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Photo Gallery & product Gallery Magento extension is a complete suite that allows you to display images and photos in a gallery on wall page as well as on the product pages. This responsive image gallery module creates a wall page where gallery photos are displayed by categories / albums. Create a Magento Photo Gallery Block and add images to it and then display it any where by adding the code to a static block or a CMS page. Comprehensive options panel allows admin to customize the extension behavior and gallery settings as required. Click on DEMO to view these feature or continue reading below.

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Display product photos or other images in a most impressive manner and assist your customers in understanding the product. Create a website like Flickr, allowing people to share their favorite memories in the form of images with each other. This picture gallery plugin creates a wall page for this purpose. When adding images from the backend, you can choose to display them on the product page alone or on the wall page as well.

Customers can view photos in a lightbox from where they can browse other images with the help of navigation buttons. Configure different themes and animations for the lightbox. For your convenience, you can specify the default thumbnail size to offer consistent look. You can also create custom blocks, configure animations, and place them any where on your web pages.

Magento Image Gallery Features

  • Displays photo albums in an impressive and optimized way
  • Customers can easily browse different galleries
  • You can set the page title and other SEO settings

Photo Gallery

  • Create/label Photo Galleries or Albums from the admin and these galleries will show up on the wall.
  • Multi-store option at the photo gallery level
  • Ability to sort photo galleries
  • Attach gallery with multiple products
  • Add description to the album for users and search engines
  • Once you have created a image gallery you can upload / attach unlimited images
  • Add Image name and caption, displayed on the front end
  • View Larger image opens a stylish responsive lightbox with a previous / next slider
  • "Load More" Button to load more images through AJAX (Button text can be edited)
  • Display albums on a product page, wall page or both
  • Set default width and height of thumbs
  • Configure aspect ratio settings
  • Keep frame of thumb
  • Keep aspect ratio of thumb

Product Gallery

  • A photo gallery can be attached with as many products from the Manage Photo Gallery page in the admin
  • Any number of galleries can be attached to a product.
  • Photos are displayed in a Slider and enlarged image is displayed in a responsive lightbox

Lightbox Features

  • Select from the five different available themes
  • Select animation speed
  • Set opacity
  • Show title
  • Set width and height of a lightbox

Gallery Blocks

  • Create unlimited gallery blocks with unique identifiers
  • Attach unlimited images with names and caption. Sort them if needed
  • Enable autoplay and set its intervals
  • Configure pause on hover
  • Configure drag orientation
  • Configure slide duration
  • Set banner width and height
  • Display banner title and content
  • Set block title and add images
  • Set caption for images

Magento Gallery Extension Features

  • SUPEE-6788 Compatible
  • Responsive
  • Multi-Store Supported
  • Multi-Language Supported
  • Includes a Install/User Guide
  • 100% Open Source.
  • 45 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Lifetime Support / Upgrade

Our magento Image gallery extension is responsive and compatible with the latest version of magento fulfills all requirements of a gallery plugin that a Magento store owner needs. And there is a lot more you can find on DEMO. If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

Once the extension is installed, start with the configuration:

Photo Gallery & Product Gallery-Configuration

General Settings

  • Enable/disable the extension
  • Set the page title
  • Set SEO URL and Meta settings

Photo Gallery Settings

  • If you need to display photo gallery on a product page, enable it from this section.
  • Limit max. number of images per page
  • Configure the default size of thumbnails
  • Configure thumbnail background color
  • Enable frame of thumb and its aspect ratio
  • Enter pagination button text

Lightbox Options

  • Select your desired theme
  • Set the animation speed such as fast, slow or normal
  • Enter the opacity value, the range is 0 – 1
  • Display title
  • Set default width and height

Now you can click on Manage Photogallery and create photo albums as required:

Photo Gallery Manager

  • You can label the albums
  • Display on a product page, photogallery page or both
  • Add description to the album for users and search engines
  • Add gallery images
  • Attach gallery with multiple products
  • You can set the sort order and store view

Photo Gallery Block

You can create custom photo gallery blocks and place them on important parts of your website such as sidebar.

  • Enable autoplay and set its intervals
  • Configure pause on hover
  • Configure drag orientation
  • Configure slide duration
  • Set banner width and height
  • Display banner title and content
  • Set block title and add images
  • Set caption for images

If you need more information, please contact our support staff.

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    by ibou on 3/3/15

    Thanks for installation,

    Thank you

    by Steven M Tines on 2/17/15

    While I thank you for the correct installation of the photo gallery,

    Image Gallery Looks much better now

    by Hanover on 12/9/14

    I have a 1000 images on our site and i could not find a way to manage them. I was able to manage them in galleries and then attach to products easily. Perfect extension. Worth every penny

    This extension workes great

    by sam2115 on 9/6/14

    This extension worked great on 1.8 custom theme. Had a small issue in admin but the team at FME fixed it, Great support if you need it .
    Source: Magento Connect

    Best gallery extension

    by bumblebee5 : I'm a merchant, I useCommunity 1.8.1 on 5/14/14

    After searching many days for a extension, that allows you to add a gallery to product pages, I finally found this and bought it.
    We use this extension to show our customer's photos of our products (display signs) on the product page.
    It's possible to create different galleries and apply them to any product.
    This extension also adds a photogallery page with (or without) the names of the single galleries as categories.
    Support was great as always, helped me with Jquery conflicts, tweaked the extension on request and always replied really fast.
    This is the second extension I bought from FME.
    Source: Magento Connect

    worth every penny

    by juli on 5/11/14

    Honestly you guys are giving this away for free. $50 is nothing for the functionality this extension houses.

    FuetrycetkoGood Plugin

    by jefftj86 : I'm a deployment & integrations provider, I useCommunity 1.7.0 on 1/28/14

    Works great, easy to manage photos for my client and myself - better than other gallery plugins out there for magento. I had a small issue getting the plugin to work upon putting it on our launch environment but it was due to JS conflicts, FME helped us get that solved within a few hours and we're up and running ready for launch. If you need a quick way to implement a local gallery with backend management this is your extension.
    Source: Magento Connect

    where is the demo link

    by kaushik on 10/20/13

    where is the demo link. i didnt find on the site.

    Nice extension -- very fast support!!

    by dirk_zessin : I useCommunity 1.6.0 on 5/16/13

    A real good extension. We had some jquery problems with another extension but the fme support was incredible fast and fixed the bug in a couple of hours. Thanks a lot. You can find our example of the slideshow here
    Source: Magento Connect

    life time free is what got my attention

    by Demezia on 11/9/12

    Thank you for the free upgraded version. It fixed a few bugs that were there. Now all works fine. Do you guys have WP plugins? I can use the same plugin for my blog. Keep it up !

    just what i needed

    by Umbar on 9/3/12

    didn't need to spend 500 on a custom work. i created multiple galleries and custom block where i needed. thanku

    Good to see an extension

    by Rony on 6/28/12

    I was hoping to find an extension for my new magento store to handle my image galleries. I had to get a few adjustments made but still happy. nice work guys

    Product Faqs Ask a Question

    • Is the gallery compatible on iphone and other mobile devices? Can i install it on my local server first and then on the LIVE?
      Gallery extension is 100% responsive and compatible for all mobile devices. You are free to test it on your local first.
    • Can I create a image gallery with like 20 images and attach the gallery to a product or multiple products
      You can create a gallery with unlimited images and you can attach that gallery to one or more products. The gallery appears with a scroller on the product page.
    • Do you have samples of live websites using this photo gallery? When we try the demo, the loading of larger images is really slow, is this something that will happen if we install it on the website?
      Please check these sites: a) b)
    • What size do you recommend we configure our images for this plug in?
      Recommended Size for the images upload is 1200 X 1200. You can configure the thumbnail size from configuration of module.
    • Does this extension provide import capability? I have several hundred images that I would like to import from a .csv - something like filename, imagetitle, galleryname.Can the extension do this or can it be modified to do this?Thanks.
      The module does not have the capability of import from the csv.But You can upload multiple images by using photogallery images uploader
    • The gallery is visible but some features are not working properly. Despite modifying many of the values in configuration, apart from URL, none of the features seem to change, e.g changing thumbnails width and height does not work.
      Actually configuration values works fine but you have uploaded gallery images first and then you set configuration values which is not the right way. In Photo Gallery when you upload any image for gallery first it check configuration values if values exist then image uploads according to those values. So if you wants thumb width and height according to configuration then delete all galleries and set configuration values first and then upload images for galleries and check front end, it will be according to configuration.


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