browse your eCommerce website or store without redirections.

Setup Store Switcher for Continent, Country, City

You can set up a GeoIP store switcher for users of a specific Continent, country and city. Be specific in narrowing down the target audiences for a useful store locator.

Uses Fresh GEOIP Database

This Magento 2 GeoIP store switcher uses the latest Maxmind GeoIP database for your stores. You can download & import the latest Maxmind database in a single click.

Manual Switching Between Stores, Store Views, Currencies

Allow visitors to manually switch to a preferred store, store view, or currency. If they land on an inappropriate store by choice or by mistake, they can move to other stores with a simple drop-down menu.

Release Notes


  • Added multi store view switching feature
  • Added the option to set currency for a specific country & city(ies)


  • Resolved the redirect issue on homepage


  • Compatible with 2.3


  • Initial release




I am fully satisfied with the extension. It is working smoothly on my store.

Chandni Patel


A Must for Multi Stores

The extension helped me a lot in directing relevant traffic to my regional stores. Incorporates good features.

Ngai Lan


Support was not quick

The fact that all users don’t want automatic redirection and this extension offers manual redirection too is what made me buy it. I am absolutely happy with the features though support could have been a little faster.