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Geo IP Magento 1.9 Store Switcher extension automatically redirects your website visitors to pre-defined store groups. Pre-defined stores are configured by admin e.g. you can create a store view targeting Asian users, means it serves Asian content and products, you will assign this store to Asian region and any user coming from here will be automatically redirected to this store view. Customers can manually switch to other stores as well. Continue reading below for more details.

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Geo IP Magento Store Switcher extension enables you to set default store for users from different regions e.g. separate store view for French visitors, separate store view for US visitors etc. You can also break this down in to provider types such as for retailers and wholesalers. This is useful for situations where you want to provide Geo targeted data to your website visitors e.g. you may want to offer different sets of products, you may want to hide some of your products from some countries and so on.

This addon uses Maxmind database for Geo location. Create as many store views as you want, assign each store to a specific country, region or IP. Now your website visitors will be automatically redirected to pre-defined stores. Customers can also switch to any other store view manually. Popup for store view selection is shown on the very first time they arrive on your website. A link in the footer enables them to switch over at any time

This ‘Store View Switch’ extension automatically detects IP addresses of users who are visiting your website. It will then redirect users based on the pre-defined criteria. Exceptions are supported, means that you can grant access to any IP address to any store.

Key Features – Magento Store Switcher

  • Provides relevant and required information to your customers e.g. French customers will be able to order those items which are only targeted for French users.
  • Visitors are automatically redirected to pre-defined store view settings allowing visitor segmentation.
  • Supports visitor tracking with the help of Maxmind’s database.
  • Supports store restriction, your website traffic can be channelized based on the user needs
  • Store redirection is performed based on IP localisation
  • Manual store switching feature is included
  • Supports IP exceptions
  • Supports store filter with prioritized access control lists
  • Customizable theme such as text color, background, button and heading color.
  • Allows you to segment your Multi Store Setup

Click on Demo to see all features live.

Magento Default Store 1.9 Features

  • SUPEE-6788 Compatible
  • 100% OpenSource
  • Multi-Store Supported
  • Multi-Language Supported
  • Install Guide with Easy to follow steps
  • User Guide to help you utilize and understand the extension
  • Lifetime Support Free Support

GeoIP Default Store Magento extension is fairly easy to configure. Before working on this extension make sure you have created required stores. Now login to admin panel and navigate to FME -> Geoip Default Store -> Manage Regions.

Managing ACLs/Regions

This GeoIP store switcher extension allows you to create unlimited access control lists to segment visitors. Each ACL can be prioritized. Under this section you will find following two tabs;

Group Information

  • Add label for this ACL, enter priority number for its execution
  • Select the store view for this ACL. All users in this ACL will be redirected to this store
  • Add exception IPs, these IPs will not be included in this ACL
  • Enable this group and add general description

Add country to Group

  • Before using this section make sure that you have up to date Maxmind country database imported. Select a region or country for this group. Users from this region/country will be redirected to configured store.

Import Maxmind Country Database

Navigate to FME -> Geoip Default Store -> Import and follow the instructions as mentioned.

Custom Theme & Configuration

  • Configure Magento store redirect from this section
  • Configure Theme options for fonts, buttons and heading
  • Add general information such as title and default description

And that is all it takes to redirect your traffic to appropriate store. Please see product FAQ for any question or talk to us now!

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    by Björn on 4/30/15

    The extension seams to respond good, Thank you

    Very very nice extension and by far the best support ever!

    by AaronRiber : I useCommunity 1.8.1 on 3/11/14

    I have purchased this extension and had some trouble getting it to run. The support was I have to say the best I have ever experienced.
    I received a reply within minutes after my questions. The support helped me set up everything within less then 24 hours.
    Some weeks later I changed some settings on the shop and once again the support helped me.
    Thank you so much!
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