No Index No Follow Tag for Magento® 2 (1.0.0)

Magento 2 Noindex Nofollow extension is a great tool to control how search engines make your content available on their result pages and channel link juice to other websites. The extension changes the Meta Robots tags of your products, category, and CMS pages to allow/disallow web crawlers from crawling the page and indexing it on their SERPs. This extension plays an essential role in optimizing your page indexing on Google and managing link juice from your website.
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    • Enable NoIndex NoFollow Meta Robot Tag
    • Configure Meta Robots Tags for Products, Categories, & CMS Pages

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Powerful Features of Noindex & Nofollow Tag Extension

  • Enable noindex nofollow tag

    You can enable noindex and nofollow tag of products, category, and CMS pages to better control its appearance in SERPs.

  • Set instructions for web crawlers

    This extension empowers you to instruct web crawlers to index webpage & follow links in the webpage.

  • Avoid Duplicate Content Issues

    With Magento 2 noindex nofollow robot tag, you can avoid any duplicate content issues found on your store. You can also restrain indexing of confidential pages.

Utilize any combination of Index & Follow Tag

With Magento no-follow no-index extension, you can create any of the following four combinations in controlling web crawlers’ access to different webpages.

  • Noindex, Nofollow – STOP search engines from INDEXING the webpage and FOLLOWING the links.
  • Index, Nofollow– Instruct web crawlers to INDEX the web page but NOT FOLLOW the links in the webpage.
  • Noindex, Follow – RESTRICT web crawlers from INDEXING the webpage but FOLLOW the links in the webpage.
  • Index, Follow (Default) – ALLOW web crawlers to INDEX the page & continue to FOLLOW the links in the webpage.
FME Magento Extensions

Add NoIndex & NoFollow Tag to Products

On product level, you can prevent products from getting indexed and followed by Google crawlers.

FME Magento Extensions

Configure NoIndex & NoFollow Tag for Categories

Similarly, you can also manage your category pages by changing robot tags to Noindex/nofollow and prevent them from being crawled or followed.

FME Magento Extensions

Add Noindex/Nofollow Tag to Specific CMS pages

To enable Magento CMS page Noindex Nofollow tag, you can add robot tag to selected CMS pages such as Welcome Pages, Thank You, Author Pages, etc. so they are ignored by web crawlers.

FME Magento Extensions

Merchant Benefits

  • Allows you to manage how your content is indexed and followed by different search engines by modifying robot tags.
  • Prevents competitors and link spammers from stealing your websites link juice
  • Hides duplicate content from being flagged and restricts certain pages such as Login, Welcome, Thank You and Author pages from being crawled.

Customer Benefits

  • Allows customers to easily find relevant products and categories they seek on search engines.
  • Encourages customers to stay on indexed pages so they don’t have any difficulty in searching for products.
  • Shows customers if a link is worth clicking or not since it will show on top search engine results.
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    quote Easily added no-index, follow tag to different categories & cms pages. Great & simple extension. quote

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    by: emily on 11/30/2018

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