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Magento 1.9 Geo IP Ultimate Lock Extension offers advance features for website security. Now you are able to create unlimited & prioritized Access Control lists to prevent unwanted access to your website. These ACLs execute automatically with the help of shopping cart rules. Using this module, you can prevent access to specific products, group of categories or any page. Key features include IP exclusion list, custom messages for denied users, and redirection. Continue reading below for more information.

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By using GeoIP Magento Block Country plugin you can prevent unwanted access to your products, specific pages or whole website. You can prevent this access either by blocking visitor's IP addresses or Geo location. This website security plugin offers benefits such as Magento IP detection, blacklist and Geoip redirect features, including a comprehensive management module. You can monitor the activity of online users and block them immediately for security reasons. Not just an individual user, you can block an entire region and still allow certain IPs to access your site

Advance Features - Magento Geo IP Security Extension

  • Create personalized Access Control Lists to apply website security. You will specify a region or specific countries in these ACLs that you need to block.
  • Multiple ACLs can be created and then prioritized accordingly.
  • Shopping cart rules are supported which automates ACLs, means that you just create set of conditions to form a rule, which will be executed automatically once those conditions are met.
  • This Magento Block Product IP module provides page level restriction, it means you can block access to specific page instead of a whole website or a specific product.
  • Restrict access to specific store view.
  • Banned users can be redirected to any other page or website.
  • IP exceptions are supported in this Magento Geolocation module, these users will have access to your website even if they fall in banned region or country.
  • Custom error messages: you can now use your own error messages for banned customers by using WYSIWYG editor.
  • Separate panels at the backend to manage online users and blocked IPs.

Other Features - Magento Security Extension

  • Block a Specific Country, Region or a specific IP.
  • Create a Group and block a group of Countries
  • Monitor online users. You can view their name, IP Address, Country and the URL they are on. Filter through the grid and find users from a certain country. This Extension automatically detects IP address of online users.
  • You can see a list of Blocked IPs in a Grid
  • Now you can add a list of Super IPs which can pass through the Blocked Country. This is if you need to let someone access to the site from the Blocked country or you can Block the entire world and let the site access to only few IPs
  • You can enter a custom message to display for the users who are not allowed to access the site
  • Import Max Mind database.

Magento Geoip Extension Features

  • Multi-Store Supported
  • Multi-Language Supported
  • Includes a Install/User Guide
  • 100% Open Source.
  • 45 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Lifetime Support
  • Free Lifetime Upgrades

With Block IP address extension you get complete protection for your website, you can block access to any body whether a single IP, country or a region and still allow access to those you would like to have access to. Monitor who is online and block them immediately.

Visit demo to learn more about its features, if you have any questions, please refer to product FAQ page.

How it Works:

First and the foremost thing – Import Geo Tables

Make sure before using this extension you import Geo IP database. Visit this section and you will find detailed instructions over there on how to import and update IP database.

Access Control List is used to block access to a group of IPs, countries or region. You can create multiple ACLs and then assign them priority. Highest priority ACL will be executed first. Here is what you can do with ACLs

  • Give it a friendly title and assign priority (0-High, 10-low)
  • Select the store view on which this ACL will be applied
  • If you want to block access to any CMS page such as About Us, Customer Support etc then select anyone in the ACL
  • If you want incoming users to be redirected to another URL you can set it in the ACL
  • Enter exceptions, these are the IPs which will not follow this ACL settings
  • Configure conditions in case you want to block access based on product attributes.
  • Add countries or region to this ACL.

Once you have configured this ACL, it will be active. Any excluded IPs will not be affected and they will be able to visit your site.

Blocked IPs

If you do not want to block access by Countries, then you can block access by IP addresses. Visit backend and navigate to Geoip Ultimate Lock - > Blocked IPs. Here you add and monitor all blocked IPs.

Online Users IP

This section provides you with a grid showing IP addresses of all online users. You can instantly block any IP address by capturing it from this section

Setting Custom Error Message – Configuration

Visit configuration section to set custom message for those users who are blocked from visiting your website.

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    Great extension, even better support!

    by freshcutweb on 6/13/13

    We purchased this extension for a client who is sensitive to access levels. The depth of what this extension does and how you can do it - entire site block, specific CMS page block (in case there are different policy pages for different geographic areas), and even product blocks that allow you to conditionally exclude products from a user's experience is all very impressive.
    That said, the extension did come with some speed bumps, but, the most important thing to me is support - and these guys delivered. They stayed with me during every step of the testing phase to ensure that each function worked and that I knew how to operate so that I felt comfortable teaching the client how to use it.
    I would not hesitate to buy from FME again in the future. Thanks guys!

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