Magento Product labels extension allows you to put promotional stickers on your products that instantly communicate an ‘on sales’, discount or any other customized message to your valued customers. You can add text to the product image for further understanding of Magento labels. The products with special prices can be labeled separately that catches customer attention. Schedule the stickers to be automatically removed as the time expires.
  • Key Features

    • Display Text & Image Labels On Products
    • Separate Label Settings For Product & Catalog View
    • Display Label For Products With Special Price
    • Add Multiple Labels & Show By Priority
    • Schedule Labels By Specifying Start & End Date

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Powerful Features of Magento Product Labels Extension

  • Display Text & Image Labels

    Magento stickers extension allows you to display text and an image label on products to deliver a sales message or make it memorable.

  • Display On Specific Products

    You can display labels on specific products or categories by setting different conditions, which helps customers to avail discounts or other offer on selected products.

  • Product & Catalog View

    Configure labels settings separately for product and catalog view, whether you need to achieve consistency or offer a versatile user experience.

  • Schedule Product Labels

    You can schedule the labels for a time period, so that these can automatically expire and you do not have to remove manually.

  • Show Multiple Labels By Priority

    Enable prioritization to display multiple labels in a sequence that is more suitable for your marketing plan.

  • Label For Special Priced Products

    You can enable an additional label to let your customers know about the products that bears a special price.

Magento Sale Labels for Specific Products

You can define rules to add labels to specific products or categories.

  • Text & Image Labels

    Add text with the image stickers to clarify the promotional message you want to convey to your valued customers.

  • Display On Specific Products

    By setting conditions, you can display stickers on specific products that help customers to know about the promotion of relevant products.

  • Priorities Multiple Labels

    Create multiple sale labels and prioritize them according to your promotional preferences and customer convenience.

Separate Settings For Product & Catalog View

You can configure settings for displaying labels separately for product page and catalog view.

  • Separate Text & Image

    You can add text and upload an image separately, which gives you the freedom bring consistency or variety in labels on the product page and catalog view.

  • Select Display Type

    You can select display type of labels between text, image and both to make it more prominent on the catalog view or product page.

  • Separate Position Settings

    In the same way, you can set label positions separately for product and catalog view.

Magento Stickers for Special Priced Products

You can add product stickers that are marked with special prices.

  • Automatically Display Stickers For Special Prices

    The products with special prices can be marked with labels separately to make it distinct from other labels and grab customer attention.

  • Configuration Options For Special Price Labels

    • Show / hide special price Label
    • Upload custom image & add text
    • Select label type to be text only, image only or both text and image
    • Define Special Price Label Position for Product & Category View

More Features

  • Schedule label by adding start & end date
  • Supports multiple store view
  • Add conditions to select products for the label

Merchants Benefits

Magento Stickers Extension helps you to enhance visibility of products through compelling labels. These can be used to promote specific products by displaying the attributes in the form of promotional badges. You will gain the following benefits after installation of this extension.

  • Mark the products with labels to communicate a promotional message like discount, rebates, limited offer, new arrival or anything else.
  • By adding creative and compelling labels to products, you can help customers to keep remember any deals and offers.
  • With scheduling, you can display labels for a limited time period and it will vanish automatically once the duration ends, thus saves your time.
  • You can support a sticker with text to add a call to action on the product and catalog view, which compels customers to make a purchase.

Customer Benefits

This extension seeks the benefits of you and your valued customers as well. The promotional badges are quite helpful in letting them know about the latest arrivals, offers on normal and specially priced products and lots of other deals. They can avail the following benefits.

  • With labels, your customers can easily differentiate between the products that are set on sale and discount and the rest are not. It removes their confusion.
  • The addition of text with label image enables your customers to know exactly what a label wants to convey.
  • Displaying labels on the catalog view and product page ensures your customers notice the message and can act upon them.

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