Magento Custom Stock Status extension allows you to set custom stock statuses which can be images as well. You can create stock rules which will automatically set stock statuses for your products. This Module supports all Magento product types. Avoid refunds and support calls for stock related issues and show friendly messages such as “Will be in store in 2 days”, “Hurry! Only 5 items left” etc.


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This Magento Custom Stock Status Extension enhances customers’ communication experience which is vital to retain business. You can communicate to your customers the stock status of your products beyond the default Magento functionality. Instead of “In Stock” and “Out of Stock” labels you can place custom messages such as “Hurry! Only few items left”, “Coming soon...”, “Will be back in stock in 5 days” etc. Customize and set your desired messages easily for all kinds of products whether simple, configurable, grouped, virtual, downloadable, or bundled products. Show image with custom stock labels. This Magento Stock Status Extension can automatically set stock statuses with the help of stock rules.

Sales Motivation Increases Conversion Rates

Clear, effective, relevant information and communication is critical to building trusted and long-term customer relationships. Magento Stock Status module allows you to communicate effectively the status of your products to your customers so that they may not get frustrated by making a purchase and then informed by help line agents that the product is unavailable.

Stock Rules are another stunning feature incorporated in this Magento Stock Extension which automatically sets the stock statuses of your products. Just think about a huge store with thousands of products, in that case it would be a nightmare to manually set the stock status. You can create unlimited rules, set rule conditions and assign them priorities to automatically set stock statuses.

Easy to manage and use, this Magento Stock Availability module is a customer retaining plugin.

Features - Magento Custom Stock Status

  • Set custom stock messages and images.
  • This Magento Stock Module Supports all Magento product types. In case of configurable products your stock messages will be shown with product options as well.
  • Allows you to create unlimited stock rules which will automatically set the status of products according to the pre-defined conditions.
  • You can prioritize stock rules.
  • Rules can be applied on multiple categories at once.
  • Use the %qty% variable in the ‘Text’ field to display product quantity.
  • Choose custom Ajax loading image from the backend
  • MultiStore support
  • Attract and retain your customers with this excellent customer oriented service
  • Magento Default Prototype Used
  • SUPEE-6788 Compatible


This extension lets you set customized text messages along with images to your simple, configurable, grouped, virtual, downloadable and bundled products like “Hurry! Only few items left”, “Coming soon...”, “Will be back in stock in 5 days” etc. For configurable products, messages are shown according to the option selected from the drop down. Based on the rules that are created from the backend, products’ statuses are automatically set on frontend. Custom Stock Label Magento extension is developed by our professional developers to communicate effectively the status of your products in your store on your site so that they may not get frustrated by making a purchase and then informed by help line agents that the product is unavailable. Now with the help of this Magento extension they will always be updated on product’s status.


Manage/Add Rules:


  • Enter desired text which will appear as rule title
  • Select Enable or disable from the drop down of Status to make this active/inactive
  • Select from the drop down the type of rule whether text or image or both text and image will changed if this rule is applied
  • Assign priority to your rule. Rules are processed with high priorities as first. Zero is highest and 10 is least
  • Select a store on which this rule will be applicable
  • Enter time span for which this rule will be valid


  • We have overridden Magento’s catalog promotion rules functionality. Now you can easily create countless rules with great many conditions. You can also combine these conditions to make much stronger rule.
  • You can create multiple conditions by clicking on plus sign and similarly remove any by clicking on cross sign
  • The underlined text can be customized like if you click on True you will find a drop down appear on its place from where you can select other options
  • Once you click on plus sign to create new condition for this rule, you will find a drop down with available product attributes. Once you click on any attribute its corresponding options will appear so that you can apply further checks


  • You can specify “%qty% items left” in text field which will display status like “5 items left “ where quantity is automatically picked up. The image option allows you to upload your desired image to be displayed with text
  • You can specify any text here that will be displayed if the products are not in stock
  • You can specify a numeric value based on which status will be shown accordingly like if quantity is less than 20 then display “Hurry only 20 items left”
  • You can specity text here that will be shown on product detail page if above condition is true such as quantity is lesser than 20


Module Settings:

  • Enable or disable the extension from this option
  • Choose your desired Ajax loading image
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