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This extension brings your customers and you a better way to interact each other with respect to quotations. This extension gives you maximum to handle quotations efficiently.

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Quickrfq allows customer to send a request of quote to the site owner. There are few fields required for making a request, after filling the form when the customer will submit it Quickrfq will validate the submission and after successful validation it will store the quote in the database and sends an email to the site owner's email address which was saved in the admin panel. Quickrfq will also send an email to the customer. Quickrfq will get the email subject and body from the admin panel which was also saved by the admin.

Admin features

Admin can manage all the quotes from the admin panel. He can view and make changes to the requested quotes and can reply on the email address given by the customer. Admin can also change configurations from the admin panel. (Discussed later)

Configurable features

  • Easy to Manage
  • Easy to Customize
  • Easy to Install; Easy to upgrade; Just copy to use
  • Easy to Manage your RFQ's
  • Target specific customers group

Magento Connect

you can also get  the extension from Magento connect and install that from Magento Connect feature!


The Front End of the Magento Extension displays a Request For Quote form for the customers to fill up in order to get a quote from the store owner. The form consists of the details such as, Company Name, Contact Name, Email, Contact Number, Project Title, Quote Needed By, Project Budget Status, Brief Overview, Upload Document and a Validation Code. These details need to be filled in order to Request a Quote from the Magento Store owner.

Manage Request For Quote:

Request For Quote Manager:

  • Shows Quote ID, Contact Name, Email Address, Status and a link to Edit the Request For Quote
  • Change Status or delete by selecting from the grid and selecting the Action

Export to CSV:

  • You can Export the Request For Quotes to a CSV or XML file
  • Select the type of file you would like to Save As and Click on Export


Options For Request For Quote:

  • Enable Request For Quote by editing the text field e.g ‘YES’
  • Set the Estimated Days Required To Reply by editing the text field

Email Setup Options For Request For Quote Receiver:

  • Set who to Send Emails To by editing the text field
  • Set the Email Sender by editing the text field
  • Set the Email Template by editing the text field

Reply to Customer:

  • Set the Subject by editing the text field
  • Set the Message by editing the text field

Upload Restrictions for Request For Quote:

  • Show the Allowed File Extensions Only Tab by editing the text field

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    frontend how its working ?

    by rahul on 9/24/14

    I have installed this plugin can you tel me how it is working in front end

    Love it!

    by Bill Rust on 12/28/11

    One of the best free extensions I have found for Magento, thank you very much!!!

    @canvas media shop

    by Jyotiprakash Pal on 10/1/11

    Thanx zeeshan 4 d help. I may need the same 4m you in futz...

    Software Engineer

    by Jaslin Jose on 10/1/11

    Thanks for the fast response and help 'Zeeshan Khalid'.
    We expect the same in future too..:)

    FME Quick FRQ

    by Marco Gallopin on 6/21/11

    Product works fine, the support is very quick and helpful.
    Thanks to FME!!


    by Ajay Arjunan on 6/19/11

    Thank you very much for this cool product.

    Media Director @PowercutUK

    by Daniel on 5/3/11

    After some time I managed to alter the purpose of 'Request a Quote' to suit the purpose of our customers requesting a Machinery Service. I couldn't express more how helpful the staff were in helping me make adjustments. The system works very well to our needs. Thank you FME!

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