How to Set up a Recent Sales Notification in Magento 2?

How to Set up a Recent Sales Notification in Magento 2?

What is Magento 2 Recent Sales Notification?

A Magento 2 recent sales notification is a feature or extension that displays real-time notifications on an e-commerce website to inform visitors about recent customer purchases. These notifications typically appear as small pop-ups or notifications on the front end of the website, showcasing details of the recent sales, such as the product name, the name of the buyer, and sometimes additional information like the location of the buyer.

Why are Live Sales Notifications Important?

The purpose of recent sales notifications is to create a sense of urgency and build trust among potential customers. Seeing notifications about recent successful purchases can influence visitors positively in several ways:
  • Build Trust: The notifications create a sense of trust by showing that other people are actively buying products from the site.
  • Urgency and Scarcity: They create a feeling of urgency and scarcity, encouraging visitors to make a purchase quickly, fearing they might miss out on a popular item.
  • Social Proof: Recent sales notifications serve as a form of social proof, indicating that the products are popular and in demand.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Some customers find these notifications engaging and enjoy the real-time updates on what others are buying.
Live sales notifications can contribute to improving conversion rates and creating a more dynamic and engaging online shopping experience for visitors.

How to Setup Recent Sales Notification in Magento 2 Using Extension?

Our Recent Sales Notification extension helps you build customer's trust by displaying live sales notification. Let's see how to configure the extension effectively to make the most of it.

Step 1: Log into your admin panel and navigate to FME Extensions -> Configuration -> General Setting.

General settings of recent sales notification extension

Step 2: Enable the extension, choose popups device, set the display position, select sales popup by status, choose popup order, and limit the number of popups, respectively.

Under the Popup Settings section, configure the following.

Popup settings of recent sales notification extension

Step 3: Choose to show the close button on popup and whether to show the next popup on clicking the close button, write a popup message using variables, and write a checkbox text, respectively.

Following are more popup settings you can configure.

More popup settings of magento 2 recent sales notification extension

Specify a popup display and delay time in seconds, specify the popup background color, border color, text color, link color, and link hover color, respectively.

Step 4: Save the changes.

As you can see the extension is highly customizable and allows you to configure the appearance, timing, and content of the notifications. Users can also control the duration the notifications are displayed, the frequency of updates, and other styling options.