Product Image Zoom for Magento® 2 (1.0.0)

Magento 2 Product Zoom facilitates the users of your websites to zoom in product images for a detailed overview. Allow customers to magnify images on hover and display them in a full lightbox preview. Create rules to define image zoom options of certain products to a selected user group. Configure Mobile View settings to facilitate users browsing through mobile devices. Magento 2 product image zoom extension is also available on Magento marketplace.

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Regular Price: $79.99

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  • Key Features

    • Add Zoom Magnifier to Product Images
    • Allow Users to View Images in Lightbox
    • Create Rules for Zooming specific products
    • Zoom Images of Store View or Customer Group
    • Select Zoom Magnifier type and customize
    • Configure Mobile View Settings

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Powerful Features of Magento Product Image Zoom Extension

  • Enable Zoom Magnifier

    You can enable Zoom Magnifier for product pages to let the users zoom in a specific portion of the product.

  • Lightbox Image Preview

    Allow users to view product images in a lightbox to have a big picture of the item they are interested in.

  • Create Rules for Image Zoom

    You can define rules and set conditions to apply different zoom option to different products.

  • Magento Mouseover Zoom

    Zoom the specific area of the product image on mouse-over. The zoom can be displayed inside or outside the image.

  • Different Types of Magnifier

    Select among a variety of magnifier types and customize it according to the products on your online store.

  • Set a Mobile View

    Select a mobile view either inner zoom or lens zoom to facilitate users browsing through mobile devices.

Add Zoom Magnifier to Product Images

Magento 2 image zoom extension empower the users to have closely view products by magnifying the images. You can select among different types of magnifiers and customize them according to your business needs.

FME Magento Extensions

9 Types of Magnifiers

You can choose from following 9 types of Zoom effects for your product images.

  • Basic Zoom - With a configuration of window width and height.
  • Tint - Allow Tint, and select color and opacity.
  • Inner Zoom – Customize cursor type and enable scroll zoom
  • Lens Zoom – With selection of lens type and size
  • Fade in / Fade out –Configure fade in and out time for lens and window
  • Easing – Enable easing with specific window size
  • Mousewheel Zoom – Allow Image Zooming with mouse scroll button
  • Window Position – Select a position for zoom-in window
  • Custom Design – Create a magnifier of your own by combining features of any of the above-discussed types.

Checkout all Magnifier Types With Examples here.

FME Magento Extensions

Configuration Options For Magento Magnifier Zoom

Magento 2 Product image zoom offers extensive configuration options for magnifier zoom. The merchants can set the zoom window dimensions and place it anywhere in the product page like at the left, bottom, top, middle, top right, top middle, extreme top, etc. Checkout demo to see full configuration options of Magento 2 Magnifier Zoom

FME Magento Extensions

Display Product Images in Lightbox

With Magento Product Zoom Extension you can allow users to view product images in a lightbox as well. They can click to view the image in a bigger size.

  • Next / Previous Arrow
  • Enable Rotation
  • Transition effect and duration
  • Select a Navigation Style
FME Magento Extensions

Configuration Options For Magento Lightbox Zoom

Magento 2 image zoom offers extensive configuration options for full screen lighbox preview. The merchants can enable disable rotation, choose from a huge list of transition effects and change navigation style. Checkout demo to see full configuration options of Magento 2 Zoom Plugin

FME Magento Extensions

Configure Magento Product Image Zoom for Mobile View

With mobile view settings, you can assure helpful zooming for the mobile users as well. Select among Inner zoom or customize lens zoom facility.

  • Select Inner Zoom – It zooms image within the window
  • Choose Lens Zoom – Select lens type and size to zoom
  • Lens Size – Configure the lens zoom
FME Magento Extensions

Create Rules to Zoom-in Images of Specific Products

You can create multiple rules to zoom-in images of the products that fulfill the criteria you define.

  • Rule Name and Priority
  • Select a Store View
  • Select Customer Groups
  • Set Conditions and Actions
FME Magento Extensions

Merchant Benefits

  • Display your high-quality products with better zooming options to improve conversions of your online store.
  • Gain customer trust in making the product display clean and crystal. They confidently browse through the website and explore more of your products.
  • Avail the significance of adding innovative zooming solutions to your landing pages among the competitors.

Customer Benefits

  • Customer to magnify images to judge the fabric, material quality, make and manufacture of the product.
  • The Zooming option delivers an almost similar experience of a real touch, so the product delivery meet customers' expectation. They are well aware of what they are about to receive.
  • The mobile users are also facilitated in Magento Product Zoom extension. They also get a clear view of the product regardless of the device they use.

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Reviews & Ratings
  • Featured Rich

    quote It's a featured rich extension having lots of zooming features. the mobile feature is a great addition. quote

    Read more
    by: James on 8/1/2018
  • Great Extension

    quote Great extension with lots of customization zooming options and effects. Fulfills my Anime store requirements. Thumbs up:) quote

    Read more
    by: AnimeStore on 7/12/2018
  • Excellent Rules Feature

    quote I would recommend this product because of its extensive options. quote

    Read more
    by: Eric on 6/21/2018
  • Very impressive configurations

    quote Every website is offering an image zoom extension but very few offer an extension with such deep configurations. quote

    Read more
    by: Mike on 3/27/2018
  • Great Extension

    quote You guys have done a great job designing this image zoom extension. The extension works smoothly. quote

    Read more
    by: Nick on 3/27/2018

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