Pre Order & Backorder for Magento® 2 (1.0.0)

Magento 2 Pre-Order extension is the perfect answer to a successful product launch. Create a pre-order strategy to generate awareness and early sales for your products by allowing customers place orders in advance. With our Magento 2 Pre order and back order extension you can replace ‘Add to cart’ button with a customizable ‘Pre Order’ button to attract customers. You can also display date, duration period, and any other custom messages on pre-order product page. For more optimization, you can limit min & max order quantity for each pre-order product.

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  • Key Features

    • Enable Pre-Ordering for Upcoming & Back Ordering for Out of Stock Products
    • Apply Pre-Order for Simple, Variable, Grouped or Bundle Products
    • Replace ‘Add To Cart’ With Customizable “Pre Order” Or Back Order Button
    • Show Availability Date & Any Other Custom Pre-Order Message
    • Display Pre-Order Label in Throughout the Ordering Process
    • Display Pre-Order Column on Default Magento 2 Orders Grid

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Powerful Features of Magento 2 Pre Order Extension

  • Allow User to Pre-Order & Back Order

    Magento Pre-order extension prompts your customers into placing orders ahead of a product launch or stock refill so they are first to get the product.

  • Let Simple, Variable, Bundled products be Pre-ordered

    You can apply pre-ordering feature for simple, variable, grouped, or bundled products to help customers place orders for your upcoming products.

  • Customize ‘Pre Order Now’ button

    Replace the text of Add to Cart with an attractive Pre-Order Text to stir-up your customers for being the first to order the product.

  • Display Product Availability and Order Quantity

    You can declare product availability of new or out of stock products. Set a minimum and a maximum number of products customers can order.

  • Pre-Order information appears in ‘My Account’

    Customers can find information about their pre-ordered products under ‘Orders’ tag in their user accounts. Admin can also manage such orders.

  • Personalize Pre order message & warning

    To keep your customers informed about pre-ordering and back-ordering policy, you can show a personalized message on My Account, Order Page

Maximize Store Revenues with Pre-Orders & Back Orders

Magento 2 Pre-order extension allows your customers to pre-order products you are about to launch or back-order the products that are out of stock.

This helps you generate awareness, create buzz and increase your sales by enticing customers with limited time durations.

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Enable Pre-Ordering on Any Product

With Magento 2 Pre-order & Back Order extension helps you enable pre-ordering on the entire catalog or on specific products. You can also customize your pre-order strategy by adding rules.

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Replace Add to Cart with Pre-Order Button

To attract customers, you can replace the default “Add to Cart” button with “Pre-Order” or “Back Order” button. The button text can be customized from Backoffice.

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Show Product Availability Date & Custom Message

To magnetize customers into ordering your products, you can display product availability date to inform them when the product will be available or back in stock. This prompts customers into making orders faster.

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Limit Minimum & Maximum Order Quantity

You can set a minimum and maximum order quantity a customer can pre-order. This prevents your pre-orderable products from being booked by just one customer.

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Add Custom Message to All Pre-Orders & Back Orders

To inform your customers about the pre-order nature of the product, you can display a custom message in Order Email and Order section in My Account.

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Enable Pre-ordering for Any Product Type

With Pre-Order & Back-Order Extension for Magento 2 you can put any product type on pre-order. This can range from simple, configurable, grouped or bundle product.

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Merchant Benefits

  • Boost your store sales by receiving pre-orders for upcoming and out of stock products.
  • Reduce cost on stock reordering by knowing the exact number of items pre-booked by your customers.
  • Minimize cart abandonments and bad user experience by allowing backorders for out of stock items.

Customer Benefits

  • Customers can be the first to receive their favorite products before they are retailed in the market.
  • Customers can back order products that are out of stock so that they get the products first when topped up.
  • Customers can review their pre-order details any time by accessing their Orders Page at My Accounts Section.

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