Restrict Products by Customer Groups (1.4.0)

Magento restrict products by customer groups extension enables you to hide store content from a specific group of customers to manage the display of products, categories and CMS pages accordingly to your business policy. You can select basic or manual redirection to serve customers an alternate pages which fulfill their needs. FME Magento Catalog Permissions extension is now available at the Magento Marketplace as well.
  • Key Features

    • Restrict Your Store Content By Customer Groups
    • Restrict Static Blocks, Product & Categories, CMS & Other Pages
    • Add Multiple Basic & Manual Redirection Rules

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Powerful Features of Magento Store Restriction Extension

  • Restrict By Customer Groups

    You can restrict a customer group to specific CMS pages to manage to display pages to the relevant audience.

  • Basic & Manual Redirection

    Select basic or manual redirection for customers to forward them to the right product or CMS page.

  • Restrict Selective Store Content

    You can limit content of the store like products, CMS page and Checkout pages for legal or business purpose.

Restrict Store Content By Customer Groups

You can limit a particular customer group from viewing store content for traffic white-listing.

  • Magento block customers extension empowers you to restrict a whole group of customers like wholesalers, retailers or VIP members from visiting specific products and pages. It helps you to filter traffic and enhance the security of your website.

Checkout our Restrict Catalog for Magento 2.

Restrict Selective Store Content

You can limit store content to hide products, categories, CMS and other pages from a particular group of people.

  • Products & Categories

    Define rules to hide products and categories from a set of customers, which do not suit their needs.

  • CMS & Other Pages

    You can limit customers to view CMS and other pages so that they can only visit the pages they belong to.

  • Static Block

    Select static blocks to hide them from the selected group of customers.

Basic & Manual Redirection

You can either select basic or manual redirection to take restricted customers to the right page.

  • Basic Redirection

    Select basic redirection, where you can restrict pages and set rules for redirection, which helps you set rules that forward customers to the right product or CMS page.

  • Manual Redirection

    Enter URLs manually in the form to redirect customers to another product or CMS page. It is a straightforward method of restricting customers from a page.

Merchant Benefits

Magento block user group extension gives you complete control over the kind of people visiting differing products and CMS pages. You can plan to hide some of the pages according to your privacy and legal policies. Here are the benefits you avail after installation.

  • Restricting a specific group of customers like the retailers will enable you to hide bulk discounts that are only for wholesalers.
  • You can define rules to set auto redirection of customers to products and CMS pages you want them to visit.
  • The manual redirection saves your time in setting rules and quickly sends customers to alternate pages.

Customer Benefits

Magento store restriction extension can be used to stop customers from viewing irrelevant products or CMS pages, which ultimately saves their time. They can avail the following advantages.

  • They can view relevant products and CMS pages only, and save time in browsing pages that are not meant for them.
  • By setting conditions, customers like wholesalers and retailers can retain the privacy of products and pricing they deal in.
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