Additional Registration Fields & Attributes for Magento® 2 (1.0.0)

Magento 2 Customer Attributes extension help you add custom attributes to the sign-up form. Select from a variety of field types to create options like a file or image upload, text, date, message, radio options, etc. you can brilliantly sort the custom fields on a sign-up form. Enable data validation to grab the correct form of user data. Restrict additional fields to specific customer groups. Show or hide custom fields, and allow customers to edit their replies from ‘my account’ section.
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  • Key Features

    • Add Custom Fields To Registration Page
    • Create Fields To Acquire Different Data Type
    • Sort Out Custom Fields Meaningfully
    • Configure Data Input Validation For Fields
    • Show Or Hide Fields From The Sign-Up Form
    • Restrict Additional Fields by Customer Groups

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Powerful Features of Additional Custom Registration Fields

  • Add Custom Fields to Sign-up Form

    Magento 2 Add Customer Attribute extension helps you to personalize user registration with easy to answer fields.

  • A Variety of Field Types

    With 10 different field types, you can add innovative options to easily acquire user data in the form of images, files, text, date, etc.

  • Define a Sorting Order

    Sort out the additional registration attributes to display them in a logical sequence like city, state, zip code, and country.

  • Configure Data Input Validation

    Magento 2 custom registration form extension enables you to configure data validation to make sure you collect accurate information from users.

  • Restrict by Customer Groups

    Select your preferred customer groups to show them the additional registration fields to hide them from other users.

  • Show or Hide Additional Fields

    You can choose to show or hide the additional fields any time you want. This helps you better manage the display of custom fields.

Create Additional Registration Fields

Magento 2 Custom registration fields extension empowers you to put additional fields on a sign-up to acquire target information from potential customers without creating hurdles for them in registration.

FME Magento Extensions

Display Custom Fields in User Accounts

You can display the custom registration fields and user replies in user accounts to keep them informed about the data they have provided while signing up for an account. With this Magento 2 customer attributes extension, customer can also update the data in their account section

FME Magento Extensions

Add 10 Types of Custom Fields

Magento 2 Custom registration fields extension comes with a variety of field types to help you intake user data in different forms. The fields you can create includes;

  • Text Field
  • Text Area
  • File upload
  • Image upload
  • Date
  • Drop Down
  • Multiple Select
  • Yes/No option
  • Radio
  • Checkboxes
FME Magento Extensions

Enable Input Validation for Custom Fields

Magento 2 custom customer attributes extension allows you to configure input validation for each custom field you add to the sign-up form. Make sure the users provide you with relevant information. Try configuring input validation by

  • Decimal numbers
  • Integers
  • Email Address
  • URL
  • Letters
  • Alphanumeric(a-z,A-Z,or 0-9)
FME Magento Extensions

Restrict Custom Attributes to Selected Customer Groups

Magento 2 create customer attribute extension by FME allows you to confine the display of additional registration fields to certain customer groups. Select a customer group and ignore the rest of your website users.

FME Magento Extensions

Magento 2 Add Customer Attribute – Storefront Properties

With Magento 2 add customer address attribute extension, you can configure following settings for each attribute:

  • Enable on frontend
  • Show fields on Accounts page, Registration form or both
  • Position the custom attributes
  • Show or Hide fields after acquiring information
  • Allow users to edit field data after answering it
FME Magento Extensions

Magento 2 Customer Attributes Extension - More Features

  • Sort the additional fields logically
  • Set a default field value
  • Mark the fields mandatory or optional
  • Add a custom title to additional fields section

Merchant Benefits

  • Know your clients or customers by adding custom fields to the Magento 2 custom registration form.
  • Acquire valuable user information that can be used for promotions, marketing, and advertising activities.
  • Pursue a user experience design of the sign-up form by adding easy to answer fields.

Customer Benefits

  • Your potential customers can easily provide additional information in the form of images and files while registering for an account.
  • Users of your website can view and edit (if you allow) the information they have provided against the custom fields.
  • With input validation, they get t know the correct form of data they have to enter. So, they avail a better user experience.

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  • Personalized Sign-up form

    quote Added required fields to user sign-up form and made them mandatory as I need the data as the new user get register. quote

    Read more
    by: quink on 11/20/2018

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