Magento jobs and recruitment extension empowers you to create a separate job section on your magento store. It allows you to add jobs to interact directly with job seekers. By adding multiple job types, departments and locations, you can perfectly define a vacant post. The advance application management enables you to hire the right candidate. The jobs can be shared publicly with the help of social share buttons.
  • Key Features

    • Create Multiple Jobs With Eligibility Criteria
    • Add Multiple Job Types, Locations & Departments
    • Manage Candidate Applications & CVs
    • Social Sharing For Admin and Customers
    • Configure Jobs Main Page & Email Alerts

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    45 Days Moneyback Guarantee

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Powerful Features of Magento Jobs and Recruitment Extension

  • Add Available jobs

    To communicate all the available vacancies of your business, Magento jobs extension allows you to add multiple jobs.

  • Manage Job Types & Locations

    By adding job types and locations to a job, you can create convenience for the job seekers to apply according to their preferences

  • Add Multiple Departments

    You can add multiple departments to categorize the available positions and facilitate users to apply for a job matching to their skills and interest.

  • Manage Job Applications

    Managing job applications will help you shortlist candidates by viewing the personal details and resume they submitted. You can add comments for your personal records.

  • Social Sharing Buttons

    You can maximize social reach of an available job by allowing users to share it with friends with the help of social sharing buttons.

  • Email Notifications

    By configuring email notification settings, you can inform the users about successfully submission of application, so that they do not apply again.

Magento Jobs Manager

You can fill the following details to mold a vacant post as it appears on a professional recruitment portal.

  • Enter Job Title
  • No. of Positions Open
  • Customize Job Page URL
  • Select Department & Job Type
  • Select Job Location
  • Select Gender Preference
  • Text Field For Career Level
  • Enter Minimum Qualification
  • Provide Minimum Experience
  • Require Travel (Yes/No)
  • Set Apply By Date
  • Assign to Store View
  • Enter Job Description *
  • Enter Required Skills

Apply For Open Job Positions

You can allow the applicants to apply for the available position by entering their personal details and uploading a resume.

  • Basic Detail Fields

    You can evaluate job seekers against the basic details they enter in the provided fields.

  • C.V Attachment

    The CV uploaded by job seekers can be downloaded that helps you further shortlist candidates.

Manage Types, Departments and Locations

You can define job type, department and locations in Magento recruitment extension to facilitate jobseekers.

  • Create Multiple Job Types

    By creating multiple job types, jobseekers come to know about the timing and shifts they will be required to work.

  • Add Title & Description

    You can also add a description with the title to further clarify job timings to the candidates.

  • Create Multiple Departments

    You can create multiple departments to post jobs under the relevant department. It avoids confusion between various jobs.

  • Add Title & Description Of Each Department

    You can define the nature of each department by adding a description along with the title.

  • Add Multiple Job Locations / Offices

    By adding multiple job locations, you can define location-based positions to post jobs for different offices.

  • Add Title & Description of Job Location

    With the addition of title and description, you can further define the location for which the job is posted.

Manage Job Applications

Application management features are added to assist you in recruitment.

  • Export To CSV / XML

    You can export data of candidates to CVS or XML format to utilize it somewhere else.

  • Add Comments

    You can add a comment to each job application to shortlist candidates.

  • Download CVs

    To have a detailed overview of a candidate’s profile, you can download his or her CV as well.

Jobs Listing Page in Magento recruitment extension

You can make changes to the job listing page to attract users’ attention.

  • Enable / Disable Extension
  • Add Title & Description for Jobs Listing Page
  • Custom Text for Apply Button
  • Upload Image For Job Listing Page
  • Set No. of Jobs per page
  • SEF URL Identifier
  • URL Suffix

Integrate Social Networks

You can integrate social networks for speed up the sign up process and gain social reach.

  • Twitter Integration

    To facilitate job seekers with easy sign up, you can integrate twitter with your online store.

  • Facebook Integration

    Integrating Facebook encourages candidates to apply for a job by signing in through their Facebook accounts that saves much of their time.

  • Social Sharing Buttons For Visitors

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Linkedin
    • Email

Email Notifications in Magento Jobs and Recruitment 

Configure email notification to inform about their successful application submission.

  • Notification For Admin

    Email notifications can be enabled to get notified when a candidate applies for a job.

  • Notification For Candidates

    You can also configure settings to notify candidates about submission of the job applications.

Merchants Benefits

A business is always in search of loyal and competent workforce. If you are also to hire industry experts, you can invite them to apply for the available positions through a job portal you own. Open Jobs Manager extension enables you to create a job portal and enjoy the following benefits.

  • You can save money in posting a job on your own website rather than paying an advertising agency.
  • Recruitment of employees is easy and simple by reviewing their resumes and matching it with the criteria.
  • A great number of job seekers find your postings in search results and pay a visit, which give you a traffic boost.
  • Sharing the job post on social networks give fame and recognition to your business.

Customer Benefits

Users of an online store often try to search available positions in the career section to apply or refer it to a friend. Having a separate jobs section at your business website attracts users to find a suitable job according to their skills. They can avail the following benefits from a job board.

  • Your customers can easily find available jobs, because most of the users are fond of working in their favorite stores.
  • They can apply straightaway by submitting their CV and personal details. It’s quick, easy and simple.

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Reviews & Ratings (8)
  • Fantastic extension and Support!

    quote We use this extension on almost every Magento site we build.
    Fully featured and easy to customize and use.
    Support is always top notch and quick turnaround! quote

    Read more
    by: BillRust : I'm a deployment & integrations provider, I useCommunity on 9/5/2014
  • Great extension with great support.

    quote I really love how the extension ios working... Its working with me with their great support.. Good job with the developer. Hope you can do other useful extension quote

    Read more
    by: jaybeerivera14 : I'm a deployment & integrations provider, I useCommunity 1.7.0 on 3/19/2014
  • Great extension, Awesome support

    quote This extension gives a very powerful tool if you are looking form career management in your site.
    I had a small issue with it and the support was great, did the job very quickly.
    Highly recommended product!!!
    Source: Magento Connect quote

    Read more
    by: erang on 9/25/2013
  • very useful

    quote saved me a lot of work. tech support was very quick with helping install the extension.
    Source: Magento Connect quote

    Read more
    by: ygelb : I'm a merchant, I useEnterprise on 8/22/2013
  • suitable for my needs

    quote got it working fast and my magento store was ready to take applications for my openings. quote

    Read more
    by: rjm on 12/13/2012
  • glad i found this

    quote i was about to give up looking for a magento job posting module and as soon as i saw the demo i was jumping for joy... I had also posted my requirements on different sites and had quotes double the amount of this extension. Hope you guys can make an extensive ERP module soon. quote

    Read more
    by: nice on 9/29/2012
  • able to add jobs

    quote Able to Add Jobs and visitors can apply for them. Good functionality to add to magento store. quote

    Read more
    by: marliin on 8/10/2012
  • Best extension for Careers page

    quote Nice functionality but i wish you guys can add some more search features on the Front End for Stores that have quite a few openings. Otherwise super extension. quote

    Read more
    by: mag on 6/26/2012

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