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Magento PayPal Extension uses the Paypal Adaptive Payments API to let you create and manage parallel / chained payments, payment preapprovals, and refunds. Send money peer-to-peer, split payments in both parallel and chained models, accept guest payments. The Adaptive Payments API works on multiple platforms including the web and mobile environments. 

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Magento Split Payments and Multi-Shipping Address Checkout

  • One sender, One receiver; Single Payment, Single Receiver. Just like in a typical transaction
  • One sender, multiple receivers. You can split payments among multiple recipients at once.
  • One Sender, One primary receiver and multiple secondary receivers e.g. booking through online travel agency. For customer, the travel agency is the primary receiver whereas PayPal deposits money in both primary and secondary recipient’s accounts as per the configuration.

Manage Refunds - Magento Adaptive Payments

  • This extension supports full and partial refunds. Refunds can be from your account or from someone else’s account. 
  • Pay Almost Anyone with an Email Address
  • PayPal Account is not mandatory; payments can be transferred to anyone who has an email address or mobile phone number. Recipients will be able to create PayPal accounts instantly. 

Get Paid by Anyone - Magento Adaptive PayPal 

  • Receive payments from anyone with an email address; it is not mandatory for them to have a PayPal account. 
  • Set-up Preapproved Payment Plans
  • Setup preapprovals, then you will no longer be required to log-in to PayPal in future for approving specific payments. This includes single-payments, multiple-payments, and subscriptions which can be based on fixed or variable amount.

Embed Payments in Applications

  • Customers can pay as little as 50 cents and they can checkout without even leaving your app or website. 
  • Configuration Features - Magento Adaptive PayPal Payments 
  • You can enable only adaptive payment method and can disable all others
  • Custom title and description for the checkout page
  • Embedded Payments functionality can be enabled or disabled
  • Allow cart items to be forwarded to PayPal
  • Custom label for Services
  • Customers can check/uncheck shipping address once they are in PayPal.
  • Enable Simple, Parallel, or Chained payment method
  • Choose PayPal Fees Payer (Each Receiver, Secondary Receiver, Sender, Primary Receiver)
  • Custom memo can be added
  • Custom status for new order can be set such as pending, processing etc. 
  • Manage Suppliers separately
  • Tier Percentage on supplier’s products Total
  • Supports Multi-Shipping Address Checkout

PayPal Account Details

  • You will need to enter API Username, password, signature, application ID and finally enable/disable the proxy

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    price is high but worth it

    by zavior on 2/11/13

    have gone crazy looking for a module to handle payments for my market place. Our market place uses dropship method so this was a perfect fit.

    Perfect for my Marketplace

    by Marlin on 1/11/13

    i'm just getting my market place started knew that paypal had released an API for Split payments. Happy to see a module for it. Didn't have to wait for the development time, checkout and downloaded and worked like a charm. Support not bad at all.

    Saved my lot of time in payment distribution

    by Christopher on 11/14/12

    This is one of the great problems i was facing and that was to make payments to my drop shipping company i can now automaticaly transfer through this tool, wonderful plugin to be used

    Product Faqs Ask a Question

    • I am thinking of buying “magento-paypal-adaptive” module; although I have not taken the time to understand how it really works, I would like to know if there is a way to manage Tier Percentage for all products for a particular vendor at once. I mean that

      Tier percentage configurations are saved only on vendors level not on product level and yes it will work for only those vendors for which you will create this configuration for.

      The Tier percentage works in the following:
      If for a particular vendor's product total falls between certain tier rule, the system will apply that percentage instead of the vendors personal static share or global one.
      E.g there is a Vendor V1, and you have set his personal share value as 95% of all products, it will apply on all products no matter how much is the price of any product.
      But if you have created a tier rule as follows:

      If the vendor total is:
      rule 1:  $0 to $100 than apply 95%,
      rule 2: $101 to $500 then apply 90%.
      rule 3: and if greater than $501 then 85%.
      and for example the Products of V1 are:
      P1 is of $55
      P2 is of $55
      If any customer purchases any one of it then rule 1 will be applied and vendor will get $52.25 and site owner share will be $2.75.
       but if the customer purchases both products, then the total of the vendor becomes $110, now this falls under rule 2. so vendor v1 will get $99 and admin share will be $11.
      There is a plus feature for tier percentage which you can use if it fits your requirements:
      that is to apply all preceding percentages. e.g if the customer purchases both products and you have selected to apply preceding rules then:
      System will calculate 95% share of first $100 and then 90% for the remaining of $110.
      So rule 1 (95%) will apply on first $100 which will result the share of V1 as $95.
      rule 2 (90%) will apply on remaining of the total i.e. $10 ($110 - $100 = $10), which results the share of V1 as $9.
      So the total share of V1 becomes $95+$9 = $104
      and of the site owner will be $6.
      You have the option to use which option to use.


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