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House Store


House store is the online retail store for house held commodities. Easy to install and manage. Supports Multiple stores.

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      Are you planning to create a store that will host home solutions then House Store theme is the best choice to boost your business. A very stylish menu is provided in header below which you can display sparkling JQuery banners. The layout for home page is three columns where left column incorporates categories and links to other pages or services.

      Detail page has a very elegant design with whitish background. Users can now view fine details clearly about the products with the help of Ajax zoomer. Committed to the standards, this theme has been developed to power your store with its robust features.

      Template Features

      • Nice Look Home Page
      • Home Page jQuery Banners
      • Advertiser or Promotion Banners
      • Store Catalog navigation on all pages
      • Easily noticeable shopping cart with a quick view
      • Product Zoom Effect
      • Fast loading
      • Completely customizable
      • Applicable for multiple business fields
      • SEO friendly
      • Satisfies the highest programming and design requirements
      • Step by Step installation guide