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Magento 1.9 Media Gallery Extension creates a landing page for product and category videos/images which are elegantly presented in different tabs. You can add videos to product pages, Home or CMS pages. Configurable CMS block allows you to showcase videos in right/left column. This module includes featured videos slider, supports multi-store and FLV, YouTube, Vimeo, JPG, PNG, GIF, SWF video format.

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Media Gallery & Product Videos extension helps you to manage Media Galleries, particularly Video files (FLV, YouTube, Vimeo, SWF) and Image files (JPG, PNG, GIF), to uplift your Magento store.

Give your products and your online Magento store a facelift by adding videos for products or creating a video gallery page for the whole store. Videos definitely are effective at generating leads and eventually generating SALES?

Well it’s so simple, easy, and convenient to create and deploy videos with the help of Multimedia Gallery extension.

1. SIMPLE To Create: An internet video can be made for few minutes or few hours. Upload it using our video uploader or Upload it on third party site like YouTube, Vimeo etc and just enter the link from the Admin to display on front-end.
2. EASY for your Site Visitors: Your prospects don’t have to do anything except sit back and watch the videos about your site or your product's messages with just a click of a mouse.
3. CONVENIENT: Watching and listening is always easier than reading, and it usually takes less time.

Video Gallery gives you the power to show your message to your prospects without making them to read any content. And as time tells, people and the internet have evolved from reading, to listening, to watching, just like we did with newspapers to radio to TV.

But, the most important benefit of adding video marketing is the visibility you’ll get. Not only is it easy to advertise on free video sharing websites like YouTube, but it can also be virally sent around the web without fearing that it loses its ability to get traffic to your site. The social sharing or viral aspect is also its strongest point.

FEATURES - Product Video Gallery Extension

  • Simple easy to use admin interface to create videos for (Gallery & Products)
  • Easy to add multi videos to a product.
  • Supports FLV, YouTube, Vimeo, JPG, PNG, GIF, SWF
  • Auto Youtube & Vimeo videos thumbnails
  • Manage videos for products is very easy
  • Show latest videos on home page or any other Page
  • Featured videos slider
  • Videos open up on the page in an overlay
  • Easy to customize the display
  • Easy 2-minute installation
  • Meets Magento programming standards

Magento Media Gallery & Product VideosFeatures

  • Responsive
  • Multi-Store Supported
  • Multi-Language Supported
  • Includes a Install/User Guide
  • 100% Open Source.
  • 45 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Lifetime Support
  • Free Lifetime Upgrades


Media Grid:

  • Shows the Media Id, thumbnail name, title, Status and a link to Edit the media
  • Change Status or delete by selecting from the gird and selecting the action
  • All default functionality which comes with Magento grid, like search, filter, pagination

Export to CSV:

  • You can Export the all Media data to a CSV or XML file
  • Select the type of file you would like to Save As and Click on Export

Add Media

Media Information:

  • Title
  • Choose Video Type (If you want to upload file select (Media File) if you want to put youtube video or link of video select second option)
  • Video File Upload (Supported Format FLV, MPEG, MP4, JPEG, PNG, GIF, SWF)
  • Media Thumb Upload
  • Featured video (Select Yes to have this media appear in the Featured block)
  • Enable for right block (Selec yes to have this media appear in the Right Column Block)
  • Store View (Multi Selection)
  • Status
  • Content

Apply to products:

  • You can search for the products and then select the products for which you would like to attach this media. The Media will appear for the products selected.

Apply to categories:

  • Select the Categories for which you would like to have this media appear on the front end.


Media Block Manager:

  • Shows the Block Id, title, Display Area, Identifier, Status and a link to Edit the media
  • Change Status or delete by selecting from the grid and selecting the action
  • All default functionality which comes with magento grid such as search, filter, pagination

Export to CSV:

  • You can Export all the Media Block data to a CSV or XML file
  • Select the type of file you would like to Save As and Click on Export

Add Media Block:

Media Block Information:

  • Title
  • Identifier
  • Status
  • Block Display Area
  • Content

Related Media:

  • Search for the media and then select the media already created to associate with this Block


General Settings:

  • Page Layout: Select from the list of Drop down 1 to 3 Columns
  • Display Videos with Products (Select Yes to automatically display videos below the product. Set to No if you use custom position)
  • For YouTube and Vimeo videos use YouTube and Vimeo thumbs? (Yes to use YouTube and Vimeo thumbs for videos; No to upload your own thumbs)
  • Number of Max videos shown in right block? Enter a number in the field
  • Number of Max videos shown as featured ? Enter a number in the field

Media List:

  • Page Title - Enter the Page title for the media gallery page
  • SEF URL Identifier - (eg:
  • Media per page - Number of media per page (0 for no limit)
  • Limit of short description - Number of characters for the short description (0 for no limit)
  • META Keywords
  • META Description
  • Show Category Tab on All Media Page - Select Yes or No
  • Show Products Tab on All Media Page - Select Yes or No

Video Popup Settings:

  • Popup Width
  • Popup Height
  • Auto Play Video

Featured Video Settings:

  • Featured videos title
  • Enable in left column
  • Enable in right column

Video Block Settings:

  • Videos block title - Set the Title for the Block
  • Enable in left column - You can select from the following options (1-yes, all pages; 2-yes, only media page; 3- No)
  • Enable in right column - You can select from the following options (1-yes, all pages; 2-yes, only media page; 3- No)

In Grid Image Options:

  • Show Image Url - (Yes or No (When product image is hidden for that row))
  • Show Image By Default - (Yes or No (If your grid has a large page size by default, this could get slow.))
  • Image Width
  • Image Height

Search Engine Optimization:

  • URL Suffix (eg: .html)

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    videos are perfect

    by igor on 5/14/14

    I am able to add videos to my product pages. all i needed to do.

    Youtube videos

    by Jordan on 4/19/14

    My competition had his whole site redesigned and the main feature was youtube videos. My budget was low so i search for a youtube video extension for magento i found these guys. All i have to say is that the only thing better than the extension is the support that comes with it. :)


    by Thomas on 4/1/14

    I love the media block functionality. I was able to display videos any where on my site. Even on the about us page to let our visitors know how we got started. Videos really make a difference.

    Nice Video extension

    by mike on 3/22/13

    I had to get Videos on my site. There is a lot that we just cant put in words and alot of our users dont have that much time. They would rather watch a 30 sec video and understand what our product is all about. Media Gallery let us do this and i am a happy camper :)

    media media media

    by cblevins on 4/14/12

    Works great! Thanx Kamran for a rockin extension!

    Get your message across quickly

    by justin on 4/4/12

    visitors love it that they can just watch a video and know everything there is to know about a product and be on their way to checkout. This is the best way i can tell you about the impact Media Gallery has had on our store ;)

    Super Extenson ... I love youtube

    by Munter on 3/16/12

    Works Flawlessly with 1.6.2 and adds super functionality to Magento ... Recommended

    Great Extension

    by Jean Paul on 7/14/11

    Love this extension, works as advertised with also fast support!

    Jean Paul

    Great Extensions with Great Support!

    by Michael Manelidis on 3/18/11

    If you're looking for professional Extensions with 24/7 full support, this is what you need. From personal experience, I highly recommend

    Thank you again for everything.

    Michael Manelidis / MANBIZ ISP

    Excellent Exetnsion

    by Salah-u-din Ayubi on 12/29/10

    I really need this sort of extension!
    many thanks!

    Product Faqs Ask a Question

    • Will these videos play on a ipad and a iphone? Also is the rest of the extension responsive?
      Media Gallery is responsive and yes the videos you upload with this extension will plan on a ipone and an ipad.


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