FME Product Testimonials (2.3.0)

Magento Review Extension allows you to display reviews on the product page to build trust among users. Enable slider to make it more appealing. Allow users to reply, rate and like the reviews which ensure customer engagement. Magento Product Reviews extension also creates a dedicated page to display all testimonials. You can also enable a testimonial slider to highlight some of the reviews separately. .
  • Key Features

    • Display Product Reviews on Product Page
    • Slider for Rating, Reply & Like Features
    • Separate Page For General Testimonials
    • Testimonials Slider Block & Email Notifications
    • Customizable Add Testimonial Form For Customers

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    45 Days Moneyback Guarantee

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    Meet Magento Standards

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Powerful Features of Magento Review Extension

  • Product Reviews

    Enable customers to post reviews on product pages to build visitors trust. In addition to this, you can also post on behalf of them to save their time.

  • Separate Testimonials Page

    Testimonials extension creates a separate testimonials page to help visitors read all the reviews at once rather than visitor product pages.

  • Product Testimonials Slider

    Enable a slider that slides customer reviews in an attractive manner, which compels visitors to have a look at them.

  • Testimonials Slider Block

    You can also enable a block to highlight some of the testimonials on any prominent place on your website.

  • Rate, Reply & Like

    Allow visitors to rate, reply and like the reviews posted by your loyal customers, which enhances the credibility of your business.

  • 4 Themes & Email Notifications

    Select a layout for the testimonials whichever looks alluring and attractive. You can configure email notification settings to inform customers about successful review submission.

Display Product Review In Slider

Enable slider in Magento reviews and rating extension to display product reviews in a fascinating manner.

  • Product Reviews

    You can display the customer feedback in a slider to get the visitors instant access to the reviews, rather than visiting specific product pages.

  • Display In Slider

    The reviews can be displayed in a slider, which brilliantly slide reviews one after another at your defined speed and effect. You can also enable pagination in the slider so help customers quickly read reviews.

Landing page for Testimonials

Magento star rating extension creates a dedicated page, where you can display the general and product specific testimonials.

  • 4 Theme Options

    Select a theme from the four available options whichever seems to be more comfortable for your visitors.

  • Configuration Options:

    • Add read more link with long testimonials OR display full description
    • Sort testimonials by latest or by given order
    • Show / Hide Image with Testimonials
    • Enable / Disable Testimonials Like/Unlike

Testimonials Slider Block in Magento Product Reviews Module

Enable a block to display featured or random testimonials anywhere on your website.

  • Testimonials block

    Highlight customer feedback at a place which seems to be more prominent on your website, which helps you to gain visitors' attention to what your customers say.

  • Settings For Testimonials Block

    • Enable/disable the block
    • Select block type either featured or random
    • Customize block title
    • Limit the number of testimonials to be displayed in the block
    • Allow/disallow Read More link on reviews
    • Select effects for the testimonials like fade or scroll
    • Enter time duration between each slide

“Add Testimonials” Form For Customers

Enable “Add Testimonial” form to allow your customers to submit their valuable feedback.

  • Display On Product & Testimonial Page

    The reviews submitted for each product can be displayed on a dedicated testimonials page as well for users’ convenience.

  • Allow Customers

    You can allow registered customers to submit their experience about products and services they consumed, whereas guest users can also be allowed to share their thoughts without getting registered.

  • Open Form In Popup Or Slide

    Configure settings to open a form window in a manner that creates ease for customers to fill the details and share their feedback quickly.

  • Customize Form Fields

  • Add Up to 4 New Custom Fields:

    You can customize the testimonials form by adding up to four new fields. It will help you know more about the valued customers, the products they purchased and the features they praise.

  • Show & Hide Following

    Name, Company name, email, website, upload photo or chose Avatar, Short description

Testimonials Rating, Reply & Like

You can enable visitors to rate, reply and like the reviews already posted on the product or a separate testimonials page, which improves the credibility of your store.

  • Rating By Customers

    Allow customers to rate the reviews, which symbolize authenticity and credibility of customer feedback.

  • Reply By Admin Or Customers

    Enable customer to reply the feedback to interact with your customers. You can also reply to appreciate the user.

  • Like / Unlike

    Enable like/unlike options to allow users to express their concern about each testimonial.

Email Notifications

Enable notifications in Magento Customer Reviews Extension to get informed when customers submit testimonials. You can also enable notifications for customers to know about their review submission and approval.

  • Email Notifications For Admin

    Configure email notification settings to moderate or approve reviews when users submit them through the provided form.

  • Email Notifications For Customer

    You can enable notifications for customers to let them know that their reviews are submitted successfully.

Product Testimonial & Slider Settings

Enable product testimonial to attach reviews with specific products. You can also enable a slider to display reviews with alluring effects.

  • Product Testimonials Settings

    Enable the display of testimonials on product pages to let the visitors read customers’ feedback about specific products.

  • Slider Settings

    You can configure slider settings for product testimonials to add charm and elegance to the reviews submitted in response to each product.

More Features

  • Meta title, description & keywords field to rank your testimonials page
  • Add URL suffix for testimonials page
  • Customize testimonials page URL
  • Moderate reviews before posting customer testimonials
  • Add & edit testimonials from back office

Merchant Benefits

Testimonials or customer reviews are considered a social proof that you are doing business sensibly, and you value what the customers say about the products and services they consume. With the installation of FME Product Testimonials, you can avail the following benefits.

  • Posting customers reviews enhance the credibility of your store, and it compels others to place orders without any fear.
  • Customers talk about the features they enjoy the most about your products in their reviews, which highlights the key features to others.
  • Displaying all the testimonials from happy customers on a separate page symbolizes how successfully you are running your business.

Customer Benefits

Visitors of a store are keen to know what their customers say about their products. Testimonials come first in judging customer satisfaction. They can enjoy the following benefits after you install this extension.

  • Customers can submit products reviews to assist other visitors in knowing about the key features.
  • They can reply to published testimonials and interact with customers who have already consumed products.
  • A separate testimonial page helps them read all of the reviews posted by customers and take a decision accordingly.
  • Customers can express by likeness by rating and liking/disliking the testimonials.

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Reviews & Ratings (9)
  • This is one of the most amazing extension and yes I use it

    quote Great extension with lots of customisation options that makes our product pages so much better! We had a few problems with the extension but the support team soon replied with a working solution in no time. quote

    Read more
    by: sonam on 7/1/2017
  • This is one of the most amazing extension and yes I use it .

    quote Great extension with lots of customisation options that makes our product pages so much better! We had a few problems with the extension but the support team soon replied with a working solution in no time. quote

    Read more
    by: sonam on 7/1/2017
  • Totally under priced

    quote these guys have out done themselves with the functionality they have provided in this magento module. I coudn't be happier :) quote

    Read more
    by: Roy on 5/17/2012
  • Setting high standards

    quote I had to take time out to study this extension as there are so many configurations and settings. Thanks to the excellent support these guys provide i was able to use it properly and make the most of it. quote

    Read more
    by: Coelho on 5/16/2012
  • Worth every cent

    quote Totally under priced for the cool features it has. This is the first extension i got from these guys and have bookmarked them as i'll be a returning customer + I'm having them do some customization on our site. quote

    Read more
    by: CEO on 5/1/2012
  • Testimonials on Product Page

    quote I saw the demo and bought it instantly. Does what it says and was easy to install. I don't think i have ever seen an extension with this many configuration features. Love it! quote

    Read more
    by: cyber on 4/26/2012
  • amazing extension

    quote This is one of the most amazing extension you could ever find on here and yes I use it myself on my website online store so much better than any other testimonial extensions that I have tried before.
    Customer service is number excellent and ready to assist instantly and is highly recommended to anyone looking to have a professional testimonials on website. quote

    Read more
    by: GamesNgage on 4/14/2012
  • Best Plugin for Magento

    quote Have tried out this extension of Magento with on my website and was able to find it quite useful. With the help of this Extensions for Product Testimonials was able to go and provide a my customer a much better way as to view the history of satisfaction that exists regarding the products. quote

    Read more
    by: jacob7 on 4/10/2012
  • magnifique

    quote Tout simplement magnifique!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Magento a encore de longues améliorations et des perspectives pour les e-commerçants.
    A très bientot quote

    Read more
    by: casoni on 3/16/2012

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