Checkout Related Magento Extensions by FME

As we all know the importance of checkout page and the need to make it simpler for customers, FME offers various Checkout Magento Extensions for different purposes. Here is the list of addons that FME offers currently:
  • One Step Checkout
  • Split Payments
  • Invoice Email
  • Additional Checkout Attributes
  • Layaway
Let’s discuss briefly the functionality of these modules and how these are useful when used on any ecommerce website. 1. One Step Checkout One Step Checkout Magento Extension creates a very simple and user friendly checkout page. Any change in user information is updated by AJAX which means that no page reloads. AJAX is used for login and forgot password.  Custom page title and subtitle can be set, different color scheme for various checkout fields is possible.  Quick Checkout Magento Extension by FME offers a convenient way for customers to send important shipping instructions to site owner.  For this purpose a special text field is placed on checkout page. During the checkout, customers can fill it up with important instructions. Furthermore you can change CSS settings for headings and buttons. Fancy popup for messages and agreement are included. This module supports SagePay, PayPal, Google Checkout, and all payments gateways supported by Magento.  (Learn More) 2. Split Payments – Adaptive PayPal Payments Magento Split Payments Extension is suitable for businesses where transactions are required to split up between multiple receivers. For example, marketplaces, where different vendors sell their products, when an item is sold, owner of the product shares payment with the website owner (commission). This whole process can be automated with Adaptive PayPal Payments Magento Extension.  By using this module: a)      Simple transactions can be made e.g. one sender and one receiver (customers and website owner). b)      One sender can make payments to multiple receivers at once. These receivers are shown on the invoice to the customer. This type of payment solution is called Parallel Payments c)       One Sender makes payment to one receiver (to the owner of the website) who then makes payment to other multiple receivers (like partners). Watch all feature live on Adaptive Payments Demo. 3. Invoice Email This is a small utility that allows customers to provide different invoicing email address on checkout. This is handy where payment will be made by someone other than the purchaser.  This email information is editable from customers’ accounts section.  (Learn More) 4.  Additional Checkout Attributes Additional Checkout Attributes Magento Extension allows you to add custom fields to checkout. Add as many fields as you would like on any checkout step. Multiple input types such as Text Field, Text Area, Date, Yes/No, Multiple Select, Dropdown, Checkbox, Radio Button are supported. This allows you to gather more information from customers during checkout. You can add polls, surveys, quizzes or simply display textual information to users. Validation is automatically performed for these fields; these additional checkout attributes are visible on invoice, PDF and in customer’s accounts. Watch more features live on Additional Checkout Attributes Demo. 5. Layaway - Partial Payments This Magento Partial Payments extension allows your customers to select different payment plans for purchasing goods on your store. It allows you to create payment plans with your own requirements such as upfront payment, layaway fee, total installments and duration etc.  All information about installments is provided to customers in their accounts section. You can also offer discounts to customers by using this plugin. Learn more about the Layaway features.