Magento Survey extension from FME allows you to add surveys and questionnaires on your Magento store to acquire valuable feedback from customers regarding your products and services. Customers can answer these surveys in drop down list options or image based polls on any page such as home page, CMS pages or user registration page. Magento Poll extension allows multiple votes coming from same IP as one. Learn more on demo.
  • Key Features

    • Add User Surveys Like Poll & Questionnaire
    • Display User Survey In a Configurable Popup
    • Add Dropdown Text & Image Gallery Based Answers
    • Limit One Vote For Each IP Address
    • Display Survey Data Results Comprehensively

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    45 Days Moneyback Guarantee

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    Free Lifetime Upgrades

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    Meet Magento Standards

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Powerful Features of Magento Survey Extension

  • User Surveys

    Magento feedback extension allows you to ask customers about their opinion regarding a subject set by you

  • Dropdown or Image Gallery

    You can set the answer options as dropdown list or image gallery

  • Show On Website Or Registration Only

    The survey questions can be viewed on the web pages as well as the registration page

  • Limit Votes By IP

    You can set multiple votes coming from the same IP address as one or vice versa

  • Displays Survey Result

    You can view the survey results from the back office

  • Configurable Survey Popup

    You can configure the settings of the survey and the popup

Magento Poll - Manage Questions & Answers

You can create and manage survey questions and survey sets by customizing their settings

  • Questions Title

    You can set the title of the poll depending on the context

  • Display Order

    The sequence of question or answer in the poll sets can be arranged

  • Answer Types

    The answer options can be displayed in drop down list or image based poll

Manage User Surveys in Magento Survey Extension

From the back office you can configure user surveys settings for survey type, location, questions sets and results

  • Select Survey Type

    You can choose the survey type as image based polls or drop down list according to your preferences

  • Set Display Location

    The survey location can be set on the Home Page or the Registration Page

  • Assign Multiple Questions

    You can create survey sets of multiple questions and assign them to specific locations

  • Displays Survey Results

    The survey results can be viewed from the back office in votes and in percentage

Configuration Options in Magento Feedback Extension

Configure the general settings of the extension such as IP votes and Pop-up dimensions

  • Limit Votes By IP Address

    The votes can be restricted so a single IP or you can enable multiple votes coming from the same IP address

  • Configure Survey Popup Size

    You can configure the dimensions of the pop-up and with personalized width and height

Merchant Benefits

  • It helps you to find what customers think about your website and products. Surveys are easy to arrange and can bring valuable information on the table.
  • You can use this survey form to introduce upcoming products. You can obtain customer feedback regarding a new product you wish to launch in order to make sure it will be a success in the market.

Customer Benefits

  • Through survey questions, customers are able to convey their opinions to the store owner. It can be about some glitch in the website affecting user experience or a product they wish to see In the future.
  • It is easy to use and does not require any specific method to answer. Customers can either select the answer from the drop down list or check on the image in the pop up to show their vote.

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