Magento customer image upload extension allows your customers to submit photos to product pages, which enhances the credibility of your store. You can reward them with discount coupons for uploading real life images to build trust among the visitors. Approve the images to retain its relevancy with products. You can configure email settings to be informed every time a customer submit photos.
  • Key Features

    • Let Customers Upload Product Images From Product Pages
    • Reward Customers With Discount Coupons
    • Approve & Display Images In Attractive Slideshow
    • Configure Email Templates & Notifications

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Powerful Features of Magento Customer Image Upload

  • Product Images By Customer

    Allow clients to upload images to product pages that serve as a visual testimonial for visitors.

  • Reward With Discounts Coupons

    You can reward customers by giving away discount coupons for uploading a certain number of images to encourage their contribution.

  • Images Slider

    The images uploaded by customers are shown in a slider to let the visitors view how products look in reality.

  • Email Notifications

    Configure email notification settings to receive get updates when customers upload images to the product pages.

  • Advance Discount Settings

    Set a discount rate and select a type to automate the calculation for coupons for contributing customers.

  • Fully Responsive

    This extension is fully responsive to display images on varying devices the store visitors use.

Product Images By Customer

Allow clients to upload images directly to the product pages to guide visitors about real life appearance.

  • Image Upload

    You can allow a customer to share images on the product pages, so that other users can get a clear vision and place an order without any ambiguity.

  • Display In Slider

    The images contributed by customers are displayed in a slider that changes with alluring effects. It engages the users in real life pictures.

Reward Customers With Discounts

You can pay back customers through discount coupons to encourage them to upload more product related images.

  • Motivate Customers With Discounts

    Allow customers to avail discounts for contributing images to the product pages, to create a complete gallery.

  • Discount Configuration Options

    Set a fixed or percent based discount for valued customers, so that they are rewarded fairly for their efforts of uploading images.

Email Notification Settings

Configure email notification settings to get notified when a customer uploads images.

  • The email notification settings keep you informed when a customer submits photos directly to the product pages. You come to know about the activity and approve it accordingly.

More Features

  • Allow guest image upload
  • Approve customer images
  • Fully Responsive

Merchant Benefits

Customers are in searching of getting more information and insight on product pages rather than the promotional images uploaded by you. To give them a real life experience of products, you can allow them to post photos for others. Here are the benefits you enjoy after installation of this extension.

  • Build trust among customers by allowing them to contribute images of the products they consume. They find it a reliable place, where they have the right to give feedback in pictures.
  • The uploaded images serve as testimonials for users, who have no idea how the products looks in reality. The photos also help users to remember the items.
  • You can improve sales by giving incentives like discount coupons to valued customers, who contribute more towards the product pages.

Customer Benefits

With “Product Image by Customer” extension your customers can share how they find the products. They can quickly upload snaps of the products bought from you, which may serve as a proof of enhanced user experience for new visitors. They can avail the following benefits.

  • Users can quickly take a decision of placing orders by viewing images submitted by valued customers.
  • The images communicate more efficiently, and customers can easily remember products by its photos.
  • Clients can avail discounts by contributing more towards the gallery to let the others view them in a slider.

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