OtherOctober 15, 2012

5 Off-Page SEO Techniques for New E-Stores

5 Off-Page SEO Techniques for New E-Stores

After giving a perfect on-page to your E-Store, now it comes to off page. Though penguin and panda have reduced scope for off page but still off page factors are as much important as on page. White Hat is a term which you all must be familiar but this term changes its definition after every update from Google regarding their algorithms.

White Hat SEO’s key ingredient is High Quality Back linking and for that you have to think out of the box to bring more traffic towards your magento store and increase sales. Be qualitative and consistent because now Google prefers quality over quantity.

>Profile Linking

Though people are performing this technique from ages but you need to do it in the right direction. Be natural while creating your profile and make sure you are taking care of anchor text diversity because Penguin is after web spam and now Google EMD is also after exact matches.

Web 2.0 Blogs

Spread more about your brands and products as you have just arrived into the market and no one is familiar about your products or services you are providing from you E-Store and web 2.0 is a great platform to attract people towards you. They give you quality back links, they get indexed fast and Google also have no problem with 2.0. So make sure you hit it on the right mark by keeping it low because as I told you earlier quality matters not quantity.

Social Bookmarking

Very Familiar technique but the way you post does matter allot. Make sure your post has x factor which can derive a maximum amount of traffic to your E-Store. You will get brand awareness for your E-Store by highlighting it on high quality social sites like Reddit, Delicious, Digg, Stumble upon and many others.

 Alexa Rank Improvement

Having good Alexa rank for your E-Store is an impressive achievement. People will trust on your E-Store because of your Alexa rank. Make sure you have a review on your E-Store blog about Alexa and it also contains a link back to alexa.com. Get traffic from techy guys and bloggers because they have alexa tool bars. Ask your existing consumers to write a good review about your store on Alexa. By applying all these techniques with healthy back links your alexa rank will improve for sure.

Submissions and Social Media Marketing

Be consistent while doing directory submissions, article submissions, guest posting and such kind of other activities. Though we have learned that web sites should contain a good domain rank, page rank and it is healthy enough to post a back link but make a daily target which you have to perform every day. Keep doing all these activities regularly and you will see a good amount of traffic and increase in SERPS.

Do not forget to make strong social media profiles and keep posting about your products in a unique way and keep increasing your social media circles by adding more people. Make sure you have YouTube channel, Facebook page, LinkedIn page, pintrest account, twitter page and such kind of other profiles.