Bookings & Reservations (1.7.2)

Magento Booking extension from FME allows you to sell your products and services through online bookings. Customers can book hotel rooms, venues, appointments, tickets, newly arrived articles and many other bookable products and services through Magento booking system by FME. Customizable options allow you to configure calendar features and add staff options on the product page. You can also personalize time slots, buffer time and tier pricing for discounts for specific products.

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  • Key Features

    • Sell Bookable Services On Hourly & Daily Pricing
    • Add Multiple Staff Members & Manage Bookings
    • Add Tier Pricing & Per KM Charges For Home Service
    • Define Business Hours For Each Day Of The Week
    • Show Calendar For Booking & Available Time Slots

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    45 Days Moneyback Guarantee

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    Free Lifetime Upgrades

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    Meet Magento Standards

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Powerful Features of Magento Booking Extension

  • Sell Bookable Services

    Customers can book hotel rooms, arrange appointments and conduct business meetings with Magento booking and reservation extension

  • Manage Staff Members

    You can add multiple staff members for particular services and show their availability for booking

  • Advance Pricing

    Advance pricing allows you to customize tier pricing and time based charges of your products and services with home bookings

  • Magento Booking Calendar

    Booking Calendar allows customers to select the particular time and date for the booking. You can personalize calendar appearance from backend

  • Add Bookable Days & Hours

    You can customize the availability of your products and services by settings the bookable days and hours

  • Manage Bookings

    Customer bookings will appear on the bookings panel at the backend. It shows customer information with booking status

Magento Booking and Reservations Extension – Sell Anything

Configure settings for your bookable products and manage hourly and daily charges with home booking fee.

  • Hourly Booking

    Sell your products and services on hourly basis

  • Whole Day Booking

    Sell your products and services on day (24 hour) basis

  • Booking For Home Service

    You can set fee charges for services that will be acquired through homes per distance of miles and kilometers.

Advance Pricing in Magento Rental Extension

Advance pricing features allow you to customize time based rates of your products with mobile delivery charges

  • Price Per Minutes / Hours & Day

    You can set pricing per minute, hourly and daily. In this way, Magento hotel booking module allows you to sell all types of services.

  • Tier Pricing For Hours

    Hourly tier pricing allows you to set different rates for your products and services with discounts.

    You can define tier pricing for example, if 12 hours for hotel room cost $800 then 24 hours will cost $1600 but you might want to offer little discount say $200, similarly for 36 hours you give $500 discount, you will enter following in this section for this example; 

    • 12 hours (in minutes) = $800 
    • 24 hours (in minutes) = $1400 
    • 36 hours (in minutes) = $1900 
  • Charges For Home Service

    This allows you to add charges to products or services acquired through home delivery

    • Distance Charges / Mile
    • Distance Charges / Km

Staff Management in Magento Reservation System

Staff options allows you to add faculty personnel on your store so customers can choose the staff member as per their preferences

  • Add Multiple Staff Members

    You can add staff member profile information and contact details for the customers

    • Add Name, Age, Profession and Avatarli
    • Assign to specific bookable services
  • Configure Availability Time

    Add weekly availability timings of your staff members. This helps customers choose which staffer can be issued with the service on a particular date and time.

  • Email Notifications:

    Cron job supported notifications emails are sent to you and the customer each time a booking has been made.

Magento Booking Calendar

For bookable products, customers will see a Booking Calendar from which they can select the date and time they wish to book any product or service

  • Date & Time Selection

    Customers can select the booking date from the calendar and the timings from the drop down on the products page. Timings can be configured in minutes, hours and days.

  • Shows Booked & Available Hours

    The calendar in Magento booking module shows the resered hours and the available hours to the customers depending on the date selected by the customer.

  • Display Settings For Calendar & Time Schedule

    You can customize the dimensions, change borders and font styles and add different color schemes through hex colors codes.

Bookings and Reservations Management

You can view all the booking requests made by the customers from the bookings panel

  • Assign To Staff Member

    You can assign particular bookings to specific staff members

  • Booking Day

    The booking day is shows which date has been selected by the customer for the service

  • Booking Time

    Booking time shows the time required by the customer to use the service include with the buffer time

  • Booking Status

    Booking status shows if the order request is delivered, under process or pending.

  • Email Booking Summary

    The summary of the all the bookings is mailed to the merchant through cron job. This allows the merchant to view all the orders without logging in from the back end.

Merchants Benefits

  • Magento hotel booking system allows you to sell your services online without any need of additional staff members to convey messages or arrange appointments. It does all these function automatically and all by itself.
  • You can set tier pricing for you products and services. This allows you to collectively add time of your services and offer customers discounts on it. This increases engagement and conversion rates
  • Booking calendar helps you automate your bookings schedule and show all the available timings to customers. Customers can select the dates and view the available timings for the booking.

Customer Benefits

  • Customers can make online reservation for hotel rooms, appointments with physician and business meetings through the comfort of their home.
  • Tier pricing allows customers to avail discounts when using services for a longer period. For instance if a hotel charges $100 for 24 hours and $150 for 48 hours the customer will get a $50 discount if they stay for 2 days.
  • This module allows customers to select their preferred staff member for their selected service. This maintains the quality of the service and encourages the customer to book from the store again.

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  • extension with professional support

    quote We used this in our rental equipment project and its easy to use. The support team made all the customization needed to my business. quote

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    by: Ben on 11/12/2015
  • Support exceptional

    quote We utilize the support of the company responded very quickly and without major complications. quote

    Read more
    by: carlosabreu on 5/20/2013
  • Excellent Exctension that meets all booking & reservation needs

    quote The extension is great, as it has all the combined features for bookings and reservation for Hotel, Events, doctors and Therapists. Moreover the support is excellent and they are prompt in replying and in meeting your needs. This will make thier extension the best for booking and reservation. We are using this extension for the Ladies Salon.

    Read more
    by: nomangm on 5/4/2013
  • extension excellent

    quote This extension keeps its promises, and its developers are serious and professional.
    I recommend this company to all. quote

    Read more
    by: Angelo2 on 4/25/2013

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