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Registry for Magento 1


With Magento Gift Registry extension, you can allow customers to create product wish-lists for different events and share them with friends and family so that they come up with the most desirable gifts. Customers can keep their gift wish-lists private and secure it with a pin code. Create multiple registry types to cover more events like birthdays, wedding, graduation, etc.

  • Let Customers Create & Share Gift Registries
  • Private & Public Registries With PIN Code
  • Create & Manage Multiple Gift Registry Types
  • Manage Customers Gift Registries From BO
  • Customize Gift Registry Landing Page
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    Create Multiple Gift Registries

    Allow your customers to create multiple gift categories, so that they can enlist items for different events.

    Public & Private Registry

    You can allow customers to keep their gift registry public or private, so that they can have privacy of wish-list if they want.

    Share VIA Email & Social Networks

    Customers can share gift registry with their friends and family through email or social networks.

    Manage Registries From BO

    You can manage the registries created by users, so that any fake or irrelevant entries can be deleted.

    Manage Gift Registry Types

    Add, edit or delete registry type to assist customers in submit a registry under the appropriate type name.

    Customize Gift Registries Page

    Add title, banner and content to the landing page of Magento gift extension, so that customers can instantly get an idea about the registry page.

    Create Gift Registries Using Smart Form

    Customers can create gift registry in Magento for their birthdays, wedding ceremonies or any event by filling the smart form.

    Event Information

    Customers can select an event type like birthday, wedding ceremony or anniversary, and enter the date as well.

    Registrant Information

    Customer can provide personal information like name, e-mail and physical address.

    Registry Pin

    Users can enter a PIN code as the security check of their personal wish-list.

    Upload Image

    Customers can upload an image to the registry that explains the event.

    Public Vs Private Registry

    Users can keep their wish-list private or public, as they feel appropriate.

    Shipping Before & After Event

    Customers can provide shipping address before and after the event in Magento gift extension.

    Share Gift Registry With Friends & Family

    Allow your customers to share gift registry with their family and friends to quick let them know about a wish-list.

    Share VIA Email

    Customers can send the list of gifts to family and friends directly to their inbox by adding their email addresses.

    Share On Social Networks

    The social share buttons in Magento Wedding Registry extension allow users to instantly inform their loved ones about the gift they need for the planned event.

    Password Protected Registry Link

    Your customers can protect a registry by creating a PIN code, which makes the wish-list visible to limited number of people.

    Manage Magento Gift Registry Types

    You can create and edit types of gift registries to allow customers to create wish-lists for various events.

    Add Title, Text & Image

    Add details like title, text and image to make the registry type more meaningful for the users.

    Multiple Layout Options

    Select a theme for the registry landing page to make it look attractive.

    Restrict By Store View

    You can restrict a wish-list category for a specific store view, so that users of a specific language can access it.

    Manage Gift Registries From Backend

    Being the admin, you can always manage the wish-lists created by users to filter the unrealistic ones.

    Gift Registry Magento extension empowers you to manage the gift registries created by your valued customers for their precious events.

     At the back office, the registries appear in a list displaying title, date and type of each wish-list. Admin can view each registry in detail to know about all the selected products.
     You can delete a listing if it seems inappropriate or the users’ friends show lack of interest in buying the products.

    Additional Configuration Options in Magento Gift Extension

    Configure settings to customize the wish-list landing page to make it look alluring and engaging.

    Customize Gift Registry Landing Page

    You can change title, banner and content of the landing page to customize it as per your needs and customer convenience.

    Customize Form Hints

    Enter form hints to assist customers about each field, so that they can easily fill the details.

    SEO Settings

    You can configure SEO settings like title and meta description to ensure search engine visibility.

    Merchant Benefits

    Store owners have to find different ways of engaging and facilitating customers to boost the sales and establish a brand identity. Gift Registry extension is a tool that enable your customers to enlist products they wish for a particular event and ask their loved ones to gift them all. You avail the following benefits.

    • Enhance shopping experience and engage customers by allowing them to create a complete wish-list for their special occasions like birthdays, weddings, etc.
    • Sharing registry on social networks will help you establish a brand identity and people will like to remember you more.
    • Customer, who create a registry and share it with friends and family, bring more customers to your store.

    Customer Benefits

    Customers often like many products for their upcoming events while browse through stores, but they wish to receive these as gifts. They often save products or add them all to a wish-list. With the help of Gift Registry Extension, you can allow them to share the list with their loved ones and have all the products at a happy event. They avail the following benefits.

    • Allow customers to create a complete list of products in a gift registry for a specific event.
    • They can ask family members and friends to get those products and gift them
    • Customers can create more registries and plan gifts for different events.

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