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How to Cancel a Shipment in Magento 2?

How to Cancel a Shipment in Magento 2?

As a store owner, one of the worst news that you can hear is that a customer has requested to cancel an order. Nevertheless, customers have a right to cancel their order and as a store owner, you have no option but to comply. Of course, if the order is already shipped or processed, you can deduct a certain amount.


Cancel Order By Customer

The Magento 2 Cancel Order by Customer Extension allows customers to request order cancellations directly from the "My Account" section.

As a Magento 2 store owner, cancelling a shipment requires just a few easy steps, provided the carrier allows cancellations. A shipment can be cancelled before it is dispatched to a carrier. You can do so by opening the order and going to the shipment option. Once a shipment is cancelled, it can’t be undone.

Some carriers, however, don’t allow or limit cancellations after booking. For example, UPS requires you to wait 24 hours before you can cancel a shipment after booking. Therefore, you’ll have to check with your shipping service provider regarding the exact terms and conditions regarding cancellations.


Shipping Restrictions Pro

The Magento 2 Shipping Restrictions Extension lets you restrict shipping carriers and methods based on product, cart, customer, customer group, and other flexible conditions.

About the Magneto 2 Shipping Restrictions Extension

This extension allows you to set up shipping restrictions based on product attributes, shipping information, specific days or time, customer groups, and store views. This is a great extension for Magento 2 store owners to manage their shipping costs and comply with laws related to shipping of certain products.

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Steps To Cancel a Shipment in Magento 2

Once the customer requests to cancel order in Magento 2, follow the below steps to cancel the shipment:

  • On the Admin sidebar, go to Sales -> Orders.
  • Find the order that you want to cancel in the grid.
  • In the Action column, choose View.
  • In the left panel, choose Shipments.
  • If the shipment can be canceled, Cancel Shipment appears as an option in the top button bar. You won’t see this option if the carrier does not support cancellation.
  • Click Cancel Shipment.
  • When prompted to confirm, click OK.

Upon confirming cancellation, the status of the shipment changes to Cancelled.

Final Thoughts on Magento 2 Cancel Shipment

That’s how easy it is to cancel a shipment in Magento 2. Still, if you have any questions, feel free to contact our Support team.

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