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Top 6 Smartest SEO Tools of 2022

Top 6 Smartest SEO Tools of 2022

Visitors for a website are same as nutrients for your body. Without them you cannot survive. So a live breathing website must get as much visitors as possible because basically its entire growth depends on them.

To make sure your website survives the infancy and lives to become strong and famous, you must take care of it. That is where SEO tools are used.

SEO tools are special software that brings up the ranks of the website hence attracting more and more traffic. There is absolutely no doubt that SEO tools can be a major game changer once you engage them in your marketing strategies, but which one to go with? There are thousands of SEO tools paid and free, both available on the internet awaiting your download. But before downloading any SEO tool, you need to make sure that your website cotains Quality Product Presentation through the use of different types of rich media.

It is true recently SEO tools have been receiving bad reviews on blogs and forums for their weak algorithms. These top 6 SEO tools will prove you otherwise.

1) Google Analytics

You must acknowledge where your website stands. You need to know if the content, design and programming are up to standards or not. Google Analytics tracks all these aspects of the website so that any upgrade or improvement can be implemented on the right time and place. With the recent change in Google Analytics, newer categories have been introduced since February last year.

Old Data or Real-Time?

Data from archives and old resources are sometimes more valuable than “real-time” data because shows you how time has taken toll on websites. But real-time is also crucial. It gives you the picture of what is trending especially when a new website is born and a fast review on its debut is required.

Following Audience

User demographics are basically focused in “Audience”. You can keep track of which users with age, gender and profession came to visit and where did they go next.

Traffic and Acquisition

The data from the traffic activity is given in the “Acquisition” report. There are several types of traffic, but the two foremost important are direct and referral traffic. Those visitors that enter your website through URL are the direct traffic and those clicks which you get through search engines are organic traffic.

Behavior Report

You might need a heads up to work on your most visited pages and that why “Behavior” monitors the analytics and brings you the report of your website’s top 5 most clicked pages.

Conversion Improvements

Finally to check if the fruit is ripe enough, “Conversions” report the rate of conversions the website has managed to achieve. For small ecommerce businesses the tool is very helpful as the owner can analyze the incoming traffic itself.

2) Google Adwords Keyword Planner

For organic keyword analysis, Google Adwords Keyword Planner is the best tool out there. However this tool is best used for paid search advertising campaigns. If you wish to find the most trending keywords and the monthly visitors who come across them then is the finest tool you might need to create the perfect keyword combination.

How it Works

You cannot use the same key word over and over for SEO. You need diversity and expansive vocabulary. To get the right combination of keywords all you need to do is enter the current keywords and the planner will propose ideas for the word or phrase. For instance if you enter “google adword”, the keyword planner will create bonus ideas such as “best google adword” or “google adword software”. A list of such ideas will appear and then it is up to your discretion how to use them.

3) Open Site Explorer

Checking on backlinks is a complex task and it’s even more difficult when you have multiple sites to manage. Open Site Explorer is also the fruit of Moz team and has a very special solution for this pickle.

OSE gives you the ability to view the backlinks of any website in the smartest way possible. Building domain authority through inbound links is imperative for your website, but without a strong tool such as OSE you cannot meet the mark.

OSE also has paid and free versions. With the paid version you can analyze almost every website and gather all the information. With OSE by your side, you can compare Domain Authority, Page Authority and Total Links anytime with any website you like.

4) Google Webmaster Tools

This piece of brilliance offers website owners to assess the position of their pages on Google’s search engine. Google Webmaster tools give a great edge to businesses that need to rise up to the ranks quickly as possible.

Search Appearance

All the irregularities can be detected such as duplicate meta-descriptions and missing meta-descriptions, duplicate title tags and missing title tags.

Links to Your Site

Identifying your most hit content and tracking the linkers of your website, all is done here.

Google Index

If your website is indexed it is good. But what is better is that it helps your website remain this way.

Crawl Errors

Errors that take their course can be removed as well as other glitches that may cause complexities. It also allows you to see Google crawl errors on the website.

Sitemaps and Security Issues

You have a website erected and you want to intimate Google, but how? Now you can inform Google and various search engine that your website is crawl ready. Any complication caused by a malware will be detected and a detailed report will be sent you by Google. You may also submit sitemaps to Google which will let it find out which subpages of your website it should index and give wheightage. An Advanced SiteMap and SEO Suit – Magento Extension by FME may be used for this purpose.

Other resources are available to make sure your Google+ account is at its right place. Google+ authorship give the viewers the confidence and trust by showing your personal photo and specializes your content.

5) MozBar

There are two versions, paid and free, but both are equally useful considering their spectrum of features. However, in the paid version there is no restriction to advanced metrics unlike the free one. MozBar is the SEO toolbar from Moz and is accessible through Chrome and Firefox after downloading the plugin.

MozBar Makes it Neat

All the page elements such as captions, titles, tags and meta-descriptions become easy to read through MozBar and the links appear easily available for other pages. This uncomplicated and hassle free method of learning about a competitor’s SEO plans and on-page strategies. By getting a look at the Domain Authority, you will be able to get an insight about the mindset of the competitor. This will give you ideas and outlooks to make your website more relevant in relation to the World Wide Web, for instance by adding improvements on the page elements and templates.

Another MozBar Module

MozBar is also equipped with another beautiful piece of software. A plugin that gives search engine results page, hence SERP. For each search result in Google, this overlay extension provides with Page Authority and Domain Authority. Page Authority is also brilliant feature that allows you to measure the page significance on the web compared to other pages.

6). Google Index Checker

"IndexCheckr is a monitoring tool enabling users to check any page they want for their indexing status. Every time we publish a new article, Google will take some time to find it, crawl it, and then index it. This can help users find out when their new pages are visible in the SERPs, or if the backlink exchange they're venturing into will be beneficial. After all, if you receive 10 links from 10 different pages and only 1 of those is indexed, you're not getting much from the other 9 since they're not visible and have no real value."

These top 6 SEO tools of 2022 have gained a lot of popularity for their easy to use designs and quality performance. Your website will need these tools same as you wrist needs a watch to check on time and look elegant or a hat to thwart sunlight and look fashionable. There are several other tools as well but these 6 are a must. With them or without them, tides can turn.