Magento product video extension allows you to add videos to your product pages. You can upload a video (FLV, MPEG, MP4, JPEG, PNG, GIF and SWF) or embed it from youtube or Vimeo. You can have multiple videos on a product thus making it a video gallery. Great for adding video tutorials, reviews, testimonial or marketing video. A must have Magento video extension. Magento Product Video extension is also featured on the official Magento marketplace.
  • Key Features

    • Attach Multiple Videos To Product Pages
    • Upload Or Embed From YouTube, Vimeo, etc
    • Displays Images Grid for Multiple Videos
    • Fully Responsive & Support Multi-Stores View

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    45 Days Moneyback Guarantee

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    Free Lifetime Upgrades

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Powerful Features of Magento Product Video extension

  • Product Videos

    Show attractive videos of your products to customers to increase sales

  • Attach Multiple Videos

    Attach multiple videos of a product on product pages with Magento add video to product module.

  • Embed Vimeo, YouTube Video

    Videos can also be embedded from popular channels such as YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion.

  • Upload Multiple Video Formats

    Improved compatibility allows you to upload videos in different formats

  • Configure Thumbnail Grid

    Select and adjust which image you want to display for the thumbnail Grid

  • Increase Conversions By 80%

    Visual content allows customers to grab attention of the website and increase conversions by 80%

Product Video Extension - A Must Have Tool

With this extension you can benefit from a lot of aspects. You can increase conversions, stimulate product interest, raise rankings, enhance engagement and boost traffic on your website. Checkout our Magento 2 Product Video extension.

  • Increases Conversion By 80%

    A detailed study reported that approximately 80 percent rise in conversion rate can be achieved by adding videos to your online store.

  • Increases Product Interest

    Customers are more interested in purchasing once they view the detailed visual directory of the product and how it works. This lures the customer into trying it out.

  • Clarify Your Product Purpose

    By displaying how it functions and its growing need through a video, you can explain the aims and purpose of the product

  • Enhance User Engagement

    Product videos allow customers get a better understanding of the product instead of using plain text. This helps you to engage your customers with the website better

  • Rank Higher in Google Search

    Popular search engines such as Google, rank websites with multimedia content higher than others which are absent with such elements. This improves the visibility of your content as it gets on the top.

  • Boost Traffic

    With more engagement and better rankings on search engines, you will receive better traffic on your product pages as click through rate increases.

Upload Or Embed Product Videos

Show videos on your website by uploading from your device or embedding it from popular video streams

  • Supports Multiple Video Formats

    Magento product video gallery module allows you to upload videos of multiple platforms FLV, MPEG, MP4, JPEG, PNG, GIF and SWF.

  • Embed From YouTube, Video & Dailymotion

    If you find a video on YouTube, Dailymotion or Vimeo that you wish to display on your product page you can easily embed it by copy pasting the video link. This extension makes it fast and convenient for you.

  • Upload Thumbnail Or Extract From YouTube

    This feature of product video Magento extension allows you to change the thumbnail of the video with custom image. You also have the option to extract the same image on the website from where you have embedded the video. You can also configure the width and height of the image.

Attach Multiple Product Videos

This feature of Magento video extension allows you to attach multiple videos with a product. You can add tutorials, reviews and testimonial videos of a single product.

  • Display as Video Gallery

    You can create a product video gallery for a single product or attach multiple products with the video gallery.

  • Configure Thumbnail Grid Options

    • Show / Hide Image Url
    • Show Image By Default
    • Thumbnail image width & height

More Features

  • Add custom heading for product videos section
  • Supports multiple store view
  • Add & display video title & description

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  • kool ext

    quote I am now able to get tutorials on our magento store with the help of this kool utility. Can't wait to link all our youtube videos with the product pages quote

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    by: henry on 6/24/2012

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