Magento Custom Stock status extension allows you to display stickers that convey stock updates of products. You can set conditions to add labels for out of stock products, items left and refill duration for specific items. Add text and image to make the labels compelling and readable. Restrict them to a store view to improve the user experience. Schedule the labels for a hassle free management.
  • Key Features

    • Show Custom Stock Labels On Specific Products
    • Display Out of Stock, Quantity & Default Labels
    • Add Text & Image Labels & Restrict By Store View
    • Schedule Labels For Future Dates

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Powerful Features of Magento Custom Stock status extension

  • Default Product Labels

    Add text and image to customize the message that appears on the product, by default, when stocks are down to a certain limit.

  • Out Of Stock Labels

    Customize the message that appears when specific products are out of stock by adding text and image to let the customers know about the stock situation.

  • Quantity Labels

    Set a quantity and display a message when the stock reaches that limit. For example, Shop Now, only five items are left.

  • Text & Image Labels

    You can add text and image to make the labels more meaningful and understandable to customers.

  • Display On Specific Products

    Set conditions to specify products that need to be labeled with stock updates, it automates the process and saves your time.

  • Schedule Labels

    Define a time for each label to appear on products, and it disappears as soon as the time expires.

Product Specific Text & Image based Magento Labels

You can add stickers to specific products so that only stock statuses of relevant items shall be updated.

  • Specify Products

    By setting conditions, you can determine products to be labeled for stock updates to automate the process and save time.

  • Text Labels

    You can add text to stock labels so that customers can quickly read the message in the text.

  • Image Labels

    Images can also be uploaded as labels, which are quite helpful for customer's understanding about the stock update.

Multiple types of Magento Stickers

You can either use default Magento sale label or customize the other types for an enhanced user experience.

  • Default Product Labels

    Add text and image for stickers that appear on products by default when the items reach a limit.

  • Out Of Stock Labels

    You can add a text and image for the labels that appear on products when they are out of stock.

  • Quantity Labels

    Set a limit and customize the message, which will only appear when the specified number of items are left in stock.

Schedule Labels & Restrict By Store View

Magento Label extension allows you to schedule stickers for easy management and restrict it to store view to allow customers browse in a native language.

  • Start & End Date

    Enter a start and end date to schedule labels for products, which helps you in easy management. The stickers are automatically removed from the products when the given time expires, thus saves your time.

  • Restrict By Store View

    You can limit the display of labels for different store views like English, French or German to help customers browse products and read labels in their native language.

More Features

  • Set display priority for each label
  • Supports Ajax Loading
  • Upload custom Ajax loading image

Merchant Benefits

Magento Sticker extension enables you to let the customers know about stock updates with the help of text and image labels. With the quick installation of this extension, you enjoy the following benefits.

  • You can use compelling images to display messages about the stock with the help of labels.
  • With the addition of text, you can define the labels furthers to customer understanding.
  • Save your time by setting rules for labels to be displayed on products.
  • You can schedule the labels and efficiently manage stock messages for valued customers.

Customer Benefits

With custom stock labels, your customers come to know about products in stock or refilling of specific products very soon. They avail the below-mentioned benefits from the installation of this extension.

  • The different types of labels are quite helpful in conveying the right stock message to your customers.
  • Your customers know about the stock update of specific products so that they can proceed with the purchases accordingly.

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