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Magento 1.9 Store Locator extension uses Google Maps to display physical store locations. Locations are displayed on Google Map and in a List sorted by distance with the nearest appearing on top. The List of physical store has other details such as contact info and address. Users can search a store by its address or by a product. Directions to the nearest store are displayed. Magento Admin can upload custom markers, popup images, Latitude/longitude coordinates etc. For Advance features check our new and improved Advance Google Maps.

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Let your customers find a physical store with Magento 1.9 Google Maps Store Locator

When you have multiple locations and you want your web store visitors to come and see you at your physical location Google Maps Store Locator lets them easily find you by automatically displaying the nearest store at the top of the Grid. The extension automatically detects customer location and the nearest store to you is highlighted on Google maps. You can click on other stores to and the Maps will be updated with that location.

Search for a Store Location

You can search by address, zip-code and the nearest store will be displayed on top. You can search a store by a product name. The stores that have the product will be displayed.

Directions to the Store

Once you have found the nearest store location you can get the directions to the store by clicking on the Get Directions button.

Unlimited Stores

You can add unlimited store locations with this extension. There is no limitation as far as the programming is concerned

Map Marker

Upload a custom marker for your stores e.g an icon so the visitors can associate better knowing that the location is for your brand. You can upload a background image for the popup as well

Search Results

Store preview, description and other details are displayed in search results


Strong backend which lets you hide the search by zip-code, search by address fields and customize the heading and sub-heading so you don’t have to get the developer involved.

Store Locator Page

Once the extension is installed a new page is created where the stores are listed and the map is displayed. The page URL can be sent from the admin.

Magento Store Locator Features

  • SUPEE-6788 Compatible
  • Responsive
  • Seo Friendly Urls
  • Multi-Store Supported
  • Multi-Language Supported
  • Includes a Install/User Guide
  • 100% Open Source.
  • 45 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Lifetime Support
  • Free Lifetime Upgrades


Google Maps-Store Locator Magento extension is an extraordinarily useful Magento extension when it comes to advertisement of your online business and let your customers find out nearest stores based on their automatically detected location by using Google Maps. Your customers can search for stores either by products in database or by automatic detection of their location.

On the frontend your customers will find a very user friendly and pleasing presentation of all stores in a vertical scroller and Google maps side by side. On top of these they have options to search a store by products, by address and there is a separate drop down listing all stores. Vertical scroller on the left lists stores with store name, location, address and calculated distance from user’s location. You can configure map from the backend to shown up in default location in case no store has been defined. Store locations are displayed on map by configurable markers, which on click will display a configurable popup having details about the store and distance to it from customer’s location so that they can better make a decision about visiting it. They can also get the directions to nearest stores from their current location.


Manage Stores:

  • Shows the Store ID, Store Name, Country, District/City, Postal/Zip code, Address, Status and a link to edit the Testimonials
  • Change Status or delete by selecting from the grid and selecting the action

Export to CSV:

  • You can Export stores information to a CSV or XML file
  • Select the type of file you would like to Save As and Click on Export

Add/Edit Stores:

  • Enter text for desired store name
  • Select Country from the drop down in which the store is located
  • Enter text for District/City (Should be accurate)
  • Enter Postal/Zip code (Should be accurate)
  • Enter correct address for the store (Address should be accurate)
  • Enter exact latitude coordinates of the store
  • Enter exact longitude coordinates of the store
  • Enable or disable newly added store from the drop down
  • Enter desired phone number which customers will use to contact the store
  • Enter desired fax number which customers will use for fax inquires
  • Upload an image that will represent this store. This image will be displayed in a popup on Google Maps
  • Enter short description about the store which will be visible in a popup on Google Maps
  • Select products which are hosted by this store. You can select multiple product types
  • Select a website store view in which this newly defined store will be visible


General Settings:

  • Enter text for page title
  • Enter keyword to create user friendly URL like
  • Enter Meta keywords for SEO
  • Enter Meta description for SEO
  • Enter desired text for G-Map Store locater main page’s heading
  • Enter desired text for G-Map Store locater main page’s subheading
  • Enter default latitude coordinates for Google map. Map will load by default on these coordinates if no store has been defined.
  • Enter default longitude coordinates for Google map. Map will load by default on these coordinates no store has been defined.

G-Map Settings

  • Input desired text for “Get Directions Button” in a popup on Google Maps
  • Upload your desired image for map marker
  • Upload your desired image for pop-up’s top background
  • Upload your desired image for pop-up’s bottom background
  • Enter numeric digits for map’s zoom increment/decrement intervals

Manage Search:

  • Select yes from the drop down if you want to allow your customers to search stores by products
  • Select yes from the drop down if you want to allow your customers to search stores by address
  • Enable/disable a drop down list of all stores, which on selecting any store will display it on map

Manage Links

  • Enable/disable header link from the drop down
  • Enter desired text for the header link
  • Enable/disable footer link from the drop down
  • Enter desired text for the footer link

Layout Settings

  • Select the type of layout for G-Map Store locater main page e.g. 1 column, 2 column etc

Search Engine Optimizations

  • Enter URL suffix e.g. “.html”

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    Very good, multi-functional module.

    by Silvio on 3/27/15

    Very good, multi-functional module. It allows you to display many stores (or places) on the Map with additional note about the store, address and logo. The module also can find the nearest store to the visitor and offer him/her a directions to that location. What is more, it allows you to search for a store by address and by name as described in the presentation. I am very pleased with that module and I recommend it. The support and the help I received from the development team was great. They were very cooperative and fast, always responded in the next 24 hours. Thank you FME.

    working correctly

    by dave on 2/17/15


    Thank you for your assistance in getting this live and working correctly, much appreciated.

    Kind regards,

    Excellent extension and fabulous technical support

    by Helen on 5/21/14

    I bought this extension last week, the instruction is very clear, and easy install. After install, I have some questions, the technical support fixed the issues for us very quickly. The support is fabulous. Thanks !!!

    Excellent extension

    by K1t3 on 2/19/13

    Excellent extension at a really good price! Works exactly as it says it does, great friendly support with quick response time. I had no problems installing this and running on my site, but had some pre- and post-purchase queries which were answered very promptly.
    It comes with great documentation, easily configurable options, it works and it looks great!
    A must-have extension for any Magento site needing a store locator, highly recommended!

    Coming back

    by Charlie on 2/9/13

    Now that i have the extension i think you have it under priced. I think for price you provide great extension and excellent support.

    Happy :)

    by arsenio26 on 1/4/13

    Great extinction!
    Had a problem with installation but support got back to me and help me ASAP.
    Thank you guys!

    Good Little Product - Excellent After Sales Support

    by Hudson on 12/14/12

    This extension works out of the box on CE 1.7.02 just follow the instructions they provide. There was even instructions on how to install if your magento theme wasnt stock standard. I had no trouble, but one thing i would recommend is using a good tool for Long/Lat
    I say there was excellent after sales support... because i thought there was a problem initially, but it was just my co-ordinates were off... I had a speedy resolution from FME which means i would probably consider buying extensions from them in the future without hesitation... Thanks

    works great

    by dschlup on 8/13/12

    I just purchased this extension and am very pleased with the results. Before I bought this extension, I had my hesitations about whether or not it would meet my needs. I am pleased to say that with a few adjustments, this extension works very, very well. Most of the success came from a VERY prompt and helpful support team. They answered my questions immediately and changed elements of my installation to make it work as stated. I would recommend this extension and FME. BTW- I am using this extension in Magento 1.7 and it works great.

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