CSV Based Pricing (2.0) 

CSV Pricing extension provides Magento table based pricing solutions. This plugin is suitable for products that can vary in size such as blinds, windows, flooring, wall paper or coverings. Customers will enter the required size/dimensions on product page and this extension will calculate the price from CSV. Global CSV feature in included as well as each product can have its own CSV file.



1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8


1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13


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Magento CSV Pricing Extension enables you to use table-based, matrix based pricing for your products. It is suitable for products that have variable sizes and dimensions such as blinds, canvas, liquids etc. Your customers will be able to enter the size of a product in mm, cm, feet, or inches based on which the price will be calculated. Each product can have its own CSV file; this file will contain Magento price table. A Global CSV option is also included in to this module.

Fractions support is built-in; values entered in the custom options by customers are automatically validated based on min and max settings. Validation messages and CSV column/row labels are customizable. Price calculation in percentage can be enabled. This extension provides you a quick way of price calculation for variable size products.

Features-Magento Price Table Extension

  • This extension supports following input units, mm, cm, feet, and inches
  • Global CSV option can be used for all products’ price calculation rather than uploading separate CSV spreadsheet for each product
  • Fraction support is optional, it will round up to the next size and price.
  • By using CSV pricing Extension you will create simple products rather than creating too many configurable products.
  • Rows and columns validation is performed by smart JavaScript
  • Custom validation and rows/columns labels are supported
  • Min and max price value filter is included.
  • Supports all modern browsers

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You dont have to create 100s of products now. Just create a simple CSV and upload it for the product. Just create one Simple product and let the CSV do its Majic. Enter the length and width which is in range of the CSV and the price will be added to the base price. You can also keep the base price at 0. Would you rather create 100s of Configurable products or just upload a CSV ?

You visitor will just enter the size in the two fields and the price will be updated. The size are available on the Cart Page + the Checkout Page.


  • Length
  • Width


General Settings For CSV Pricing:

  • Enable CSV Pricing Module (Enable or Disable the module)
  • Label for Columns (Example: Width,Diameter - Option types supported: Text Field)
  • Label for Rows (Example:Height,Length - Option types supported: Text Field)

Validation Messages:

  • Message for minimum value (Example: Min value = {min}, Max value = {max})
  • Message for maximum value (Example: Min value = {min}, Max value = {max})
  • Size not found message e.g Size not available


Nice extension and better support. I think you guys are doing an excellent job supporting your extensions. Thumbs Up!

Love the new features


used it and i think if a few things added it can become the best seller ... I suggest fractions and units to be added. Overall pretty good. Support is pretty good as well

a few things


we sell blinds and this module worked great out of the box for us. Simple to install and simple for our Customers. it paid for it self with in a few days

love it


If we were to do this the default magento way we would have to create 100s of confiugurable products. Where as now we just have one and a CSV attached to it. When ever we need to change a price we just update the CSV and thats it ... thank u FME. Productive Development

One Simple Product instead of 100s


We had been looking to get some custom development done before we saw this module. It definitely saved us a lot of money and time. Additionally its very easy to use.

made things so damn simple


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