Dimension Tier Pricing magento extension uses a CSV to calculate the price of a product determined by the measurements the user enters. Once the measurements are entered the user can select the quantity. Tier discount allows store owners to entice the customers to order in mass quantity as more the quantity better the discount. As a final step users can upload an image if they like. This extension is best fit for calculating price of variable sized products such as stickers, canvas, liquids, fabric, blinds, barrels.
  • Key Features

    • Sell Variable Sized Products / Tier Discounts
    • Calculates Prices From CSV File of Each Product
    • Provides Customer Image Upload Option
    • Orders Section to Download Image & Instant Reply
    • Measurement Units: meter, cm, mm, Inches & Feet

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Powerful Features

  • Takes Dimensions From Customer

    Customers can select product size or enter their values on product page

  • CSV Based Product Pricing

    This extension uses CSV file to calculate dimension pricing of products

  • Tier Discounts

    You can enter custom tier prices in CSV file to show discounts on quantity and dimensions

  • Customer Image Upload

    Customers can upload images from their devices

  • Manage Orders Section

    You to view orders details, set order status and communicate with customers in orders section

  • Multiple Measurement Units

    You can sell your products in meter, cm, mm, Inches & Feet

Dimensional Pricing Extension – Where It Can Be Used

Dimensional pricing extension is a great tool for selling variable sized products with discounts through CSV pricing.

  • With this extension you can sell products that can be measured, and add discount prices based on dimensions and quantity of the product. It also has image upload feature through which customers can add images and instructions in text field. You can activate this extension on specific products as well as all products depending on your requirements.

How Dimensional Tier Pricing Extension Works?

Dimension Tier Pricing extension allows customers to enter dimentions and quantity of variable sized products from which it calculates the discounted price through pricing tiers in CSV file

  • In a CSV file, rows indicate size, and columns indicate quantity. There are three attributes defined in a CSV file

    • Product Quantity (Column)
    • Product Dimensions (Row: First cell defines width x height)
    • Product Prices (Row against each dimension)
  • Custom options values selected by the customer on a product page are multiplied e.g. 4 * 5 (width * height) = 20. This module then scans through the CSV file looking for a corresponding value against the row starting with the size i-e., 20. 

  • When a customer changes quantity on a product page, price updates accordingly based on the column values in a CSV file. With increasing dimensions and quantity the extension uses corresponding discounted tier price from the matrix that you have entered.

  • You can manage orders from the back end by changing the status of the order, download images and communicate with the customer through messaging

CSV Based Dimensional Product Pricing

This extension uses CSV file to calculate pricing through dimensions and quantity of variable sized products

  • Length, Width or Height

    The area dimensions of the product are measured in Length, Width or Height

  • Default Dimension Options

    You can set default dimensions of the product in combinations

  • Multiple Measurement Units

    You can sell products in multiple measurement units such as meter, cm, mm, Inches & Feet

  • Product Specific CSV Files

    This feature can be activated on specific products as well

Tier Pricing

Tier pricing feature allows you to set discounts on product quantity which is automatically validated by the extension.

  • Tier pricing is shown on the product page based on the quantity selected by users. You can enter custom values in CSV file and the extension validates it through the corresponding dimensions and quantity in the matrix. Discounts are given depending on the quantity of the product purchase by the customer.

Customer Image Upload

Customers can upload images on the product page that help in describing the merchant exactly what they require.

  • Download Image From BO

    You can download the images from the customer orders section. This gives you a larger image and helps you understand the requirements of the customer better. You can also manage allowed file types such as jpeg, png, gif and jpg etc.

  • Configuration Options For Image Upload

    • Enable/Disable image upload
    • Limit maximum & minimum image size
    • Define allowed image formats

More Features

  • A separate manage order section for merchants to view orders & communicate with customers
  • Customize Dimensional order page heading
  • Customize rows & column labels from Length & Width to Length & height or any other suitable dimension names

Merchant Benefits

  • Dimension Tier Pricing extension allows you to sell your products with respect to size and quantity. This helps you save production cost and increase your sales profit.
  • You can use multiple measurement units on your store. This allows you to sell products of all sizes from cm, mm to Inches, Feet and Meter.
  • This extension uses CSV file to price your products. You can easily create your own CSV file with custom pricing and upload it to your website.

Customer Benefits

  • Customers can benefit from tier pricing because of the discount that is offered on purchasing higher quantities.
  • Tier Pricing enables customers to purchase the precise size and quantity of product required. This prevents wastage of the remaining product which most customers dislike.
  • Tier pricing extension facilitates customers to describe the product by uploading an image and enter instructions in the text area so the merchant can fully understand their needs.

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