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Magento Invoice Email Extension adds a separate field named as “Invoice Email Address” on billing page of checkout. This allows customers to provide a different email address to PDF invoice / bill. They can later edit this email id from their account section. This plugin also allows you to send invoice on multiple addresses. 

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This PDF Invoice Email Magento module allows customers to send order invoices on multiple addresses. A separate field named as “Invoice Email Address” is added to the billing section of checkout where customers can enter desired email address. From back office store owners can choose whether invoice should be send to both email addresses provided in billing section during checkout. In case both addresses are same, invoice will only be sent to invoice email address. Customers can edit their invoice email address through their accounts.

Features Added in 2.0

  • Shipment emails are now also sent on invoice email address.
  • PDF is attached with all the emails sent for orders, invoices, shipments and credit memo's.
  • Configurations available to send or not to send PDFs with invoice emails.

Features 1.0


  • Customers can now add separate email address for invoices in their Account section.
  • Customers can edit the invoice email in the Checkout Billing Section 
  • On changing the invoice email in checkout process will update it in customers account as well


  • Can enable/disable Invoice Email 
  • Can select the option to send invoices to both email addresses provided during checkout in billing section. Selecting No will prioritize the Invoice Email Address entered by client

What if client set the same address for both:

  • Invoice email will handle this issue by matching both addresses. If it finds them same then it will send email only to the invoice address 

Where it will be displayed:

  • Customers Account Information
  • Checkout Billing Section 
  • Backend Customers Account Information 
  • Order info tab, under Account Information

Will It be displayed in Invoice Email:

NO, It will not be displayed in Invoice Email 


This extension allows your customers to use separate email accounts for shipping and invoicing. It extends Magento’s default checkout functionality where order confirmation and invoice emails are sent to same e-mail address provided during checkout. Now a separate field named as “Invoice Email Address” is added to the billing section of checkout where your customers can provide any desired email address on which they would like to receive invoice. They can edit this email address from their accounts. You can enable or disable this feature from the backend.

Invoice Emails is a simple and extremely useful Magento extension for your online store.



  • Select “Yes” from the drop down to turn this feature on
  • Select “Yes” if you would like to send invoices to both of email addresses provided in billing section during checkout

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    Couldn't ask for more

    by ekinea on 7/5/12

    Perfect, it works correctly. We had a problem and solve it quickly. Thank you very much 100% + + +

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