Magento product page layout extension empowers you to bring the key products of your store to the front by creating layouts for them. You can select a theme from the four different layouts. Background images can also be uploaded to make the layout look beautiful. Add a CSS code for customizing a theme.
  • Key Features

    • Provides 4 Layout Options For Products Page
    • Change Layout Of Specific Products
    • Upload Custom Background Image
    • Enter CSS to Customize Product Layout

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Powerful Features of Magento Product Page Layout Extension

  • 4 Layout Options For Products

    Select a theme from the four layouts to display the key products in an attractive manner.

  • Upload Background Image

    You can upload background images to make the product layout more alluring and captivating.

  • Define Custom CSS

    Add custom CSS to beautify product layout and make it consistent with your website design.

4 Different Magento Product Detail Page Layouts

Select a theme from the four available layouts to sort the products in a presentable manner.

  • 1 Column Left

    It displays the products in a column with left indent.

  • 1 Column Right

    You can display the products in 1 column with a right indent as well.

  • 2 Column Left

    Select this layout to display products in 2 columns.

  • 2 Column Right

    The 2 column right theme can also be selected for sorting products.

Create Multiple Layouts & Assign Products

You can create multiple layouts for highlighting key products.

  • Create Multiple Layouts

    Create multiple layouts to display products separately in a theme along with a background image. It brings store items into the limelight.

  • Assign To Specific Products

    You can assign particular products to a layout to associate a group of products with a theme. Customers can find featured products in one place.

Magento Layout Editor

You can change the background image to make it look attractive. Customize CSS to achieve consistency in the whole website design.

  • Upload Background Image

    Magento change layout module allows you to upload background images to newly created layouts for featured products. You can also change photos already added to the theme.

  • Custom CSS

    Add a CSS code to customize layout design and make it consistent with the overall structure of your website.

Merchant Benefits

Customers often ignore products that are worth reviewing and buying, they due to different categories they are unable to browse through the items they need. To help them reach those products, you need to install this extension. Following are the benefits you enjoy.

  • You can highlight key products of your store with a custom layout that is prominent on your website.
  • Add a custom code to develop a page you desire. It helps you to create a layout design that matches the theme of your website.
  • Expedite your marketing and promotional activities by adding latest products to the appealing themes.
  • Add background images to give an alluring look to the product layouts, which engages customers and make them place orders.

Customer Benefits

You can allow you customers to browse products in customized layouts. Featured Product Layout extension helps them to avail the following advantages.

  • They get instant access to promotional or featured products, which save their time of browsing the entire store.
  • A customized background and layout enhance user experience in browsing products and placing orders.

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