OtherJuly 23, 2015

5 Best Ways to Build Customer Loyalty

5 Best Ways to Build Customer Loyalty
Getting a customer to your store is often taken as ensnaring a pigeon for a larger flock. It’s a difficult and dirty line of business where organizations employ all sorts of tactics to get a strong customer base. Small businesses mostly focus on finding fresh blood where as large scale businesses take on huge burdens just to give their customers a sense of care. That sense of care is in turn rewarded with loyalty and sales.

Importance of Loyalty in Business

Loyalty is an essential quality of a customer. Without loyalty to a brand the company revenues tend to fluctuate and risk keeps floating in the air. Companies need loyal traffic that sticks with them. Any marketing disaster or bad company image can damage the firm’s customer base and no company would want that to happen. Customers build organizations and keeping them rewarded is imperative. Here are a few simple methods of improving customer loyalty for your company to maintain the profits and rest assured for the company future.

1. Interacting with the Customer

It comes as no surprise when you hear about an angry customer that stormed out of a restaurant due to bad customer service, but what’s more, he even refused to pay for the food bill and damages.

Customers Need Attention

A research conducted by students from University of Ohio show that bad customer service accounted for 71% of abandonment. A customer needs your attention none whatsoever, hence you need to get close and intimate if that relation has to last for at least a year. Consumers are getting tired and worn out of email spamming and mobile marketing. Eventually all that frustration of not getting a one on one with a real person will most definitely lead your ex-customer burning his hard earned dollars on another store that happens to be your arch rival. However, providing an excellent customer service costs money, in order to make it cost effective, you may add FAQs Product Questions – A Magento Extension in your e-commerce store.

Marketing with Care

It is crucial that you reach out and tell the customers how important they are to your organization and appreciate their support for the company even if costs you at first. Once you are done with maintaining a strong connection with the consumer, the next step could be sending all the e-mails and generic call backs you wanted, it is up to your discretion. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are the most popular marketing platforms for keeping a strong customer base for the long haul.

2. Appreciate All Payment Options

A group of researchers carried out experiments to discover the inside reaction of customers when they have to draw out cash for the product your selling to them. They found out that weak payment plans contribute massively in scaring off customers who could have been loyal clients for at least another year. You may have Custom Price – Magento Extension, which will allow your customers to negotiate the product price. CSV Based Pricing – Magento Extension is another one that will let your buyers estimate price for the products with variable sizes and dimensions.

The Furniture Experiment

In an experiment they took out two furniture brands competing in small town for almost half a decade. They brought in fresh blood from outside the place and offered them money to purchase furniture from the town. Since there were only two stores customer took action and went in to purchase some furniture. After almost a month of customer relation with the company, store A had received almost 30 customers more than B, ready and willing to purchase more products from the store.


The study showed that furniture being a luxury item was expensive and customers who got a little short on cash were turned away in store B. However, in store A customers kept purchasing and the company’s revenues almost doubled. This attributed Store A’s installment policy that swept the entire customer base to their side and kept them busy for several more months. So to a serious note, payment options are one thing you must be damned to ignore.

3. Make Brief Contact and Exit

It seems like a trivial bit of detail, but adding it to your selling strategy can bring you more sales than you can imagine. Research shows that greeting the customer with a heartwarming welcome can pay off generously.

Winning the Appreciation of the Customer

Customers that receive daily doses of smiles from sellers are loyal as they can get, where as customers who get straight faces and even frowns do not think twice of never visiting the store ever again!

Customer Perception

Customers normally notice the beginning and ending of the conversation more tightly than the middle, (which is the sales pitch) and tend to react to the offer accordingly. Greet passionately and end with a flying kiss, that’s how you get a customer to love you with all faith. Buying behavior is mostly influenced with the atmosphere of the domain. Create the ideal customer adoring atmosphere and you will get a long term customer willing to buy almost anything with your brand name on it.

4. Incorporate Divergent Thinking

Customers are often susceptible to boredom and companies neglect the importance of adding spice to their marketing in pursuit to sustain their customer base. Unfortunately very few companies involve such strategies and consequently lose valued customers.

Introduce Ingenuity

Adding ‘out of the box’ ideas can be a life saver because customers are always looking for action. Making you hard to get can challenge the customers to step up from their couches treading straight to your store.

See for Yourself

For instance a company started offering small gift packages to its daily customers a whole month just to show its care and priority. Customers not only appreciated this and strengthened their ties but new customers started amassing after hearing about it.

5. Search for Proper Clients

Customers are the fuel of your business and to keep the lights burning it is important that you choose which ones are worthy enough or just scams for getting your free services. Finding the right customers requires a lot of skimming and homework. FME Extension gives you an opportunity to segregate your customers w.r.t. Customer Groups by Restrict By Customer Groups – Magento Extension. If you need the customer to stay by your side try to test him/her in various spectrum. Send your customers emails and posts regarding the changing prices of the items and see if there is any feedback. If a customer shows his concern then it definitely reflects a potential long term client. Swoop in!