MagentoJune 2, 2012

FAQ + Product Questions - Ask a Question Magento Module

FAQ + Product Questions - Ask a Question Magento Module

Have you ever purchased any product online? Probably yes. Did you ever run into trouble with it, may be yes? What is the first step you take normally? You might instantly call helpline to figure out the solution. If not mistaken, you can experience a lot of frustration if your calls are getting wasted such as for no proper response, lack of understanding and at the end budget consuming.

Based on higher number of such customers’ complaints, more and more companies are now hosting frequently asked questions section on their eCommerce sites which allow customers to find out answers to their questions without making any calls and spending any budget. Online customer services focus on giving more and more convenience to customers because their frustration is a sign of losing them.

To cater these needs FME brings its customers an enhanced version of its highly demanding Magento extension “FAQ + Product Questions 2.0”. Now you can conveniently create FAQ topics and FAQs. One of the features of FME’s products is the level of freedom it provides in configuration of its products. This freedom lets you optimize the runtime behavior of Magento plugins so that they run faster by utilizing fewer resources. Within each FME product, overall functionality is efficiently split up in separate modules or you can say sections and then separate configuration for each section is provided at the backend such as settings for general FAQ, products specific FAQ, ratings, themes, SEO, product inquiry form etc. See below some of the great features this Magento module has to offer:

Choose FAQs to be shown on FAQ main page, product page and/or new page

Order/Position FAQs the way you would like such as by rating or latest

FAQs can be made as public or private to protect privacy

Customers can reply or post comments to any question

Customers can ask a question on product detail page in a hassle free manner

Would you like to have a specific question open by default, you can do it

Option to display inquiry form to customers in a popup or slide

Display all or selected topics on the home page

You can set the number of FAQs to display under a Topic on Home page

Enable/Disable Read More

Email Alerts for admin and customers whenever an inquiry or answer is posted

You can Enable/Disable ratings, like/unlike for FAQs

Enable/Disable Accordion style

Select from up to 5 Themes for the Front End

With all these great features, create unlimited FAQs and display them in a stylish manner by choosing from five elegant themes which come with this updated and highly efficient version of FAQ + Products Questions Magento plugin. These themes along with FAQ search capability, ratings, comments and instant product inquiry add to unique customer friendly browsing experience. These features comprehensively influence the customers about the credibility of your online store. Come along and join the path of success that FME aims to bring you on.