Canonical Urls for Magento® 2 (1.0.1)

Magento Canonical URL extension helps you remove duplicate content issues from your eCommerce website with the addition of canonical Meta tags. You can add tags to products, categories, and CMS pages to define its relevancy with other pages. Add canonical tags to your Storefront, store view, or a custom URL to declare the authoritative version of your webshop. The application of canonicals to pagination and layered-navigation pages further elaborates the relationship of products and categories to the search engine.
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  • Key Features

    • Add Canonical Urls to products, categories, CMS pages
    • Add Canonical tags to a custom or Store URL
    • Exclude Canonical Meta tag on certain pages
    • Allow Canonical tags to pagination, layered navigation pages
    • Add rel="next" and rel="prev" to catalog pagination
    • Add trailing slash for canonical Meta tag

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Powerful Features of Magento 2 Canonical URL

  • Add Canonical tags to different pages

    Magento Canonical tag extension allows you to add canonical meta tags to products, categories, and CMS pages of your website.

  • Apply Canonical Tags to Store or Custom URL

    Configure the addition of canonical meta tags for the default store page, store view, or to a custom URL.

  • Exclude canonical Meta tag on certain pages

    Add pages to the exclude section to overrule the application of canonical meta tag on those pages.

  • Canonical tags for pagination & layered navigation

    Apply Magento canonical tags to pagination and layered navigation to indicate the pages are variant of the primary product or category pages.

  • Add rel="next" & rel="prev" Attributes

    With the addition of these attributes, you can show the relationship between category and catalog pages for the ease of search engine robots.

  • Accompany trailing slashes

    You can choose to end the URLs with a trailing slash. It is more beneficial in improving user experience than SEO rankings.

Add or Override Canonical Tags on Products & Category Pages

Canonical URLs Magento 2 extension empowers you to add or override canonical tags on various pages of your eCommerce website.

The addition of tags applies to products, categories, and CMS pages to remove the issue of duplicate content from your webshop.

The Magento canonical url extension sets you from in implementing canonical tags to pages one by one. Configure and apply them once with a simple option.

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Implement Canonicals to Store or a Custom URL

You can configure the addition of canonical meta tags to a storefront, store view, or a custom URL as well.

  • Add a Canonical Tag to Store URL

    Select a URL either for a default Store or store view to canonicalize it. You can add a canonical tag for cross domains that possess identical content. Select;

    • Default Store URL
    • Default Store View
    • Custom Store view like French, German, etc.
  • Canonicalize Custom URLs

    You can canonicalize a custom URL from other domains that show similar content to the targeted domains.

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Exclude Certain Pages to Overrule Canonicals

Magento 2 Canonical tag extension helps you declare product or category pages to be excluded from the addition of canonical tags. Add pages to the exclusion section and the canonical Urls Magento 2 extension will overrule canonicalization for them.

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Meta Tags for Pagination & Layered Navigation Pages

Magento Canonical URL extension helps you define a relationship between pagination pages with canonical tags. You can also elaborate relativity of layered navigation pages to products and category pages.

  • Enable/Disable Canonical meta tag to catalog pagination pages
  • Allow/Disallow Canonical meta tag to catalog layered navigation – for filtered or current category page
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Additional Configuration Settings

  • Configure rel="next" & rel="prev" Attributes

    You can configure rel="next" and rel="prev" attributes to let the search engine robots know relevancy between products and category pages

    Add Trailing Slashes

    Avail SEO benefit and increase URL readability by adding trailing slash with a click. You can either add or crop a trailing slash. Make all the Urls SEO-friendly.

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Merchant Benefits

  • Resolve duplicate content issues from your eCommerce website that not only improves search engine ranking but also avoid penalties.
  • Communicate the relationship between multiple pages and categories so that the search robots show the high authority version.
  • Easy to enable or disable canonicalization on any page the admin of the website want.
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  • Greatt

    quote Great module, meets my requirements of resolving content duplication & pagination issue. quote

    Read more
    by: Hatch on 9/6/2018
  • Excellent extension

    quote Excellent extension - corrected all the links. Got rid of all pagination urls. quote

    Read more
    by: Ric on 7/18/2018

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