Multi Store View - Language & Currency Switcher for Magento® 2 (1.0.7)

Magento 2 Multi Store View Switcher enable merchants to automatically redirect visitors to localized store view. Increase store conversions by displaying relevant products in local language and currency. This extension is backed with Maxmind database for the recognition of visitors’ location. You can also allow customers to manually switch the language and currency of your online store. Checkout our Language Currency Switcher for Magento 1

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  • Key Features

    • Auto Switch Language & Currency As Per User Location
    • Recognizes Visitors’ Location from their IP Addresses
    • Import Maxmind Data or any other for location recognition

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Powerful Features of Magento Currency & Language Switcher

  • Magento Change Currency

    Magento currency switcher extension automatically switches store currency as per the geo-location so that users can continue shopping in their local currency.

  • Magento Language Switcher

    The language of the store is also switched to native or easily understandable language depending on the visitors’ location.

  • Detects User Location

    The geolocation of the users is automatically detected from their IP addresses so that they could be redirected to a suitable store view.

  • Auto & Manual Switching

    The manual switching can also be enabled to allow customers to switch between different store views and pay in a currency they are comfortable with.

  • MaxMind Database

    Import Maxmind database, which is a reliable source of IP addresses for enabling your store to detect users' geolocations.

  • IP Exceptions

    A section of IP Exceptions is added to ignore automatic switching rule for specific list of IP addresses.

Magento 2 Language & Currency Changer

You can redirect a single or group of countries to particular language and currency store.

  • Magento 2 Language Switching

    Magento 2 language switcher extension will automatically redirect users to right store view. The visitors from china will see your Chinese store version and visitors from Germany can see your German store version

  • Magento 2 Currency Switching

    You can now display your product prices in local currency for example the visitors from UAE can see prices in AED and visitors from USA can see prices in USD.

FME Magento Extensions

Auto & Manual Switching

Magento 2 Currency and language swticher automatically switch language and currency to make the users feel comfortable, whereas they can switch between stores manually as well.

  • Recognize Customer Location

    With the import of Maxmind or any other database, your store can detect customer location based on their IP addresses and redirect them to a pre-defined store view.

  • Manual Switching Dropdown

    The users of your store can switch to any other store view by manually selecting from the drop down menu that appears on top of your store.

  • Add IPs For Exceptions

    A section of IP Exceptions is added to ignore automatic switching rule for specific list of IP addresses.

FME Magento Extensions

Prompt Box In Footer

A prompt box appears in your store that communicates the current store view to the users and allows them to change language and currency if needed.

FME Magento Extensions

Manage GEO Location Database

Magento 2 currency switcher & Language switcher allows your to import IP databases for accurate detection of users’ location.

  • MaxMind Database

    Maxmind database is the most recommended IP register, which can be imported to your store for accurate recognition of customers’ geographical locations.

  • Import New Database

    Besides Maxmind, you can import any other database for empowering your store to know the location of every visitor so that they can be taken to a relevant store.

FME Magento Extensions

More Features

  • You can create multiple groups for redirection
  • By assigning countries to each group, you can speed up geotargeting
  • Set priorities among different groups
  • Customize the prompt box with text

Merchant Benefits

Businessmen had to take great care of customers’ shopping experience, as a minor flaw in their convenience may drive them to another store. GEO IP currency and language selector may help you stop them and give you the following benefits.

  • You can personalize the store with region-specific language and currency.
  • Create groups of countries sharing common currency to easily target them.
  • Become a reliable and trustworthy merchant be molding store view according to customers.

Customer Benefits

The automatic and manual store switcher empower you to improve the shopping experience for the end consumer as it facilitates them to browse in their local language and purchase products without worrying about the foreign exchange difference. Here are the advantages they enjoy with this Magento language selector.

  • They can browse the entire store in their local or native language.
  • Reading product name and description in a familiar language is fun and understandable.
  • They are automatically redirected to a store view meant for their country or region.
  • No need to worry about paying in different currencies.

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Reviews & Ratings
  • Great Extension for if you want to upload your MaxMind Database

    quote I was using a Magento 1 version from another company and was looking to update to M2. Good thing this extension allows you to import MaxMind Database which made things easy. quote

    Read more
    by: Helen on 2/23/17
  • Works really well

    quote Running an eCommerce website in Europe does require having multiple languages. Geo-IP Default Language Currency extension has helped me a lot with this. quote

    Read more
    by: Tylar on 1/25/17
  • I'm satisfied with support quality

    quote It was needed to update for some bugs, but the support team was fixed it very quickly without no additional charge. I'm satisfied with the support quality. Thanks. quote

    Read more
    by: Takanori on 1/20/17

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