Geo-IP - Magento Language / Currency Switcher (1.2.0)

Magento Language & Currency switcher extension switches language and currency of your store, according to the users’ location to give them a personalized shopping experience. It detects IP based location of users with the help of MaxMind database. Manual switching can also be enabled to facilitate customers to switch between store views. IP exception functionality is included which allows the admin to add IP to bypass or avoid redirection. FME Magento Language Switcher is proudly published on Magento marketplace.
  • Key Features

    • Auto Currency Change as Per Visitor Location
    • Automatically Switch Language / Store View
    • Detects User Location & Supports IP Exceptions
    • Use MaxMind or Import New GEO Database
    • Show a Store & Currency For Several Locations

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Powerful Features of Magento Language and Currency Switcher

  • Magento Currency Switcher

    You can configure settings that change currency according to a Geo location of the users, which helps them to shop in local currency.

  • Magento Language Switcher

    The users can be auto redirected to a store view with their native language, so that they can easily read description of products and services.

  • Auto Detects Visitor Location

    The extension detects the visitors’ location with the help of MaxMind IP database, so that they can be redirected to a relevant store view.

  • Manual Switching

    You can also enable the manual switching, so that customers can select a store view, where they feel more comfortable to shop.

  • MaxMind Database

    MaxMind database can also be imported to the extension that detects the Geo location of users based on their IP addresses.

  • Support IP Exceptions

    You can set IP exceptions for users to ignore language and currency switching for them.

Store View & Currency Switcher

You can set language and currency switching for users to create ease and comfort in shopping.

  • Magento Language Selector

    You can assign a store view to a regional group or country that enables customers to make purchases in their native language.

  • Currency Change

    Currency can also be selected for a regional group that allows customers to pay in their local currency.

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FME Magento Extensions

Automatic & Manual Switching

You can redirect customers automatically to a store view or let them select manually, as they feel comfortable.

  • Detects Customer Location

    With the help of MaxMind database, Magento change currency extension detects the location of users to redirect them accordingly.

  • Prompt Box In Footer

    You can enable a prompt box in footer to communicate to the users that they can change the view and currency.

  • DropDown For Manual Switching

    Your customers can easily change store view and currency from the dropdown that appears on top of your website.

  • Add IPs For Exceptions

    You can whitelist users by adding them to IP Exceptions, so that they can be ignored in language and currency switching.

FME Magento Extensions

Manage GEO Location Database

You can import a Geo location database that best describes the regions you want to target.

  • MaxMind Database

    MaxMind database is known for possessing intelligence about IP addresses, which detects users’ locations with accuracy. You can import it in Magento multi currency extension empower your store with Geo location detection.

  • Import New Database

    Apart from MaxMind database, you can import any IP database to equip your store with modern location detection tools.

FME Magento Extensions

More Features

  • Create Multiple Groups for different regions; assign store view and currency to each group
  • Set priority for each store group
  • Add custom text for prompt box

Merchant Benefits

A store ownerwill always look for customer convenience in terms of browsing products and making a purchase decision. You can create ease for your customers by redirecting them a store view (language) with currency they to. It will bring the following benefits to your business.

  • You can customize the store for customer from different countries and regions.
  • Customization of a store with language and currency gives a comfortable shopping experience.
  • It helps you build trust among customers.

Customer Benefits

Your customers’ convenience will always be the first priority while offering them products and services.Magento multi language extension customizes a store to let them enjoy a better shopping experience. Following are the benefits they can enjoy with currency switcher Magento extension.

  • Your customers can read product details in their native language.
  • Your customer can pay for a product in local currency.
  • They can manually change the language and currency according to their ease.
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  • The Perfect Extension

    quote Does what it promises at a very reasonable price. I was able to implement the switch functionality without any issue at all. quote

    Read more
    by: christian on 1/13/2016

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