Product Pricing

Magento Product Pricing Extensions

Implement the right pricing strategy by using FME Magento pricing extensions, because pricing has the strongest impact on improving profits. To get significant improvements in your profits, find out the perfect custom product pricing plugin from the list below. The tools provided in this section guides your customers to the ideal price point and at the same time saves your time and money investment, allowing you to focus more on the productivity. Try out price calculator if you are selling variable sized products, or percentage pricing to apply price markup on bulk products. Among these great dynamic pricing modules are photo collage, custom options pricing and many more. Click on any one to find out more details.

  • CSV Based Pricing

    CSV Pricing extension provides Magento table based pricing solutions to those store owners who maintains product prices in Excel sheet according to product dimensions, sizes likes length / width and updates prices bulk in single c....

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  • Pricing Calculator

    Square foot / meter Pricing Calculator Magento Extension enables pricing based on length, width, height, area & volume for products such as banners, canvas printing, liquids, barrels, blinds, & flooring etc. Multiple input/output ....

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  • Magento Box Calculator

    Magento Box Calculator Extension allows customers to calculate the area pricing of a product sold in boxes. Customers can enter the required size in square meter, square centi-meter or square foot as set by admin and the extension....

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  • Magento Percentage Pricing Extension

    Percentage pricing is a Magento cost based pricing extension from FME allows you to apply cost based markup or markdown on products with "Cost +/- Fixed or Percentage“ formula. It gives you the ability to apply markup / markdown....

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  • Custom Price Magento

    Magento custom price extension allows your customers to bargain online by editing the product price. You can define the min. and max. price for each product, as well as, number of times a customers can edit product price on fronte....

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  • Custom Options Pricing

    Magento Custom Option Pricing Extension provides CSV based customized product options to your customers on the product page that allows them to calculate price according to the length, width, size, or any other measurement unit. T....

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  • Dimension Tier Pricing

    Dimensions pricing Magento module integrates CSV pricing functionality, tier pricing and many more features on your website. This extension allows you to calculate price of variable sized products such as canvas, liquids, fabric,....

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  • Photo Collage

    FME Photo Collage Magento Extension allows your customers to upload an image from their PC, crop it, add a frame and then buy finalized image. Allowed file types are JPG, GIF and PNG. You can enable max. image upload size and fra....

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  • Magento Call For Price

    Magento call for price extension allows store owners to hide product price and the add to cart button from product detail page, category listing, wish-list and anywhere the price is listed. The product price is replaced by a custo....

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