Video Testimonials (1.2.1)

Magento Video Reviews extension enables you and your customers to add video testimonials to the product pages to enhance the credibility of the store. It creates a dedicated page to showcase videos of customer reviews to gain customer trust and confidence. Embed videos from other sources like YouTube and Vimeo to save time.
  • Key Features

    • Display Video Testimonials On Product Pages
    • Separate Video Testimonials Pages
    • Upload Or Embed Vimeo or YouTube Video
    • Let Customers Upload Video From Website Front
    • Show Multiple Videos as Gallery With Thumbnails

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Powerful Features of Magento Video Reviews Extension

  • Product Video Testimonials

    Allow customers to upload or embed videos on product pages to document their testimonials in a lively manner.

  • Separate Testimonials Page

    This video reviews module creates a dedicated page that displays all testimonial videos uploaded by you and the customers.

  • Upload Or Embed Video

    You can upload or embed videos on behalf of valued customers to boost the credibility of your business.

Magento Product Video Testimonials

Allow customers to add testimonials or upload videos on product pages to make your store a reliable and trustworthy place for shopping.

  • Your valued customers can submit their feedback by uploading a video from their personal computer, mobile devices or directly embed it through a simple form.

  • This extension creates a dedicated page, where you can display all the testimonial videos that are either uploaded/embedded by you or the satisfied customers so that the visitors know what your customers say about the products or services they consume.

  • A separate page for testimonials forms a video gallery that allows visitors to watch customer feedback and know their opinion. It lets them draw a positive impression about products and services you offer.

Separate Magento Video Reviews Page

Create a dedicated page to showcase all the video testimonials submitted by your loyal customers.

  • This extension helps you create a separate page, where you can display videos in which customer share their experiences about products and services. This page also accommodates the videos you attach to various products so that users shall never have to visit different pages to watch the testimonial videos.

  • Configuration Options

    Enter a title and meta information to ensure maximum online visibility of the separate video testimonial page.

Upload Or Embed Video Testimonials

You can allow customers to upload or embed video testimonials on product pages.

  • Embed From YouTube or Vimeo

    Your customers can add a YouTube, Vimeo or any video by providing a link. You can also embed testimonial videos on behalf of clients and save their time.

  • Upload Video In Magento

    Allow customer to upload videos from their personal computers or handheld devices, as this extension supports FLV, MPEG, MP4, JPEG, PNG, GIF, SWF formats.

Smart Form For Customer Video Upload

Customers can add videos with the help of an easy-to-fill form on product pages.

  • The smart form allows customer to add a title, their name and comment with the video testimonial to make it look real and authentic. They can upload a video from a personal computer or embed it from any online source.

Configuration Options

Configure settings to customize the

  • General Settings

    • Enable/disable product related testimonials
    • Allow customers to upload videos
    • Enable captcha on smart form
    • Set a limit of videos to display on a separate page
  • Grid Image Settings

    • Enable the display of the image URL in the grid.
    • Set width and height of the image

Merchant Benefits

Video testimonials are quite useful in making a store credible and trustworthy place to browse products and place orders. In addition to this, you enjoy the following benefits after installing this extension.

  • Customers’ videos serve a kind of additional marketing to the promotional activities you usually carry on grabbing customers.
  • These testimonials enhance the credibility of your online store and assure a trustworthy shopping experience among visitors.
  • In comparison to other forms of customer feedback, the videos are quite memorable for visitors to return to the store.

Customer Benefits

The customers who consume your products or services can now post a testimonial video on specific product pages so that they can record their feedback. They enjoy the following benefits.

  • Your customers can express themselves in a video and instantly upload it to the product pages. They can embed a video to save time.
  • It sets an example to new visitors to know what your customers are saying so that they can make a wise decision.
  • The dedicated page of testimonials is a hassle free approach for users to watch videos.

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  • Another good addition to Magento

    quote I know i will have increased conversion due to videos on my product pages. visitors are asking me less questions and moving to the checkout quicker quote

    Read more
    by: Hassan on 6/11/2012

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