This extension allows your customers to create a robust user profile in order to comment, review products and communicate with site admin. User Profile Magento Extension supports private and public profiles; it creates a profiles’ wall page on your website. It also creates an inbox section in user accounts for centralized communication with site admin. Profiles can include description and avatar. Admin can configure avatar size, limit description, success and error messages, auto responders and many more settings.


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User Profiles Module makes communication between store owner and customer centralized. It adds inbox section in customer accounts from where they can create new inquiries or reply to admin messages easily. They can add avatar and description to their profiles which will be visible throughout the site such as on product reviews, comments etc. Profile can be public or private, public user profiles will be visible on landing page. Following are the key features of this plugin.

Direct & Centralized Communication:

With the help of inbox section available for both admin and customer, it makes communication extremely simpler and quicker. New message alerts are automatically highlighted, send/receive status, From/to, and Date/Time information is visible. Customers can manage their profiles from their accounts.

Centralized Product Reviews Management

All reviews made by the user are available under ‘My Product Reviews’ tab. Customers can track and quickly navigate to these reviews for any changes.

Profile Filters

Customers can make their profiles private in which case these will not be visible on wall page. They can also hide their email address to be shown publically.

Wall Page, User Profiles’ Detail Page

This extension creates a wall page for all public profiles which displays avatar and user name. It supports list view and grid view. By clicking on any user name a new page opens up which shows details of that user such as description, contact information and all the reviews made by him.


Admin can create an advertisement which will be sent to all the users in their inbox instantly.

Auto Responders

Create and configure auto replies for new messages.

Admin Features

  • Limit profile description
  • Resize avatar from backend
  • Create and configure admin profile
  • Custom success and error messages
  • Supports 2 columns, 3 columns layout for user profile pages
  • Notification emails configuration
  • Custom text for floating buttons

For more information please visit the DEMO or contact our support team.


Customers can create user profiles form their accounts. If they do not have the account on your site they cannot create profiles. They can select avatars for their profiles and customize many settings for it such as making their profile private etc. If a profile has been marked as private, it will not be visible to other customers on profile listing page where all user’s profiles are listed.

After that the profiles have been created, customers can communicate to store admin from the inbox section in their accounts just like any inbox you see while using any email service. They can easily create new message or reply to existing ones.

Another important feature for them is that they can view in a centralized location all the product reviews they had posted. There is a separate tab “ My Product Reviews” for this purpose in their account sections. They can also view other user’s profiles and reviews from Profile listing page which can be accessed by clicking on extension links in the header and footer.



Inbox - Message Grid:

  • Shows the Username/email, subject, Message type, recipient eMail id, date and Status

Add New Message/Advertisement:

  • For advertisement, navigate to FME Extensions in the menu then select Advertisement from the Profiles drop down menu.
  • Enter title of the message
  • Select the type of such as message or an advertisement
  • Select from the list all users to whom this message will be sent to
  • Enter the description

Reply to Message:

  • Click on any Message in the inbox. You will see a chain of messages maintained in a thread. There a reply button at the top right corner, click on it to post reply.


Enable/Disable Extension:

  • Select enable from the drop down to activate this extension

Admin account settings:

  • Enter the name of admin
  • Enter the email address of admin.
  • Upload avatar for admin

User’s Profile settings:

  • You can limit the amount of profile description from here such 100 characters etc.
  • Adjust Avatar width and height from this option

New Message Settings:

  • Text entered here will appear as a heading while on new messages form.

Success and Error Message Settings:

  • Enter your desired text for success and error messages when customer tries to send a new message

Enable/Disable User Profile Link Settings:

  • You can enable USER PROFILES extension links in the header and footer from here

Enable/Disable Auto Reply Settings:

  • Select enable from the drop down to activate this feature
  • Enter text that will be delivered in auto reply message

Set Layouts for user profile pages:

  • Select your desired layouts e.g. 3 columns, 2 column right bar etc for profile listing and detail page.

Pending Message Notification emails settings:

  • Select yes from the drop down to enable this feature. In case any message is pended admin will receive email alerts through CRON job automatically.
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    Source: Magento Connect quote

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    by: kaushal_kk : I'm a deployment & integrations provider, I useCommunity on 9/5/14
  • Magento should consider adding this to Community

    quote glad i found this as i was about to get this done through custom work on a freelance site. Saved me time and money. quote

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    by: agol on 12/13/13

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