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Magento FAQ extension offers advance features to create and manage frequently asked questions for your website. These include FAQ categorization, accordion style, ratings, image based FAQs, sorting, advance search block and many more. This module is multi store and includes five FAQ themes. An effective FAQ page is all that converts your visitors in to your customers.

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FAQs or frequently asked questions are an effective way to improve customer experience and reduce customer related enquiries. FAQs allow your customers to self-serve themselves by getting answers to their questions on your website without having to contact you.

FME's Advance FAQ Management v2 enables you to create Categories/Topics for FAQ from the backend and then create FAQ under those topics. Extensive configuration options have been provided so that you can customize the behavior and appearance of FAQ page according to your needs.

You can create FAQ topics in a very convenient way from the backend after which questions and their answers can be created and assigned to those topics. There are separate options in the backend to create and manage FAQ topics, questions and answers, and configuration. You will find five pre-defined beautiful themes for front-end with this version which can be set out from the backend configuration. Within a topic you can set out order/position of questions as you would like, set which question to automatically be opened within a topic on main page in case. You can set which topics and how many questions under those topics should appear on main page in which case remaining can be viewed by a read more link or “View all topics” link from the FAQ block. This extension is a comprehensive and efficient solution for your store to host FAQ.

Multi Store FAQs Topics / Categories / Section/

  • Create Topic/Categories to Manage FAQs properly. Disable when needed
  • Order Topics so the most frequent ones are on the top
  • Each Topic has its own page, enter the url identifier you would like
  • Have this Topic displayed on the Main Page or only on the FAQ block.


  • Select an FAQ to be shown on FAQ page or not
  • Order the FAQs as you would like
  • Would you like to have a specific question open by default, you can do it 
  • Meta Info for FAQ page + set the URL
  • Display all or select topics on the home page
  • You can set the number of FAQ to display under a Topic on Home page
  • Enable/Disable Read More 
  • Enable/Disable Accordion
  • Select from up to 5 Themes for the Front End

FAQ Ratings

  • You can Enable/Disable ratings
  • Let only registered, all, or None to rate

FAQ Block Settings

  • Enable / Disable FAQ Block 
  • Enable / Disable FAQ Search 
  • Enter the maximum number of Topics you would like displayed here

Other Features

  • SUPEE-6788 Compatible
  • No additional Javascript added. Magento default Protype Javascript library used
  • SEO-friendly URLs
  • Separated HTML/CSS, W3C validated
  • Open Source
  • Easy to customize
  • Easy to install, easy to upgrade, just copy to use
  • Comes with Install and User Guide 


FAQs Categories / Topics:

Advance FAQ Management has additional features to provide a better service to its users. In this extension you can create different categories from the back end. Then different FAQs can be added to these categories which help the users to search for questions in a better way. This extension is especially more preferable for those websites who have lot of FAQs.


The Front End of the Magento FAQ Extension has been geared up with different frequently asked questions, and answers to those questions which generally arise among your customers. Simple click on any question and its answer will slide down instantly.

FAQs Left/Right Nav:

Front end displays the FAQ categories that have been created to make the search easier for your customers. Just click on the category and the questions that have been added to the category will be displayed. Click on any of those questions and it will display the answer to that question. Add as many categories as you want. A view all topics link can also be added to the navigation tab. Also, you can search different FAQs in the search tab added to the navigation block.


FAQs Topics Grid:

  • Shows the FAQs Id, Identifier, Status and a link to Edit the FAQs
  • Change Status or delete by selecting from the grid and selecting the Action

Export to CSV:

  • You can Export the FAQ Topics to a CSV or XML file
  • Select the type of file you would like to Save As and Click on Export

Add FAQs Topics:

  • Title
  • SEF URL identifier
  • Store View
  • Status


FAQs Grid:

  • Shows the FAQs Id, Title, Topic, Status and a link to Edit FAQs
  • Change Status or delete by selecting from the grid and selecting the action

Export to CSV:

  • You can Export the FAQs to a CSV or XML file
  • Select the type of file you would like to Save As and Click on Export

Add FAQs:

  • Question
  • Status
  • Add in Topic
  • Answer (WYSIWIG)


General Settings:

  • Define the Maximum Number of topics displayed in the block by editing the text bar

FAQ Page Settings:

  • Set the Page Title by just editing the text field e.g. ‘FAQs’
  • Define the SEF URL Identifier by editing the text field e.g. 'FAQs'
  • State the META Keywords by editing the text field e.g. 'FAQs'
  • Give a META Description by editing the text field

Search Engine Optimization:

  • Set the URL suffix (e.g., .html)

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    Easy installation, fast support

    by Sonny Wich on 6/28/12

    Purchased this extension, installation was a breeze. Had a minor question about the style which was answered very quickly.

    Great FAQ extension

    by Armand on 6/9/12

    We installed the latest version in our Magento store and thumbs up. Great FAQ extension. After contact with the Support, FME puts on manual configuration for our store. Thanks FME for the help and quick answering and help.

    Such a useful tool to have on the site and again, tremendous support

    by Peter on 6/6/12

    Only just added this extension but I can see it is going to be a useful addition. We sell petfood online and get a lot of questions relating to diet etc and I know this is going to help answer many of those questions without the cutomer having to email or pick up the phone. Thanks FME

    Can relax a bit more

    by Cathy on 4/27/12

    i run my shop from my home and have to give my phone number on the site as well. Since I have the FAQs up on the site ... Less Phone Calls and more time with the kids :)

    increased revenue

    by holle on 4/14/12

    Implemented this extension in our webshop. Working great with the best possible support from FME. Thanks.

    Less Overhead

    by Rhonda on 3/16/12

    I ask a lot of questions when i go into a store about Warranty, functionality etc ... thus i know everyone else will have questions about products on my site. I added FAQs to our site and made them into section. For sure less phone calls and increased sales. A must have for all Online retailers!

    CEO, Wireless Sensor Technologies

    by Craig Tadlock on 11/14/11

    Product is great! It helped us organize the hundred+ questions we get from users into a useful tool. I ran into one small issue and their support team was very quick to respond and resolve the issue. That's what I look for in a company; great support!


    by Louis on 5/22/11

    This extension makes it way easier to manage FAQ's would been nice on top each category the clients can have section to send their questions

    Also multi language support i have Eng/French only the topics i can change in admin.

    besides this its first class extension and support is excellent never a problem

    Store owner in Canada

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