Geo-IP Ultimate Lock (1.6.2)

Magento GeoIP Ultimate Lock extension empowers you to restrict traffic from different countries for the entire store, selected products or CMS pages. You can block traffic from various IP based locations to enhance security of your store. With pricing rules, you can set conditions to deny users access to products, categories or a specific page. The real time traffic feed enables you to monitor and block traffic to avoid malicious or irrelevant visits to your store. Magento Block IP extension is proudly listed on Magento Marketplace.
  • Key Features

    • Restrict Visitors Access - Region, Country & IP
    • Restrict Entire Store Or Specific Products/CMS
    • Track Real-time Visitors IPs & Block Them
    • Show Custom Message or Redirect To URL
    • Uses MaxMind Country IP Database

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Powerful Features of Magento Block IP Extension

  • Restrict Specific Regions

    You can restrict users of a region from visiting your store that will increase the number of relevant and legitimate users to your business.

  • Block Specific Products / CMS Pages

    Geoip Magento Extension allows you to restrict users’ access to specific products or CMS pages rather than the entire store.

  • Add Multiple Restriction Rules

    You can add multiple Access Control Lists to block traffic from regions that seems to be irrelevant for your store.

  • Real-time Visitor IP Tracking & Blocking

    The real time traffic feed enables you to monitor online visitors. You can block them right there, if they are expected to perform a harmful activity in the store.

  • Add Redirect URL Or Show Message

    You can add a URL, where you want the traffic of a specific region to be redirected. It helps you to redirect users to a page meant for their location.

  • IP Exceptions & MaxMind Database

    You can add IP addresses of users to let them access products and pages that are blocked in their region. This extension uses MaxMind Database for detecting locations.

Block Country or Region with Magento GEOIP Extension

Magento geoip extension allows you to block users of a specific region for enhancing security of your store. If you are looking for an extension for automatic multi store switching then checkout our default Magento GeoIP. Checkout our Ultimate lock for Magento 2

  • MaxMind Database

    This extension uses MaxMind database that helps you in detecting the Geo location of online users.

  • Import Database

    You can import any database that helps you recognize traffic with respect to countries and regions.

  • Add IPs For Exception

    Add IP addresses of users to allow them access to products, categories and CMS pages that are blocked in their region.

Restrict Entire Store Or Specific Products/CMS Pages

You can block users’ access to the entire store, a set of products or any of the CMS pages.

  • Block Entire Website

    Magento GEO IP Extension empowers you to block your entire website for a region, to restrict hacking and spamming attacks.

  • Block Specific CMS Pages

    You can set restrictions for specific CMS pages as well, which will deny users in browsing a page that is not meant for them.

  • Add Conditions To Block Specific Products

    You can define conditions to block access to specific products, which will cut off irrelevant users visiting your products.

Real-time Visitor IP Tracking & Blocking

You can view and block visitors of your store in real time

  • Track Real-time Visitors IPs

    You can track online traffic in a real time, which enables you to monitor their actions and take preventive measures.

  • Manage Blocked IPs

    Magento block IP extension allows you to block IP addresses of the users visiting your store in the live traffic feed to prevent any malicious activity.

Show Custom Page Or Redirect To Another URL

By using Magento geoip redirect extension, you can decide either to show a custom message to users or redirect them to another URL

  • Customize Block Message

    You can write a custom message for the users and display it when they try to visit blocked products or CMS pages.

  • Add URL For Redirection

    In spite of displaying a message to blocked users, you can redirect them to another URL that may take them to a relevant product or page.

More Features

  • Add multiple Access Control rules for different regions & products
  • Set Priority of each restriction rule
  • Supports multiple store view

Merchant Benefits

Ultimate Lock extension is loaded with security and monitoring tools that are mandatory for your business to survive in such vulnerable circumstances. You can avail the following benefits after its quick installation.

  • You can filter malicious traffic and improve security of your store.
  • Small business can focus on local users and ward-off traffic from irrelevant territories.
  • The real time traffic feed speeds up managerial activities like monitoring and restricting users.

Customer Benefits

Restrict users from different territories, which creates a secure shopping platform for your targeted customers. Your customers can enjoy the following benefits.

  • With IP Exceptions, your loyal customers can still get access to products and CMS pages that are blocked in their region or country.
  • Your customers can safely browse products, categories and CMS pages.
  • The URL redirection takes your customers to the right page rather than leaving unattended.

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Reviews & Ratings
  • Great extension, even better support!

    quote We purchased this extension for a client who is sensitive to access levels. The depth of what this extension does and how you can do it - entire site block, specific CMS page block (in case there are different policy pages for different geographic areas), and even product blocks that allow you to conditionally exclude products from a user's experience is all very impressive.
    That said, the extension did come with some speed bumps, but, the most important thing to me is support - and these guys delivered. They stayed with me during every step of the testing phase to ensure that each function worked and that I knew how to operate so that I felt comfortable teaching the client how to use it.
    I would not hesitate to buy from FME again in the future. Thanks guys! quote

    Read more
    by: freshcutweb on 6/13/2013

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