Magento custom price extension from FME allows your customers to edit the price on product page. You can set a minimum price so the customers can place their desired price in the field. Custom price Magento extension validates the entered amounts by responding if the price is accepted or rejected. This allows the customers to bargain with you by entering their preferable prices. Select the number of attempts customers can make to edit price, and edit response messages.
  • Key Features

    • Make Prices Editable By Customer For Bargain
    • Set Min & Max Limit For Price Negotiation
    • Add To Specific Products
    • Limit No Attempts To Edit Price
    • Custom Text for Price Rejection & Acceptance

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Powerful Features of Magento Custom Price extension

  • Customer Price

    Customers can enter their preferable prices on product page and see if it is accepted or rejected.

  • Min & Max Price Limit

    You can set a minimum price of the product below which the customer price will be rejected.

  • Add To Specific Products

    Custom price can be applied on specific products.

  • Limit No. Of Attempts

    Price bargain Magento extension allows you to configure the number of attempts the customers can make to obtain acceptable price

  • Customize Messages Text

    Text messages for acceptance and rejection can be edited in this Magento donation extension.

  • Check Price Button

    This button allows customers to instantly check if their entered values are acceptable or not.

Magento Custom Price Extension

Sell your products at a negotiable price. Allow your customers to edit the price on frontend.

  • Customers can easily enter their preferable price and click the ‘Check Price Button’ to instantly confirm if the price is allowed or not.
  • The customer cannot purchase the product if the entered price goes below the minimum price or maximum price set by you. This allows you to sell products on your store with bargaining feature.
  • In case of invalid price you can predefine messages to show customers. You can also set the number of attempts the customers can make.

Price by Customers for Specific Products

Custom price can be enabled for specific products, only those which you want to be bargained.

  • Enable For Specific Products

    You can select specific products to allow customer price editing

  • Min & Max Limit

    This feature allows you to set minimum and maximum price limits of products

  • No of Attempts

    Set the number of attempts to check if price by customer is acceptable or not.

Custom Message for Price Rejection & Acceptance

You can show a personalized message to customers on specific cases when the price is accepted or rejected

  • Display custom text when price is accepted
  • Customize text when entered price is less than the allowed price
  • Add custom text when entered price is higher than the allowed price
  • Add text for reject (when price is not correct)
  • Add custom text for reject for number of tries

Merchant Benefits

  • The customers can only purchase the product if they pay above the defined price. This allows you to remain secure for gaining profit without compromising any loss on cost of production.
  • It creates an appeal for the customers to buy from your store as you exhibit an open invitation to name a price on which you can sell.
  • The custom price can be enabled on all products as well as specific products. Applying the custom price on specific products allows you to manage charities, donations and subscriptions on your store while selling other products as well.

Customer Benefits

  • Customers like being asked about their preferences which is exactly what this extension does. It allows customers to interact with the store and settle at a price of their choice.
  • Editable options allow customers to make several attempts on custom price. This helps customers to check if their price is the lowest offered price or not.
  • Magento Customer price bargain extension informs the customer with a specialized answer if the entered price is invalid. This helps them in deciding to proceed with the checkout or leave the product.

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  • friendly staff

    quote i dont give reviews. I think its a waste of time to go back and give reviews and sometimes fake as well. These guys however deserved it. They helped me through out the project integration and even when i had to get it LIVE.

    Thanks again Saqi for putting up with me quote

    Read more
    by: Volipore on 5/14/2014
  • intelligent

    quote what you can expect from an extension. quick and easy help. Perfect Vendors :) quote

    Read more
    by: AirMax Designs on 9/21/2013

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