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Background Images Magento Extension allows you to place custom background image on home, product , CMS and category pages. Make your site lively with the help of custom background images. This module automatically sets background image of your website for pre-defined events such as Christmas, new year, valentines day etc. with the help of image rules. Your customers find your website with a fresh look each time they visit.

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Magento Background Image extension offers solution for one of the highly influential and most important user friendly features. This Magento change background module allows you to place custom images on the background of your website; you can automate this process so that background image automatically changes according to different pre-defined events such as valentines, Christmas etc. To illustrate the importance of event specific images, let us take a common example of our life. We like to dress up more glamorously for certain events because if we don’t, we won’t make any value. Similarly, changing the background of your site helps keep it in perfect health to catch customers’ attraction.

Following are the features of this Magento Background images plugin:

Image Gallery

Create image gallery so that images from this gallery are shown randomly to users on the background each time they visit the page.

Automatically Update BG Images –Magento Background Images Extension

You can define rules which will automatically change background image of your website once the pre-defined rule conditions are met. To give you an example, you can chose certain image to be applied as a background image of any product that has “red” color or has an SKU of “CANON-950” e.g.

Rules for Categories:

A separate section in the backend is provided to manage images for categories. Simply select the category from the category list provided and that’s all.

Rules Priority and Timeframe:

This Magento change background extension allows you to define unlimited rules and prioritize them. Rules are executed based on their priority. You can also select valid time frame for each rule.

Background Images - Configuration:

A very simple configuration section allows you to activate this module and select the sorting mechanism for images you would like such as randomly, ascending or descending etc.

Features - Change Magento Background Images

  • Offers centralized place to manage background images of all your web pages. You don’t have to go to product or category pages to configure anything.
  • Create your desired image gallery to apply random background images on your site
  • Automatically sets pre-defined images for events such as X-Mas, valentine’s day etc.
  • Create unlimited image rules and priorities them for their execution.
  • Define validity time period for image rules which will be automatically deactivated once the time period expires.
  • Extremely easy to select and apply image rules on products, categories and CMS pages
  • Select your desired sorting mechanism such as by random, ascending or descending. This will define how images will change on your frontend.
  • Multi-Store support
  • Separate category section to apply rules on category pages
  • Attract and retain your customers with this excellent customer oriented Magento Background Image extension.

New Features + Bugfixes

  • Responsive Background Images.
  • Two Types Of Dislpay (Gallery, One Image at time)
  • Resolved Sorting Issue (Random Sort) in 1.9

Background Images Frontend:

Your customers will see your site with a dynamic change as soon as they enter to your site. You have the freedom of defining which page of your site such as Home, About us, category or product page should change its background image with the help of Image rules. For example you can make a rule that if a product has “Red” color then change the background image of that product page. This refreshing look keeps your customers happy and it conveys strong message to them about your efforts in regularly maintaining your site.

Background Images Backend

Background Images Manager Grid:

  • Shows the Image Id, Title, Status and a link to Edit the Image rules
  • Change Status or delete by selecting from the grid and selecting the Action

Export to CSV:

  • You can Export al the information to a CSV or XML file
  • Select the type of file you would like to Save As and Click on Export

Add/Edit Image rules:

Image Information:

  • Set the Title by just editing the text field e.g. “Rule 1”
  • Assign priority to the rule. Rules are applied based on the priority. (1-Hightst, 10-least)
  • Enable or disable this rule
  • Select desired store view
  • Choose CMS pages on which this rule will be applied. It means that Background images will be changed for these pages e.g. Home page, About us etc.
  • Set this rule’s validity time period after which it will not be active

Background Images Gallery:

  • You can upload multiple images in this gallery which shall be applied to your site pages according to the sorting mechanism set out in the configuration
  • You can set the sort order in this section for each image
  • You can also disable any image conveniently


  • These conditions will only be applied on products and not on categories. For categories see below section
  • We have overridden Magento’s catalog promotion rules functionality. Now you can easily create countless rules with great many conditions. You can also combine these conditions to make much stronger rule.
  • You can create multiple conditions by clicking on plus sign and similarly remove any by clicking on cross sign
  • The underlined text can be customized like if you click on True you will find a drop down appear on its place from where you can select other options
  • Once you click on plus sign to create new condition for this rule, you will find a drop down with available product attributes. Once you click on any attribute its corresponding options will appear so that you can apply further checks


  • Select any category or subcategory on which this rule will be applied

Background Images Configuration :

  • Enable or disable this module from the drop down
  • Select the sorting mechanism. Selecting random will update images from gallery each time a page is refreshed. Otherwise images will be picked up based on ascending or descending sort id of images.

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    A Fan

    by yuri on 8/15/12

    You guys have taken the Magento Rules functionality and used it in such a way that i am blow away. Super Stuff

    Branding made easy

    by Simon on 7/18/12

    No need to have a Developer make any changes now :) I can create a Background image for any page on my magento store and get a entire new Look. Good Idea guys.

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    • Hello! Which resolution do I have to take for the background images?
      For better result, 1024 × 768 and above would work well.


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