Five New Productive Magento Plug-ins Launched

FME has recently launched five useful Magento plug-ins, which helps Magento web shop onwers in different ways. It has always been tradition of FME to launch trendy add-ons by keeping demands of valued customers. Following the tradition, FME is presenting five brand new productive Magento plug-ins, which can definitely satisfy the need of modern age online store.

Here we are enlisting five Magento Extensions as follows:

Additional Registration Attributes

Additional Registration Attributes is the proud presentation of FME that gets important data of client during registration, the client’s data is then utilized in already planned marketing strategies & client oriented services.

Quick Features:

  • Magento custom customer attributes can be created for registration & account pages.
  • It can easily showcase customized messages on registration & account forms.
  • Both client and administrator can manage and manipulate attributes.
  • Magento registration supports input field validation.
  • Extension can be used to assign restrictions on clients, required & optional fields.

Refer A Friend

Refer a friend is another useful module by FME that offers outreach and words of mouth marketing solution.

Salient Features:

  • Magento refer a friend allows you to offer discount incentives to customers who refer others to your web shop.
  • Refer a friend add-on has admin panel that can set amount of discount and value of order.
  • Extension can automatically assign rewards upon referral.

Call For Price

Call for price Magento extension is the fine presentation of FME that hides the price and add to cart button of one or more than one products so if client wants to buy the product he or she has to call in order to inquire about product price.

Salient Features:

  • Call for price Magento Extension disables price & cart from wish-list, HTML enable custom messages, priority wise sorted messages.
  • Hide price extension allows you to add contact number as tool tip, devise own rules to automate the whole process.
  • Extension allows you to use client stored data for the sake of promotional and cross selling strategies.

Custom Options Pricing

Magento Custom option pricing is another marvel by FME that allows a customer to calculate price with respect to length, width, size etc. by using CSV oriented custom options of product.

Salient Features:

  • The custom advanced product options can be easily added to products.
  • Price calculated on the basis of units like length, width, size etc. is facilitated just like one stop shop as production options module can be used for all kind daily used dimensions.

Restrict By Customer Group:

Restrict by customer group Magento extension is another fine extension of FME that allows an online store to hide pages from a specific group of customers.

Salient Features:

  • Magento store restriction extension enables you to block and unblock a viewer/customer group to view web pages.
  • Extension enables a user to filter group wise and to devise rules to impose permissions on catalog.

We hope that you certainly like the fine compilation of FME, so that online marketers take benefit from improvised features of Magento technology.