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How to Configure Order Comments in Magento 2?

How to Configure Order Comments in Magento 2?

This article discusses everything there is to know about Magento 2 order comments. Indeed, order comments are a great way to share additional information that can aid seamless order fulfilment. These comments are displayed on the frontend with order summary and in the order confirmation email as well as on the backend order view.

The default Magento 2 allows store admins to configure order comments and choose the template and sender of the order comments email. It can also be emailed to multiple recipients who are supposed to manage orders. Before we discuss the steps, let us talk about something equally important.

Why Enable Magento 2 Order Notes?

There are various reasons to enable Magento 2 order comments, including:

Additional Information

Firstly, customers can use this feature to add additional information that can help the store admin fulfil the order. It can be related to delivery information or a minor customisation in the product.

Reduced Returns

When orders are fulfilled based on the information provided, there is little to no risk of a return. This enhances a store’s financial standing.

Less Burden on Customer Support

If customers have no option to share additional information that is critical to fulfil the order, they’ll reach out to the customer support team. This can quickly overwhelm them, leading to extensive backlog. To avoid this situation, it is best to offer Magento 2 order notes feature.


Order Attributes

Add custom attributes to any checkout step in Magento 2 to gather specific customer information for marketing and operations. Fully compatible with default one-page checkout.

About the Magento 2 Order Comment Extension

This extension offers much more advanced features compare to the in-built Magento 2 order note feature. For instance, you can add up to 12 custom fields at any stage of the checkout process, including shipping address, method, or payment information. This is shown below.


If you don’t wish to make this feature available for all products or to all customers, you can do so easily. The below image shows a custom field being made available for only a handful of products.


To know more about this extension, book a live demo.

Process To Configure Order Comments in Magento 2

  • Login to Magento 2 admin panel
  • Go to Stores -> Settings -> Configuration
  • Scroll down and select Sales -> Sales Emails
  • Expand the Order Comments section
configure order comments in magento 2

Now, you can configure the following options.

Enabled: By default, it is set to ‘Yes’ which means that the order comment email will be sent to customers after they have placed the order.

Order Comment Email Sender: Select the person from whom you want to send the email.

Order Comment Email Template: Choose the email template based on your requirements.

Order Comment Email Template for Guests: Select the email template for customers who have not created an account on your store.

Send Order Comment Email Copy To: Enter comma separated email addresses to whom you want to send a copy of the order comment email.

Send Order Comments Email Copy Method: Select either Bcc (Blind carbon copy) or separate email copy. This will send either a copy of the email or a separate email.

Click Save Config.

This will do the work.

Quick Note: If you're looking to allow customers to add order comments on the checkout page thencheck out this tutorial.

Final Thoughts on Magento 2 Order Comments

This concludes our article on Magento 2 order notes. Any queries/comments regarding the post will be appreciated and we will be happy to help.

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