OtherDecember 4, 2012

3 Ever Green Free Magento Extensions

3 Ever Green Free Magento Extensions

Magento has re-defined the E-Commerce and Online Shopping concepts with its amazing user-friendly and store-owner friendly features. Magento has come up with extra ordinary advanced modules and extensions and they have widened the scope of online shopping.

FME EXTENSIONS is serving E-Commerce industry from last 4 years via making extra ordinary Magento Extensions. There are thousands of online store owners all over the globe using our Magento extensions and enjoying the comfort and ease.  Along with Premium Modules we have some Free Magento Modules which are specially developed to increase your sales and enhance your online store.

Let’s have a look.

PRODUCTS SOLD Magento Plugin

If I had a store I would have downloaded this plugin at the very first place because it develops the relationship of trust between you and your consumer.  Products Sold Magento Module helps you increase your products sale by showing on the website that how many times a product has been sold. When people will see that a product has more number of sales they will be more convinced towards your products.

Download PRODUCTS SOLD Magento Extension for Free.


Magento Banner Extension should have been a paid extension because of its stunning multiple features. Extension allows site administrator to feature his best products on home page via Banners Module. Extension allows you to change height, width and numbers of banners it also has options of banners autoplay, banner image resize to fit and transition speed. You can spread awareness about schedules events, discounted offers and sales offers via Banners Extension.

So over all this extension has all features a paid one have so why spend more when you can get something for free.

Download Banners Extensions for Free.

Request for Quote

I must say its one of the best Magento free extensions I have ever seen.  This module helps you interacting with your consumer regarding Quotations. Download and install this Magento Extension to handle quotations more effectively.  With help of this module customer can easily fill up the information which are required for making a Quote request.  After submission this module saves the request in database and after validation it sends an email to the website owner. Email can be configured from admin panel (by site owner), Extension will itself reply back to the customer it will contain the body and subject from admin panel (configured by site owner).

We got thousands of good reviews from consumers regarding this module you better get a free Request for Quote Magento Module right away.

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