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Advance Magento 1.9 Google Maps Extension is the next generation of Magento Responsive Store Locator module by FME. It includes lot of new features such as store detail page, store attributes/tags, importing stores from CSV, map markers with stores, mouse over marker effect, marker numbers, quick search and enhanced design. It also includes most of the features of similar extension by FME that is “Google Maps Store Locator”. Click on the Demo to learn more about it.

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This Store finder plugin is an advanced version of our Magento 1.9 Google Maps Store Locator Extension. With many new features, it allows your customers to get directions to the nearest store, find a store by products, address or attribute tags. Store attributes/tags is a new features, you can create and associate tags with each store such as electronics, home décor etc. The location of customers is automatically detected, customers are shown a consent message when they visit your site the very first time. They can allow or disallow this request.

This extension now includes a detail page for each store. It means that you can provide more information about each store, its products and services to your customers rather than merely a short note on a map marker. A quick search allows your customers to find relevant stores without visiting Google Maps store locator page. They can do so by just moving their mouse over to the extension link in the header, a search box pops up on mouse over. The design is also more elegant, supporting multiple layouts; it also includes side markers and marker numbers. Following is the list of features included in this Magento addon.

Key Features – Magento Google Maps Store Locator Extension

  • You get Store Detail page to provide more information to your visitors. This page includes Gmaps, detail information, and attribute tags.
  • Create store attributes, which help your customers to find a store easily
  • Quick store search box pops up when mouse is moved over to the extension link in the header
  • CSV Import feature, save your time and import multiple stores in few seconds
  • Magento get directions feature is included
  • Location of customers is automatically detected with their consent
  • Side map markers are enabled, you can enable marker numbers as well
  • Custom images for map markers are allowed
  • Mouse over marker effects
  • This Magento Store Finder extension allows your customers to search stores by products or address
  • Separate section in the backend to attach products to any store
  • Custom heading/sub-heading for Gmaps Store locator landing page
  • Ability to add default latitude/longitude
  • Ability to add G-Maps API Key
  • Custom map zoom and distance settings such as 5 KM, 5 Miles etc.
  • Custom links in the header and footer
  • Supports multiple page layouts like 3 columns, 2 columns right bar etc.
  • Customizable Meta and SEF URL settings for each store
  • Comprehensive details for store can be added such as default lat/longitude, location and address, phone, fax, image, description, attributes etc.
  • Enhanced & elegant new design

Change Log Ver1.1

  • Km/Mile can be set from configuration.
  • Distance calculation with radius search bug resolved.

General Features

  • Responsive
  • Seo Friendly Urls
  • Multi-Store Supported
  • Multi-Language Supported
  • Includes a Install/User Guide
  • 100% Open Source.
  • 45 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Lifetime Support
  • Free Lifetime Upgrades

Get more information on the DEMO or contact with one of our support team members if you have any question.

How It Works – Magento 1.9 Google Maps Store Locator

When you have installed Google Maps Magento Extension, the first thing you need to do is to configure the settings. Click configuration on the backend. In this section you can configure various settings such as below:

General Settings

  • This section allows you to configure general information such as page title, heading/sub heading, Meta information for GMaps landing page, Lat/Longitude and API Key.

G-Maps Settings

  • Configure settings for Google Maps such as images for map markers, enable/disable marker numbers, text for Get Directions button, map zoom and distance, and mouse over marker effect. Sidebar markers will show marker image with each store listed in the vertical slider.

Manage Search

  • You can enable your customers to search stores by product or by address. You can also disable any of the search features.

Manage Attributes

  • Attributes works like tags, which enable users to find related information quickly and easily without typing anything. In this section you can enable these attributes/tags and enter the label.

Manage Links

  • Create links for header and footer and add custom labels.

Layout and Search Engine Optimizations

  • This extension supports multiple page layouts 1, 2 and 3 columns. Configure your desired layout and enter desired URL suffix.

Now that you are done with the basic configuration, you can go on and create store attributes. Click ‘Manage store’ attributes on the backend from where you can easily add custom tags. Adding a tag is extremely simple, just enter the desired name and then enable it.

Now you can move forward and create different stores. Click on ‘Manage Stores’ on the backend. From here you can add and edit stores with following settings;

  • Enter store information such as: description, address, contact details, Lat/Longitude, store image and select attributes created in the previous step. Description and attributes will be shown on store detail page. This extension supports multi-store so you can select the desired store view.
  • Configure Meta information for store detail page.
  • Attach products to store; this will help customers find a store by products.

Import Stores

  • You can use CSV file to import multiple stores and save your time. A sample CSV file is included in the package, please refer to it for help or contact our support staff.

And that is all you have to do, this extension is now ready and perfectly configured to be used.

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    Google map IS working :)

    by Atti GFD on 9/5/14

    Thanks very much, all works fine now :) Great support without a shadow of a doubt… :)

    Very Good

    by bananaman83 : I useCommunity on 5/9/14

    This module is fantastic. Easy to install and works greate. I'm using it with over 10000 adresses.
    The support is also great and helpful.
    Source: Magento Connect

    Works well, great support

    by skyewalker : I'm a deployment & integrations provider, I useCommunity 1.7.0 on 1/13/14

    Nice extension - works as advertised, no major issues. We did require some customization for our needs, and FME was fast and efficient in providing those changes. Their support has been excellent.
    One minor thing to note... as of this review, address formatting for store locations isn't correct for US market. Hopefully the next version will offer options to correct that.
    Source: Magento Connect

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