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Advance Articles Magento CMS Extension includes advance features to manage your website content. Build Web 2.0 Style blog or news website, include knowledge base section on your website with the help of Magento CMS block or do whatever. This Content Management Extension is highly rich in turning your content oriented website to extremely productive with its Image Gallery, Video embedding, Theme customization, SEO, Rating and commenting features. Click on demo to see all features in detail.

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Create a stunning Web 2.0 style Articles Websites with this Magento Articles Extension . Advance Articles provide rich Magento Content Editor, you get separate landing page as well as detail page; both offer advance configuration options. Whether you want to create effective blog, host user manuals this knowledge base plugin has much to offer such as below.

Key Features – Magento knowledge Base

  • Create unlimited categories with parent-child relationship. Set sort order as required
  • Define Meta information for each article, category and landing page
  • Multi-store supported
  • This Magento CMS Module supports featured articles block which can be placed on any CMS page or left/right column. Customize the slider style, animation (swing, ease in quad, ease in back etc.) and heading etc.
  • Author image with articles is supported; you can align this image as required. Magento CMS Extension allows you to scale down author image automatically.
  • WYSYWYG Magento content editor included to format text for Magento articles page
  • Image Gallery can be added to any article, an advance feature provided in this Magento Articles module. Customize gallery slider, transition effects such as “Ease in Out Expo” -“Ease in bounce” etc., width and height, and auto play option etc.
  • “Magento Related articles” feature is included. Related articles are shown in the left column.
  • You can choose which articles to be shown in this block
  • Add video to articles, upload manually or link from Youtube, Vimeo etc. You can customize video player width, height and add a caption.
  • “Star Rating” feature included for articles, configure permissions and rules for users to rate any article
  • Comments with pagination are supported. Comments manager tab at the backend allows admin to view all comments against respective articles and moderate them. Admin can view information such as “Submitted by”, “Date & Time”, “Email ID”, “For the Article” and comment.
  • “Magento Content Template” customization feature included. Customize the Theme for Articles page with advance options such as background & foreground, CSS style for heading and buttons, width etc.
  • Configure general settings of this Magento CMS Module such as maximum number of articles per page, page title and page layout.
  • RSS Feed for each article is automatically generated by this Magento Feed extension

This “Magento Content Management addon” offers rich features for managing any type of content on your website.

Click on Demo link to see Frontend and Backend features of this Open Source Content Management Plugin. If you have any inquiry please feel free to contact us.

Magento Articles Module Features

  • Multi-Store Supported
  • Multi-Language Supported
  • Includes a Install/User Guide
  • 100% Open Source.
  • 45 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Lifetime Support
  • Free Lifetime Upgrades

How it works - Magento CMS Extension

Lets starts with the configuration first before we start with learning how to add articles and their categories.

After installing this extension, you get a landing page for Articles as well as each one will have a separate detail page. From the configuration section you can customize style, design, SEO settings and properties of landing and detail pages. Here it is how;

Login to admin panel and navigate to FME Extensions -> Articles -> Configurations.

Articles Landing Page settings - Magento Content Extension

Configure following settings for the landing page :

  • Configure page layout and title
  • Enter how many articles per page should be shown
  • Enter meta information

Configure Theme Settings for Landing Page - Magento Content Template

  • Customize dimensions of content page such as its width
  • Choose color style for heading, foreground & background, and Featured articles background
  • You can enter custom CSS to define your own style

Configure RSS Settings for Articles – Magento Feed Extension

  • Select how many characters to be submitted in Feed. If no limit is entered then unlimited length will be used
  • Enable or disable HTML filter. This filter will remove HTML tags for content in Feed

Configure Video Player Settings for Articles

You can add video player on content page with following settings;

  • Customizable heading for player
  • Enter width and height for the player

Image Gallery Settings for Content Page – Magento CMS Module

Articles, user guides, case studies etc. may contain useful images which may help viewers in understanding. You can add images to any location using WYSIWYG editor, but this feature allows you to add image gallery that can elegantly show off highlights and important places. Following are the settings you can configure;

  • Customizable heading
  • Select slider style such as Banners with/without navigation & thumbnails.
  • Customize slider settings such as slide or opacity animation, transition effects, slide interval & duration, auto play settings, dimensions and show image title.

Add Comments and Ratings:

  • Enable comments and ratings so that viewers can interact and provide valuable feedback
  • Comments can be paginated; you can sort by recent & older, and select how many comments should appear per page
  • Configure multiple or single rating system, whether one user can rate multiple times or not

Customize Featured Articles Slider:

Featured articles slider appears at the top on landing page. You can select how many articles it should display, select from over 15 animations and auto play speed settings

Now that you are done with the configuration, let’s start adding articles. First we need to create categories for them, navigate to FME Extensions -> Articles -> Categories;

Creating Categories

It’s very simple, just click on add new category at the top right and there you go. Enter title and URL key, select store view, sort order and finally you can make any category a child of another from the “Children of” drop down.

Add/Manage Articles - Magento Content management

In this section you can add content and configure below mentioned settings. Navigate to FME Extensions -> Articles -> Manage Articles;

  • Add basic article/content information such as title, SEF URL and meta information
  • Select “Yes” from the Featured Articles drop down to make any article to be shown in featured articles slider on landing page
  • Upload and resize author image. Enter only numeric value e.g. if you will add 40, then your uploaded image will be resized down to 40%. You can place this image at any location such as besides the text, left or right.
  • Select store view
  • Select category for article, category tab is present on left column
  • Create image gallery
  • Select related articles from left column. These articles will appear besides the main article on left column
  • From “Media” tab on left column add videos to your content, upload manually or from URL
  • Monitor ratings from the “Rating” tab on left column

Manage Articles Block - Magento Content Pages

From this section you can add articles block to any CMS page.

Manage Comments - Magento Knowledge Base

Comments manager at the backend provides you a full dashboard where you can view and moderate all comments received against all articles.

There you are, now are ready to go. If you have any questions please read our FAQ section or talk to us without hesitation.

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    probably the most under-rated ext

    by Rabecca on 4/18/13

    You guys have done an excellent job to put all the tools for articles management in this extension. Cant wait for the new version to be realized to see what you guys add to it next


    by Yunas on 3/27/13

    Had to get this one and use it for alot of my clients. The first time i got it i only got one licence but since i have a web agency got the unlimited edition so i can save on it for my future projects. A must have

    Fast setup

    by on 4/14/12

    Great extension. Fast setup only takes a few hours. Our customers use the extension very much. We also use it as a little blog, very simple to use....

    Great extension

    by ghio on 3/16/12

    Great extension if you need more control of your content in Magento.
    and last but not least excelent support!

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